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Mike Jones gets the nod in a war with Soto-Karass

In the final preliminary fight on the November 13, 2010 Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito HBO pay-per-view from Cowboy Stadium – Philly welterweight contender Mike Jones (23-0, 18ko’s) was scheduled to take on registered ruffian Jesus Soto-Karass (24-5-3, 16 ko’s). It was a prime opportunity with literally millions of people tuned in from around the globe. Many felt that Soto- Karass was tailor made for Jones style and a full scale showcase would be the result. It turned out to be a 10-round war that could have gone either way.

This match had it all. It offered a strong candidate for round of the year (round 2), a strong comeback from a fighter who seemed to be out of his feet and will also dubiously be nominated for robbery of the year in some other  publications. The Philly fight fans also got to see another thing – how Mike Jones would hold up when given a stiff challenge.

For the opening five minutes, everything was going according to the script. Jones was clearly out boxing and out banging his more experienced foe. Midway through round 2, Jones wobbled Soto-Karass and like a vulture – he swooped in to unleash something along the lines of 40 consecutive non-stop power punches on his stunned opponent. Karass covered for dear life on the ropes but still absorbed tremendous punishment. It was truly amazing display of killer instinct.

But – like the boxing lifer once told me “You can hit a Mexican boxers head all day and they will keep coming. You need to hit the body for them to fall”. Unfortunately for the Philadelphian – Karass did not go down. Somehow he weathered the storm and Jones was absolutely spent. Karass, marked with two leaky eyes, would go on to hammer a tired Jones in the middle rounds. To Jones credit – there was no quit in him – even though there were times when it looked like his legs were going to fail him.

The long awaited second wind came back somewhere near round 7 and Jones began to get himself back into the contest against an ever pressuring Karass. With the fight hanging in to balance – with trainer Vaughn Jackson in his ear telling him to “Come on man!” Jones responded like a champion – convincingly winning the final two rounds as he stood on steady legs – getting the better of hard two way exchanges with Karass.

The bout went to the scorecards which first read draw at 94-94 but was overruled by scores of 95-94 & 97 – 93 in favor of Jones. Over all it was a very good, very close fight that could have gone either way. I personally scored it a draw.

While many will argue what they thought of the decision and what they think of these guys against top fighters – it must be mentioned that this is what a pay-per-view fight should be like. The opening two bouts were a shade short of stinkers – this match had the fans (and many crowds at home) yelling and cheering at the TV. We also learned a lot about Mike Jones. He took some very hard shots, he was behind in a fight, he was dead tired at one point yet still found a way to win. I am sure he will learn from his mistake in round two – he likely won’t be let off the hook for an error like this when facing a top opponent.

With the win, Jones retains his two regional titles and picks up a third in the process. He is widely expected to compete for the WBO title in his next bout against England’s Kell Brook.


In the main event, Manny Pacquiao laid a whoppin’ for the ages of Margarito. Instead of cement gloves, I think he wore cement shoes as he couldn’t touch – or get out of the way – from anything Pac Man offered.

Enough is enough, we want Mayweather vs. Pacquiao!

MJ to open the show for Pacquiao vs. Margarito PPV at Cowboy Stadium

Mike Jones / Philly Keith Sports

On November 13th, 2010 North Philly’s Mike Jones (22-0, 18ko’s) will get the long awaited opportunity to showcase his skills to millions of boxing fans around the globe. The assignment is to open the televised portion of the highly anticipated Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito pay-per-view which will be broadcast live from Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas. His challenger is Jesus Soto Karass (24-4-3, 16ko’s) of Los Mochis, Mexico – a streaky yet dangerous foe who holds wins over a list of notable fringe contenders in the 147 lb division. Continue reading MJ to open the show for Pacquiao vs. Margarito PPV at Cowboy Stadium

Mike Jones owns Garcia in Atlantic City!

Finally – someone stepped up and gave Philly Welterweight Mike Jones (22-0, 17 ko’s) a fight! The Peltz Boxing / Atlantic City / ShoBox main event had moments of good two-way action and when push came to shove – MJ gave everyone a glimpse of something they have wanted to see for some time now – how he would respond under pressure. In the end the result was the same as it has been as Irving Garcia (17-4-3, 8 ko’s) of Vega Baja, Puerto Rico succumbed to Jones power in the 5th round. There will be a bit of controversy as the final punch delivered was a clear low blow – but this punch only expedited the obvious as Jones had Garcia in a world of trouble, unleashing about 10 unanswered punches on the ropes.

Garcia kept it close it in the early round choosing to fight fire with fire. His jab consistently landed and after two round caused a nice sized mouse under Jones eye. What really mattered were the power punches and Jones packed more mustard on his shots. Working behind a jab that found more snap as the fight progressed, Jones would follow with multiple combinations and uppers that Garcia just could not handle.

After a run of dull fights – Jones did his best work in the biggest fight of his career which was televised across the globe on Showtime. Big things seem to be in the immediate plans for the fighter now dubbed as the top prospect in the 147 lb division..

The co-feature was a shocker as veteran Leonardo Tyner scored a hard earned 9th round KO over the highly touted Antwon Smith of Florida.

Mike Jones vs. Irving Garcia on ShoBox July 9, 2010


It looks like Philly Welterweight Mike Jones (21-0, 17 ko’s) is finally getting the buzz he and his team have been craving. With fights featured on Fox, highlights of others shown on HBO along with radio spots on regional ESPN shows, it is safe to say that he is no longer an unknown commodity outside of our area. The quest to world wide acceptance as a legitimate contender continues as on July 9th as MJ will headline an edition of ShoBox: The Next Generation with a 12 rounder against Irving Garcia (17-4-3, 8ko’s) of Vega Baja, Puerto Rico.

Jones comes into this bout with a top 10 rating in every organization that matters. As of press time, he ranks #2 in the WBO, #3 in the WBA, #7 in the IBF & #7 by the WBC. While the number of sanctioning bodies that exist is flat out ridiculous – there is some truth in the numbers. In this case it means that Mike Jones has earned his way into the bigger picture, even if some of the ratings are a bit high for a fighter who lacks a signature win.

Garcia is being billed as Jones toughest test to date. The Puerto Rican ruffian has put in some solid rounds against good prospect. in his four loses. While he has shown flashes, it is also worth noting that he has been knocked out twice in his career. The first KO came courtesy of WBA title mandatory challenger Said Ouali. Garcia was also knocked out in his most recent fight – a viscous, smelling salts type at the hands of another hot prospect, Luis Abregu. To Garcia’s credit this match against Abregu was a fantastic 5-alarm firefight that Garcia was arguably leading before the stoppage. It will be interesting to see how Garcia conducts himself in the ring after such a tough loss.

The co-feature is an interesting one as Antwon Smith of Florida will take on journeyman Leonardo Tyner in a 10 rounder. Smith made his name the hard way – going into hometowns as an opponent and getting the win against recognizable names.

The hope of the Showtime suits and just about every other boxing fan is to see Jones and Smith fight each other soon – a match that will once and for all settle the dust and decide who is THE best welterweight prospect in the business. With that said – a Jones win may just leapfrog him into the upper echelon. While it is a long shot, the pieces could be in place for Jones to backdoor into a fight against Shane Mosley on HBO is the long postponed Mosley – Berto fight can’t be made. Stay tuned… but first order of business is to get past Garcia. Then we can really talk about other things!

More info to come. Go to for ticket info.

Jones stops Munoz at Boardwalk Hall

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Mike%20Jones-vs-Munoz-1.jpgphoto by Mike "Teek" McGuigan – In Atlantic City, Philly Welterweight Mike Jones (21-0, 17ko’s) had 15 minutes of target practice against Hector Munoz (18-3, 11ko’s) – battering away on his hopeless foe until the referee stopped it at the 2:03 mark of round 5. Jones had a distinct height advantage but chose to fight mostly inside and landed just about everything he threw while taking about 5 punches total in return. The win Jones cracks the top 15 in every major sanctioning body, collects the NABO title and is another step closer to the promised land – an HBO fight against much higher caliber opposition.

In the evenings main event – Argentinean Sergio Martinez slick punched his way to becoming the new Ring Magazine Middleweight Champion of the world with a unanimous decision win over Kelly Pavlik.

Mike Jones Returns to Atlantic City April 17th

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photo by Mike “Teek” McGuigan – The 147 lb NABA champion Mike Jones (20-0, 16ko’s) returns to Atlantic City on April 17th for the opportunity of a lifetime. The opponent is Hector Munoz (18-2-1, 11ko’s) of Albuquerque, NM and the vacant NABF title will also be on the line. The real kicker is that this fight will be the co-feature for the highly anticipated Kelly Pavlik vs. Sergio Martinez fight which will be televised live on HBO World Championship Boxing. While Jones fight will not make the TV airwave – it is a golden chance to impress the TV execs that Team Jones have long claimed to be shutting out their prize fighter.

If HBO likes what they see- the possibilities are endless as there is a deep pool of legitimate boxers in the Welterweight division. A big stage and on the cusp of the big money – it is what many have waited for with Jones. It will be interesting to see how he handles himself under such circumstances along with coming off a sub par performance in his last bout.

Peltz Boxing feels that they have a star in the making. I have dubbed Jones the #1 prospect in Philly. Now we will really start to get an idea of how this story might unfold. Stay tuned for more info.

Gabriel Rosado wins a war, Mike Jones gets by Bruseles in Atlantic City!

On February 27th 2010 , Peltz Boxing brought another strong, evenly matched card to Bally’s Casino in Atlantic City, this time with Top Rank boxing in the fold to take part in the new boxing series on Fox Sports Net. The goal of the night was to get rising welterweight Mike Jones (20-0, 16ko’s) some much deserved TV time as he Mike Jones vs Henry Bruseles (106)continues his quest to rate amongt the best on the world in his division.

His opponent was Henry Bruseles (28-4-1, 15ko’s) , a better than advertised journeyman riding a 7 fight winning streak.

The NABA titlist got the job done to the tune of a unanimous decision victory in front of a sold out crowd, most of whom came to see MJ perform in the main event. While there is no argument that Jones deserved a W in this fight, he had a much tougher than expected time against the shifty veteran. Mike Jones vs Henry Bruseles (324)

Bruseles was able to work his way inside undeterred for most of the contest and Jones never set out to impose his will on the smaller opponent, opting to box, circle and move around without much forward motion. Bruseles found his way unabated into Jones chest for most of the night which made things very tight in the first half of the match.

Mike Jones vs Henry Bruseles (15)Jones was able to take control in round 5 and won every round from there on out as he landed the better power punches and did a better job of avoiding the game Bruseles attack. Like the old timers say – win this one, look good the next time out.

Call this fight one to grow on as it will undoubtedly serve as a learning experience for Jones.

Mike Jones vs Henry Bruseles (396)


Add Saul Roman (32-6, 27ko’s) to the list of accomplished veterans that “King” Gabriel Rosado (14-4, 8ko’s) has beaten as the 24 year old Philadelphian was awarded a narrow split decision  following a 10 round blood bath which saw momentum swing back and forth Gabriel Rosado vs Saul Roman (130)throughout the contest.

Roman can be credited as the aggressor but Rosado’s precise counter punching and timely power shots were keys to victory.  There was nothing fancy in this fight, just a good old fashioned rumble between two tough fighters. Roman built a lead early – Rosado stormed back in the middle rounds and it was give and take down the stretch. Roman fought through a Gabriel Rosado vs Saul Roman (196)bad cut over the right eye while Rosado’s left eye had a slow leak.

The co-feature was the fight of the night with many in press row having scoring scattered across the board. Scores read 97 – 93 for Roman but were over ruled by two tallied of 96 – 94 for Rosado who continues to show he is one of the best Philly has to offer despite what his record may say.

Gabriel Rosado vs Saul Roman (74)

On the under card…

Jersey boys Troy Maxwell (2-0, 1ko) and Todd Erickson (0-3-1) waged four rounds of absolute mayhem in this unexpectedly DSC_0188entertaining action packed rumble. Erickson built an early lead using his size and speed to connect but Maxwell kept up the pressure and eventually broke the seal in round three.

Both men traded and landed many hard punches. Maxwell’s ear was a mess, Erickson wasn’t very stead at certain points, both sucked it up and fought to win until the very end.

The score cards read 39 – 37 x 3 for Maxwell. Erickson also deserves a nod for a job well done.


Ariel Espinal and Tony Pietrantonio waged their own war in a bit of a sloppy yet very good 6 round back-and-forth rumble that Espinal won by 5th round TKO. Both fighters stood inside and traded hard, wining bombs.

Momentum shifted throughout but Espinal’s late assault led the referee to stop the fight against a dazed Pietrantonio’s protest.

DSC_0036 DSC_0074

Ossie Duran and Jamaal Davis went toe to toe for 4 hard rounds.  It was give and take but it was the accomplished veteran Duran who was giving that much more in this shortened fight.  Davis stayed game, took the best Duran had to offer and stood his ground. It went to the cards which read 40 – 36 across the board for Duran.

Jamaal Davis vs Ossie Duran (48) Jamaal Davis vs Ossie Duran (82) Jamaal Davis vs Ossie Duran (84)

We may have seen the final chapter in the career of ex champion Kendall Holt as he was surprisingly and soundly defeated by the anonymous Kaizer Mabuza via 6th round TKO.

Holt had a good first round but Mabuza applied non stop pressure and eventually wore down the big name from Paterson. Holt’s corner stopped the fight in between rounds 6 and 7.

DSC_0021 DSC_0020 DSC_0012 DSC_0031

Glen Tapia came out of the gate like a pit bull scoring an early 1st round stoppage against Ty Miles.

DSC_1073 DSC_1076

Mike Jones , Gabriel Rosado & Jamaal Davis Fight In Atlantic city February 27

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On February 27th 2010, Peltz Boxing returns to Bally’s Casino in Atlantic City for a seven fight card with at least two of these bouts being televised live on the new Fox Sports Boxing Show. In the main event we have Mike Jones (19-0, 16ko’s) defending his NABA Welterweight title against veteran Henry Bruseles (28-3-1, 15ko’s) of Puerto Rico in the 10 round main event. This will mark Jones third consecutive start at the casino, a place where he hasn’t lost a second of either of the fights he was in. This fight looks to be no different as even Jones team concedes that “Bruseles is a good all around fighter but Mike does everything he can do better, we should have no problem”. The 29 year old Bruseles comes in on a 7 fight winning streak with his last loss coming in 2005 against Floyd Mayweather. Jones will need an impressive performance to captivate the imagination a national audience that has eluded him to date and also to recapture a local buzz that seems to be fading a bit. One vicious KO could solve all that in an instant. Either way – a victory will surly improve his already impressive world rankings which currently stand at Jones is # 7 in the WBA, # 11 by the IBF. # 16 by the WBC. Along with being promoted by Peltz Boxing, Jones team is considered amongst the best in Philly as he is managed by Doc Nowicki and Jim Williams and trained by Vaughn Jackson.

In the co-feature Gabriel Rosado (13-4, 8ko’s) again finds himself matched tough when he takes on proven veteran Saul Roman (32-5, 27 ko’s) of Tijuana in a 10 round co-feature.Rosado is coming one of his best performances as a pro when he stopped Latif Mundy in this same building last November. Roman, a 10 year pro at 29 years old, has fought some of the best with mixed results. The two men share a common opponent in Kassem Ouma – both ironically won by split decision. There is only one way we will find out who is the better fighter and I would think the winner should be in line for at least one of the Spanish titles floating around the business. Good matchmaking and potentially a good fight.

Jamaal “Da Truth” Davis (11-5, 6ko’s) will take on the rough Ossie Duran (23-8-2, 9ko’s) in an 6 rounder. Davis is another guy who hasn’t had much duck meat lately and the durable Duran will surely test his conditioning and stamina. Duran has survived attacks from James Kirkland, David Lopez and recently took Fernando Guerrero to the limit in a losing effort. Davis can pop – so it will be interesting to see how his shot holds up against guy who has been near the top and given a game effort. The winner of this one should should be in prime position to take on a name fighter for a nice paycheck in the near future.

Dennis Hasson is listed for this card though it is unconfirmed and no opponent has been named at press time.

Kendall Holt of Paterson, NJ take on Kaizer Mabuza of Johannesburg, South Africa in a 12 round IBF junior welterweight title eliminator; Glen Tapia, Passaic, NJ, vs. Tyrone Miles, Camden, NJ, 4, junior middleweights; Troy Maxwell, Galloway Township, NJ, vs. Todd Eriksson, Dover, NJ, 4, super middleweights. Expect to see the shoehorn at the entrance as all tickets are said to be sold out! Check eBay if you are desperate….

Mike Jones sends Pinzon packing & Rosado stops Mundy @ Bally’s!

The date is November 10, 2009 and it seems like the city is taking a lot of tough losses these days. Earlier this month, the main focus of the entire sports world was on the MLB World Series.

yankeesIn a showdown viewed by roughly 19 million people across the globe –  three different New York Yankees pitchers stymied the powerful Phillies bats.

The end result saw the Bronx Bombers claiming the championship in six games. This marks the Yankees 27th overall World Series Championship.

It was a good season but the Fightins fell short in their quest to become back-to-back World Champions for the first time in franchise history.

Also this week, a piece of Philly boxing history was lost as The Spectrum closed it’s doors for good. The rock band Pearl Jam closed down the venue in style – playing four consecutive nights with the buildings last official event being held on October 31, 2009. The final four shows were all sold out crowd.


To top things  off, SEPTA is on strike. Earlier this week, Local 234 president Willie Brown ordered the men and women of The Transport Workers Union off the job and to the picket lines. It is time for a new contract and the union boss says that his workers and SEPTA are “as far apart as California and Pennsylvania” at the negotiating table.

Willie BrownTWU is catching heat for demanding raises in these hard economic times where most are lucky just to have a job.

The citizens of Philadelphia are catching the worst of this stalemate as the strike has stopped all buses and trolleys, leaving many people stranded in their tracks – making routine travels to work and school a nightmare.

Most employers and bosses do not want to hear the strike as an excuse for missing or being late for work.

There is a lot going on around town – and it all seems to be giving me a headache. As the week finally ended, it was time to get out of dodge for a few days. I wanted to see a winner. The brightest hope for a Philly based champion these days rests on the shoulders of Mt. Airy native Mike Jones, who was fighting in Atlantic City on November 7, 2009.

It was a Peltz Boxing production at Bally’s Casino in the center of the AC Boardwalk. The show revolved around Jones, who continues to make in-ring statements saying that he is a young welterweight to be reckoned with.

On this evening he was set to defend his regional NABA Welterweight title against journeyman Raul Pinzon of Columbia. Pinzon has been handed some old fashioned butt-kickings by high level fighters in recent outings.

I guess the goal here was to see how fast MJ could dispatch the fighter who has been knocked out in three of his last four outings.

Mike Jones vs Raul Pinzon 2009 (5)

In the ring, things went exactly as planned as Jones scored a 5th round knockout courtesy of single vicious body shot that left Pinzon on the canvas in agony, making no attempt to beat the 10 count.

Mike Jones vs Raul Pinzon 2009 (6)After the fight, sources close to the NJ commission say Pinzon suffered broken ribs.

With the win, Jones improves to 19 wins against 0 losses – 16 of those wins coming by knockout. He also keeps his regional title and his spot in the world ratings by illustrating that the journeyman type of fighter  is no match for him.

Network executive should take notice because MJ would make an excellent choice of opponent for any young 147 lber in the world….

Mike Jones vs Raul Pinzon 2009 (8)

In the co main event, the up-and-down career of North Philly native “King” Gabriel Rosado is trending upward once again as he bounces back from a tough loss in his previous fight to score a  a 7th round TKO win over fellow Philadelphian Latif Mundy during a battle of local Junior Middleweights.

This was by far the best fight of the night. Many spots where fighters had good fistic exchanges with the rounds see-sawing.

That see-saw was stopped by a big surge from Rosado who hurt Mundy midway through the 7th. Rosado was like a wolf in the wild when he smelled blood and continued his assault until the referee was left with no option but to call a halt to the battle.

Rosado upgrades to 13 -4, 8 ko’s  as Mundy falls to 8 wins and 2 losses.

Gabriel Rosado 2009

One hell of a fight – both men should be proud of their efforts. I’m not sure why this wasn’t held in Philadelphia as this could have been a classic local main event. Maybe we will see a rematch down the road.

In other action…

Mike “No Joke” Stewart recovered from a 3rd round knockdown to win a unanimous decision over Louis Lejia by scores of 57 – 56 across the board.

Josh Mercado won a hard fought unanimous decision

Ronald Cruz won a decision over Ashante Henderson in a fight closer than the final scores indicated.

Ballys Ring Girls 2009

The injury bug strikes a Mike Jones fight again! Gutierrez out with a back injury, Raul Pinzon in!

Back in the day, old Yankee Clipper Yogi Bera once said “it’s like deja vu all over again”. Fifty-some years later, we can aptly apply this phrase to size up Philly’s #1 boxing prospect Mike Jones (18-0, 16ko’s) 2009 season in the ring. Once again, a last minute occurrence changes the dynamic of the Mount Airy Machine Gun’s originally proposed fight.

Now, instead of taking on a widely recognized and respected fringe contender, Jones has a new opponent that he will more than likely blow out of the water during his November 7 fight at Bally’s in Atlantic City…. The official word from Peltz Headquarters on 25th & Brown is that original opponent Richard Gutierrez has suffered a back injury while sparring and absolutely will not be able to compete for the scheduled 12 round NABA Welterweight title fight.

According to the Fairmount Hall of Famer J. Russell Peltz, new opponent will be Raul Pinzon (16-3-1, 15ko’s). Good replacement on paper but Pinzon is kind of like the girl who looks pretty good from across the bar…until 2am when the lights go on, then you see what she really looks like!

Pinzon has feasted on duck meat and is winless outside of his native Columbia being KO’d in three of his last four. Bet the house on a spectacular Mike Jones KO win here, somewhere around the halfway point of round 2. It’s a big disappointment that is no one’s fault but still, it is getting to the point to where something has got to give! The good news is that the dynamic, power punching local will remain on the card and I guess that is all that really matters.

With that said, it has gone will past the point of MJ needing some sort of signature win at this stage of his career.

Another road bump in a year that looked so promising in the beginning. Jones still has his NABA title and is still undefeated. If Jones dares to be a champion in this great sport, he must find a way to change his luck in the near future. Note to the suits at Showtime – Out of all the young welterweights your great show has featured over the past year, Jones takes any of them. Abrgeu, Antoine Smith, Hernandez, Aydin etc. Make a fight and please the fans!