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Chambers wins again, Nakash stops Robinson, Culmer squeaks past Wilson at The Blue!

The last fight card of the 2008 summer in Philly was at the Legendary Blue Horizon on Sept 12th and they came through with an exciting card that featured many local fighters facing off against one another. In the main event, “Showtime” Steve Chambers got his first shot at the headliner against perennial B-sider Kevin Carmody, a fighter who has taken on a bevy of rising prospects in his short career. There was a Cruiserweight showdown between two familiar faces as Israel’s Ran Nakash made his 6th pro stop the famed Philly fight hall. He would get the first real test of his career as he signed on to face the big punching Larry Robinson of South Philly in what was scheduled for 8 rounds but everyone in the building knew it wouldn’t go anywhere near that long. The other co-feature was a battle between two fighters who have been on the opposite end of many controversial decision in their day. Gee Cullmer just can’t seem to get any credit in this town for his wins, while Jameel “Black Gold” Wilson has gone the distance with some of the best in very close, entertaining only to get shafted on the scorecards. Also slated for action were two regarded amateurs making their pro debut in “Dangerous” Darrell Jones & Derek Bivins who fought in separate bouts. New Yawker William Jeter also stopped by to take on Pete Guthy. Scroll down to find out how it went down.

Steve Chambers….vs….Kevin Carmody
17-1-1, 5ko’s………..10-9, 1ko

This main event featured two of Philly’s youngest, yet most experienced Jr. Welterweights. “Showtime” Steve Chambers, the brother of former King of the Blue “Fast” Eddie Chambers was getting his first shot to fill the void his bro left a little over a year ago. Carmody is no stranger to promotionally pushed opposition. At 22 years old, he has traveled the country and at times had his arm raised in victory. The main question coming into this was not if either man could fight, but who would take the initiative to actually make a fight out of it? Carmody isn’t known for his aggressiveness and Chambers, until recently, had a tendency to not fight with much fire.

All questions about the pace of this fight were answered immediately as both men stood in the center of the ring exchanging good leather. Midway through the round, Carmody landed a straight right down the pike which put Chambers on the seat of his pants. Chambers did beat the 10 count as Carmody stayed relaxed and picked his shots.

Down but far from out, Chambers and Carmody continued to exchange with Carmody getting the better through 3 rounds. The tide turned in the 4th when Chambers opened a cut over Caromdy’s left eye. In the 5th a straight right hand from Chambers sent Carmody’s mouthpiece flying into press row. Round 6 was very close and Carmody threw combination on the inside while Chambers looked to land the hard overhand right to the head.

The action died out down the stretch with Chambers seemingly doing more than the tiring Carmody. The fight went to the scorecard which read 78 – 73, 77 – 75 & 77- 74 for Chambers who improves to 18 – 1 – 1, 5ko’s

Larry Robinson….vs….Ran Nakash
South Philly…………Israel

Don Elbaum finally decided to step up the competition for his fighter Ran Nakash and this one was expected to be a war. In the end it was a one sided bombing as a Ran Nakash short right hook ended matters :50 into the 1st round of this Cruiserweight battle. An impressive win to say the least. Welcome to the Philly top 10 list.

Gee Culmer….vs….Jameel Wilson

As stated in the opening segment, this was a battle between two fighters have been involved in many close fights over the past few years. Culmer seems to always get the nod while Wilson usually gets the shaft. The ending of this one is open for debate as well in what turned out to be a very good two way action battle between two Philly natives.

In the opening three rounds, Gee Culmer put on a boxing clinic, using the ring, working his jab, sneaking in his straight right and getting out of the way of incoming danger.

But I know Jameel Wilson, and the book on him is he will lull you to sleep and give you a false sense of confidence, then lay the hammer on you. The middle rounds were very close, very competitive as Wilson dramatically picked up the pace and in the process, changed Gee’s approach from that of a smart boxer to street brawler.

Round 6 and 7 were big for Wilson who had Gee on the ropes and consistently land a variety of punches. Gee absorbed the shots and fired back some of his own, willing to fight it out. The crowd erupted at the end of these rounds.

The 8th started with a solid toe to toe exchange. Midway through Gee went back to his early formula of boxing instead of brawling and did quite well. Wilson came alive as time was winding down which sparked off another two way exchange until the final bell sounded.

The crowd was buzzing and press row scoring was all over the place. When Ring Announcer Larry Tornambe grabbed the mic, he announced a majority decision in favor of Culmer by scores of 77 – 75, 78 – 74 with the third judge seeing it even at 76-76.

Derek Bivins….vs….Darrell Martin

Derek Bivins started off his pro career in style with a one sided unanimous pounding over the usually durable Darrell Martin. In the beginning it was competitive but after round two, you could make a case for round 3 & 4 being 10 – 8’s as Bivins continuously stalked and battered Martin around the ring.

It went to the cards with all three judges seeing it 40 – 36 in favor of Bivins who is now 1-0 as a pro,

Darrell Jones….vs….James Wynn

Dangerous Darrell Jones says he plans on cracking the top 10 list by next year and he is off to a strong start with fiery 3rd round KO over James Wynn in his pro debut. Jones fired off some hard body punches followed by soem right hooks to the head. After 2 rounds Wynn wanted out. By round 3 a left – right combo gave him that option as he hit the deck only to get up long after the 10 count was given.

Winner “Dangerous” Darrell Jones who improves to 1-0, 1ko

William Jeter…vs….Pete Guthy
New York………….

Two unknowns came to the Blue and put on a pretty good fight while it lasted. The highlight came in the 3rd where Guthy threw a right handed bomb with everything he had behind it and landed squarely on Jeter’s chin. The problem was, Jeter didn;t budge, then returned the favor two folder with a right handed bomb of his own which did put Guthy down twice, the second of which he wouldn’t beat the 10 count for.

Winner: William Jeter TKO 3 – 2:52

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Mike Jones batters Venegas, Belasco and Vasquez go to war at The New Alhambra

It was a rainy night on the street of Philly this Friday but promoter J. Russell Peltz still managed to pack the fans in and send them out as satisfied customers with this entertaining 8 fight card at The New Alhambra. On top of the bill for this evening was the local scenes hottest name, Mike “Machine Gun” Jones who returned home after receiving his first taste of main stream TV exposure a few months back in a win over Germaine Sanders of Chicago.

In this assignment, Jones was set to face Gilbert Venegas, a low-risk journeyman who has fought – and lost to –  some of the worlds best fighters in the welterweight division. His win-loss record will not impress but the scouting report says that he is a known tough guy with a mahogany head and solid right hand.

Jones was a heavy favorite with the only real question being “can he knock Venegas out?”

The co-feature had the Philadelphia return of “King” Gabriel Rosado, a hard hitting 22-year-old who is looking to cement his name as one of the areas best . He was scheduled for a rematch against spoiler Mustapha Johnson. The two first met in 2006 with Rosado pulling out a close 4-round majority decision win.

Two years later, they meet again under different circumstances. Rosado is now a promotion free agent and shopping his services to the highest bidder. Peltz Boxing seems to have an interest in retaining his services over the long haul – but the young King would have to impress in this fight.

This isn’t the best opponent to look good against as Johnson has recently given a list of local Middleweights all they could handle in recent bouts. Since the first fight with Rosado, the Indiana native has earned wins over Jose “Macho” Medina and Joe Christy, received a draw against Martinus Clay and dropped a disputed majority decision to the 13 – 1 Gee Culmer.

The under card was highlighted by a dream card special – pitting the boxing barber Victor Vasquez against Delaware’s Ryan Belasco in a 6 rounder. This one came as advertised and both men gave it their all.

Larry Robinson was in for a tune up against William Bailey to prep up for his proposed fight with Simon “One Punch” Carr. This one got interesting really quick.

The trifecta of Dennis Hasson, Anthony Flores and Pedro Martinez looked to follow up succesful pro debuts, but it wasn’t mean to be for all three. Pottstown’s Travis Thompson has been winning over fans with his recent performances and looked to make it 3 in a row against Connecticut’s Tommy Garcia in a lightweight battle.

There were quite a few really good fights and finally some good ring girls to boot which went along with an acknowledgment to Charles “The Hatchet” Brewer and Curtis Parker recently being inducted to the Pennsylvania Boxing Hall of Fame. Scroll down to get the ringside report.


146 pounds….WEIGHT…147 pounds
Chicago, IL…………North Philadelphia
10-5-3, 7 K0s……….13-0, 12 K0s

It was a fight designed to give rising prospect Mike “Machine Gun” Jones rounds against a fighter who has faced world class competition. Originally scheduled for early March, this one was postponed because of Venegas going AWOL during training. It probably would have been in his best interest to stay truant because for 8 rounds, Mike Jones battered and bruised the Chicago tough guy en route to a very impressive and one sided unanimous decision win.


After a slow opening round, Jones picked up the pace in the second, used his size and speed advantage, circling Venegas and painting him with quick fire jabs that found its mark. Working behind this jab for the majority of the contest, Jones was able to find openings for the straight right, some well place three and four punch combination and quite a few hard hooks to the body.

Mike Jones vs Gilbert Venegas 2008 (7)  Mike Jones vs Gilbert Venegas 2008 (12)

There were no knockdowns in the fight but there were a few occasions where Venegas was stunned, particularly in the 8th when Jones landed an uppercut that almost sent his whole head into the 5th row. Miraculously (or maybe foolishly) Venegas was still standing but the song remained the same. It went the 8 round distance in what must have seemed to be an eternity for Venegas.

Mike Jones vs Gilbert Venegas 2008 (13)

To no ones surprise, all three judges scored it 80-72 in favor of Mike Jones.

Venegas, to his credit, took a good old fashioned licking but his will was never broken. After taking a variety of shots that would have left most men down and out, he kept coming forward and throwing right hand in an attempt to steal the win. While victory would elude him, he did show that he would prove a major test for any up and comer in the welterweight division who thinks they have what it takes to be a contender.

Mike Jones vs Gilbert Venegas 2008 (9)

Though it was a decision win, this is the most complete performance to date of Mike Jones career. He fought smart, his punches were accurate and took some good punches very well. He used his size and speed like never before. The knockout machine is evolving into a true boxer. Up next is a possible August date on Telefutura against an opponent TBD.


Mike Jones vs Gilbert Venegas 2008 (20)

Photos by Zach Radel /


137.5 pounds…WEIGHT…136 pounds
Wilmington, DE……….North Philadelphia
6-2-3, 1 K0………….7-1, 4 K0s

In a great piece of matchmaking, we had a fight between two men with many similarities. Both are familiar faces around this circuit and bring a crowd to the arena, both have never lost when fighting at The New Alhambra, both have spent small fortunes at the tattoo parlor and both waste no time getting into a fight when the bell sounds. This one delivered the fireworks promised when it was first signed.

Ryan Belasco vs Victor Vasquez 2008

Belasco had the better in ring experience coming into this fight, taking on a decent mix of journeyman and prospects in his time as a pro. The knock on him was that he was notorious for fading out after a few hard rounds. Vasquez, who has a crowd friendly style, was getting his first crack at a fighter with a winning record.

After three rounds of good, hard exchanges, Vasquez has the misfortune of a swollen left eye that would eventually grow to the size of a walnut. Vasquez was at the disadvantage of fighting with one eye but continued to bring the fight right to his opponent. Belasco took it as well as he gave it and used this swelling as a target, repeatedly popping jabs and straight right to the face.

Ryan Belasco vs Victor Vasquez 2008 (2)

By the 5th round, the medical personnel became concerned, stopping the action to take a look. Vasquez made it to the bell but the ring doctor saw enough, order the fight be stopped before the 6th round began. At the time of the stoppage, Belasco was ahead 48-47, 48-47, 49-46.

Ryan Belasco vs Victor Vasquez 2008 (4)On this night Ryan Belasco secured his best win as a pro. After the way this one ended, I am sure Victor Vasquez will want some revenge, let’s hope that the eye heals fast and we are all treated to the rematch soon.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


156 pounds……..WEIGHT….157.5 pounds
Indianapolis, IN………..North Philadelphia
5-3-1, 2 K0s……………8-2, 6 K0s

This was an interesting match up between a set of familiar faces on the Philly fight scene. “King” Gabriel Rosado, though only 22 years old, has seen his share of controversy during his time as a pro. Now a promotional free agent, “Gaby” was returning home after settling some unfinished business avenging a prior loss when he knocked out Joshua Onyango in 2 rounds last month in New York.

Gabriel Rosado vs Mustapha Johnson 2008 (6)

He returned to Philly to face Mustapha Johnson who was also looking to avenge a prior loss received at the hands of Rosado almost two years ago. Since that fight, Johnson has improved drastically and has given some of the areas better middleweights a tough night and is more than capable of pulling out the win.

Rosado is best known for his knockout power but Johnson is the type of fighter who refuses to let you look your best against him.

Gabriel Rosado vs Mustapha Johnson 2008 (7)

A lot of the rounds here were very similar. Rosado would start out circling, throwing some jabs and mixing in a few rights. Johnson would work his way inside,land a few in return them hold on. In every round, it seemed that Rosado would pick up the pace and fire off hard combinations.

Johnson has an under rated chin. He took some solid rights and kept on fighting. Overall, Rosado was too strong and down the stretch was able to break out of clinches and put his heavy right hand to use. It went to the scorecards with the judges seeing it 59-55, 59-55, 60-54 in favor of Rosado. Gabriel Rosado vs Mustapha Johnson 2008 (8)


193.5 pounds…..WEIGHT…193.75 pounds
South Philly………….Chesapeake, VA
8-3, 6 K0s……………8-13-2, 5 K0s

This fight was signed as a tune-up for a Larry Robinson vs Simon Carr showdown in July, but Robinson was the one who almost got tuned up as William Bailey came out blazing in the first. About :20 into the round, Bailey landed a hard right and followed up with two more that put Robinson down. Robinson beat the count and was able to withstand and big barrage as Bailey looked to close the show.


Things didn’t look much better to start the 2nd as Bailey tried to seal the deal but instead got caught with booming right hand that put him on his seat. Bailey beat the count but was still dazed and Robinson finished the job soon after with another hard right which left the referee no option but to call an end to the contest at 2:33 of the round.

Larry Robinson vs William Bailey 2008 (1)

After the fight, Simon “One Punch” Carr went on record to say he accepts the proposed fight against Robinson. Larry Robinson vs William Bailey 2008 (2) Larry Robinson vs William Bailey 2008 (3)


130 pounds……WEIGHT…130 pounds
North Philly………….Baltimore, MD
1-0, 1 K0…………….2-2

“Flawless” Anthony Flores made it two in a row when took a unanimous decision win over a capable Darrell Martin in a match up of two accomplished amateur champions.

Anthony Flores vs Darrel Martin 2008 (6)

Early in the fight, Martin made the mistake of trying to out box Flores and was taken to school. Flores would move in, throw two and three punch combos and get out before the fire returned. He also threw some good, hard hooks to the body which took some wind out of Martin’s sails.

Anthony Flores vs Darrel Martin 2008 (7)

Going into the third, Martin looked finished in the corner but he dug deep and had his best round of the fight. Instead of boxing, he came moved forward and landed some clean left hooks to the head. It probably wasn’t enough to win the round but he did make it competitive. Martin had the jab working early in the 4th but Flores stepped on the gas and became more active, throwing hooks to the body and uppercuts on the chin as Martin looked to get a knockout late in the fight. It went to the score cards and all three judges saw it 40- 36 in favor of Flores


Anthony Flores vs Darrel Martin 2008 (10)


167 pounds……WEIGHT..166 pounds
North Philly…………Kensington
1-3 …………………1-0

This one was short but pretty sweet, Dennis Hasson made a successful pro debut back in March but Charles Kirby showed right away that he wasn’t going to lay down in this one.


It didn’t take long for these fighters to start throwing the leather. After a scuffle on the ropes, Kirby got Hasson’s attention with a hard right that landed flush but Hasson returned the favor with a two piece combo that wobbled Kirby.

Dennis Hasson vs Charles Kirby 2008 (6)

After a few more big rights and lefts. Kirby was in serious trouble and holding on for dear life. Just as he was about to go, the bell sounded. Between rounds, referee Shawn Clark saw enough and stopped the bout which earned The Assassin Hasson his first win as a pro. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



131 pounds….WEIGHT…133 pounds
Hartford, CT………..Pottstown, PA
1-1, 1 K0…………..2-1, 2 K0s

Two fighters who compete in a growing lightweight division faced off against each other in hopes of putting their name in the mix. Travis Thompson has the look of a throwback fighter with his gritty, let’s have a fight style.

Travis Thompson vs Tommy Garcia 2008 (4)

Tommy Garcia was back in town after splitting a series last year with Felix Arroyo. Garcia was taller and had a bigger build but Thompson is quicker and seemed to be the more active of the two. Both fighters tried to put their advantages to use, Thompson on many occasions tried to initiate the action but seemed to mistime a variety of jump jabs, hooks and overhand rights.

Travis Thompson vs Tommy Garcia 2008 (5)

When the fight went inside, Garcia was able to withstand the charge and landed a few hard hooks of his own which would at least temporarily stop any rally that Thompson would build.

Travis Thompson vs Tommy Garcia 2008 (8)No knockdowns or serious trouble for either man and it went the four round distance. Two judges scored it 40 – 36 in favor of Garcia while a third judge saw it 38 – 38. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


195 pounds………..191.5 pounds/24 years/5’11”
NYC, NY……………North Philadelphia
1-0 ……………….1-0, 1 K0

Ahmed Samir once again came in as the hand picked opponent for a promotionally carried ticket seller and once again he leaves a winner. It almost ended really early as Samir scored two knockdowns in the 1st round.

Pedro Martinez vs Ahmed Samir 2008 (1)

Martinez was able to survive the early scare and in the 3rd, looked like he was going to return the favor. Samir showed a lot of grit by withstanding this attack and coming back to look strong in the 4th and final round. At times it looked more like a street fight than it did a boxing match but overall it was pretty entertaining.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The fight went to the cards with the judges seeing it 38-36, 39-35, 39-35 in favor of Samir who was showered with boo’s upon his exit.


Other shots from the night….

Vinny Paz
Vinny Paz calling the action for CN8 telecast

Ryan Belasco vs Victor Vasquez 2008 (1)

Curtis Parker - 2008 PA Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee
Curtis Parker – 2008 PA Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee

Mike Jones vs Gilbert Venegas 2008 (18)

Philly Keith with Delilah's Ring girls
Philly Keith with Delilah’s Ring girls

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