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Q&A – Fred Jenkins Jr. – “It’s about smart work, not just hard work” – 2016

North Philly Junior Middleweight Fred Jenkins Jr. has led a complex boxing life that few will ever match. As a kid born into the sport, the son of PA Hall of Fame trainer Fred Jenkins Sr. grew up traveling the country to compete as an amateur and gained full access inside the camps of legitimate championship level boxers.

While he always had good connections – nothing has ever been handed to the young man who trains out of the ABC Recreation Center at 26th & Master streets. His five year professional career has had its share of good wins, surprise losses and other ups and downs.

Now at 29-years-old, Fred Jr (9-3, 3 ko’s) realizes that a lot of work remains to be completed if he is to one day become a world champion.  He is currently back in training mode after a layoff, focused on building a new winning streak.

We recently caught up with “Elite Herk” who took the time to talk about his life growing up in the boxing business, the benefits and burdens of being the son of a great trainer, carrying on the legacy, lessons learned in the ring and much more.

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Philly Keith: Fred, thanks for coming on. You have been killing it on the road lately. You had the most running miles on my Nike+ road work list in June. This month (July) you’re 70 miles in and blowing everyone else out. Tell the world why so much running these days?

Fred Jenkins Jr.: I learned from trial and error. In this boxing life you have to learn from your own mistakes. Even though I ran a lot before,  I wasn’t on my own. Now I run on my own, I get out there, I guess I just fell in love with it. I know if I put the road work in I can come out victorious in the fights. Not to say I haven’t put the road work in but now I’m doing it for me. I’ve been doing it for others before.

Now, this is what I want to do – get up out there and run. No matter where you’re at, no matter what the weather is – all it takes is 30 minutes , 45 minutes out of your day.

You have to out work yourself in order to outwork the work.  Also, it’s not just about running it’s about doing whatever needs to be done to get you mentally and physically prepared for war. Make all the necessary sacrifice.

And that’s it. That is the path I’ve been on lately.

Nike+ July 2016

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Tyrone Brunson Q&A “God don’t make no mistakes. Everything that happened in my career happened for a reason” – 2016

It is hard to believe that the year was 2007 when I first met with Tyrone “Young Gun” Brunson, a then 22-year-old Jr. Middleweight from North Philly who was on a mission to break the world record for scoring most consecutive first round knockouts. Read the 2007 interview here 

A year later,  Brunson surpassed former world champion Edwin Valero on March 8, 2008 when he quickly dispatched Francis McKechnai in a Michigan ballroom to become the first fighter in boxing history to score 19 consecutive 1st round KO’s.

It can be said that breaking this mark brought more harm than good. Becoming the KO king did not bring in big time promotional offers or large figure sponsorship opportunities. Instead, Brunson was criticized for the quality of opponents after the his name was etched in to the record books.

After “the well went dry” people started to disappear and Brunson considered walking away from the sport he picked up as a 9-year-old at the ABC Gym on 26th & Master Streets,

In 2016, Brunson (22-6-1, 21 ko’s) says he is focused again and seems honest in his desire to become a world champion. This time around, he speaks of earning the money, power and respect that comes along with being a champion, and aims to do it the proper way.

It has been a long, interesting journey for the now 31-year-old Philly fighter. Take a couple of minutes to read and drop a comment when complete.

Philly Keith: Thanks for joining us Tyrone, let’s get into telling the people what you have coming up next.

Tyrone Brunson: I’m fighting this Saturday July 9th at the Sun Bank Arena in Trenton, New Jersey. I’m fighting Joshua Okine who is 28 – 7 – 1 with 17 knockouts.

I’m ready to go put on a show for the fans, I’m in great shape, had a great camp and I am ready to go out and perform now. It’s an ESPN show.

[Editors Note: the fight was cancelled at the weigh-in.  Sources say Okine did not pass the physical.]

PK: What do you know about your opponent?

TB: Not too much, he is a last-minute replacement. I was supposed to fight someone else but he didn’t accept the fight so Joshua was up next. I know he has a pretty good record, he fought Christopher Pierson and a couple others with good records. This will be a good fight for me to step up to show that I can beat the guys on that level.

PK: Who does Team Brunson consist of these days? Where are you training, who is your trainer?

TB: Zahir Justice from Fast Lane, I’m with those guys. I have a good team around me, good conditioning coach, good everything now. I am more mentally focused again and got my hunger back for the game again. Continue reading Tyrone Brunson Q&A “God don’t make no mistakes. Everything that happened in my career happened for a reason” – 2016

Q&A with Travis Kauffman – Is it “My-Time’s” time to shine?

Interview by Ken Hissner

Reading, PA, heavyweight Travis “My Time” Kauffman, 30-1 (22 ko’s), reached the age of 30 in August and is about to meet his toughest opponent in Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola, 36-4-1 (31), of Escondido, CA. who is 34 and been there and done that and is back again.

They meet on December 12th at the AT & T Center in San Antonio, TX, over NBC where 16 bouts are scheduled. Their fight should be one of two prior to the main event along with a bout between heavyweights Charles Martin, 22-0-1 who is No. 2 WBO and No. 4 IBF and prospect Dominic Breazeale, 16-0. Both bouts are under the main event of a pair of former WBC lightweight champions in Omar Figureola, Jr., and Antonio DeMarco.

Travis Kauffman vs Chris Arreola preview photo PBC

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Simon “One Punch” Carr shoot interview – 2015

At the start of this decade we made some really good interviews with then Philly fighter Simon Carr outside of the Legendary Blue Horizon. His way with words if a perfect fit for the PK Sports “shoot” style interview where we give the space for people to speak their mind and set the record straight.

Five years later – ain’t a damn thing changed! One Punch, now more focused on his business and brand,  gets a lot off his chest in this interview – going in on the “shabby” state of Philly boxing, being boxing’s 1st true entrepreneur, and generally being “everywhere when you never there”.

Introducing Jerome Conquest

Meet local Philly fighter Jerome Conquest, a 29 year old southpaw who is just getting starting in the professional boxing ranks. Conquest scored his first career knockout victory in his most recent bout – a shot some are saying is a contender for local KO of the year.

Take a few minutes to find out where here is from, where he trains, his background and plans for the future.

“Double SS” Steve Smoger Interview – From Judge to Boxing Referee!

“Double SS” Steve Smoger Interview – From Judge to Boxing Referee! by Ken Hissner

“Double SS” Steve Smoger has Seven C’s for a professional boxing referee that are conditioning, communication, composure, confidence, consistency, concentration and courage. You don’t have to have seen him more than once in the ring to see that he doesn’t just preach but lives by them!

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Joey DaWejko and Brian McGinley interview

Tacony’s Joey DaWejko and trainer Brian McGinley speak on their future as Joey prepares to make his Philadelphia Debut (as a pro) at The Legendary Blue Horizon 2-5-10

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“Fast” Eddie Chambers vs. Klitschko shoot video

Fast Eddie Chambers talks about his mandatory status against Wladimir Klitschko and discusses recent wins over Sam Peter and Alexander Dimetrenko.

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