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Kennedy vies for NABA title, Big Poppa vs. The Assassin in Atlantic City September 25, 2010

Peltz Boxing is on for a September 25th date at Bally’s Casino in Atlantic City. In the main event, undefeated Super Bantamweight Teon Kennedy (15-0-1, 6ko’s) looks to add the vacant NABA title to his hardware collection when he takes on Mexico’s Alex Bacerra (20-8, 9ko’s) for a contest scheduled for 12 rounds.

While Teon is billed as “The Technician”, his last few bouts has been the rough and tumble type which gave his corner fits but the fans plenty of reason to cheer. In Teon’s first USBA title defense in May of this year, he clearly outclassed Mexico’s Jose Angel Beranza early but stumbled to the finish line as the wily veteran made the match baited Kennedy in and made it “ugly”. Kennedy was the clear winner but it took every ounce of energy he had to make it through, showing tremendous heart along the way.

Bacerra has lost five of his last seven – three of which coming by KO. Bet the house on a convincing Kennedy win.

The co-feature is a battle between Philly Super Middleweights as Dennis Hasson & “Big Poppa” Tommie Speller face off for an 8 rounder.

More info to come go to for ticket info.

Big Poppa looking to open a case of “whup ass” on May 1st


by George Hanson Esq.

On May 1st – Philadelphia middleweight Tommie “Big Poppa” Speller (5-3-0) will be fighting undefeated Dion Savage (7-0-0) in scheduled six-round bout. The big news is that he is going to Las Vegas as it will take place on the under card of Shane Mosley vs. Floyd Mayweather.

Speller, arguably the best-dressed fighter in Philadelphia, returned to the squared circle on October 16, 2009 after a two-year lay-off in which he fought his toughest fight and won—a battle against stomach cancer. He lost a closely contested four-round match against Ecuadorian amateur sensation, Mario Mina. Speller rebounded on January 15, 2010 with a unanimous four-round decision over tough Dave Cook.

Fearless, Speller never enters the ring without a case of “whup ass.” He plans to open up the entire case on Savage come May 1st.

This fight is not scheduled for the TV PPV Broadcast

Boxing Returns to The Blue Horizon Feb 5th, 2010!

The Legendary Blue Horizon opens their doors for the first time in 2010 on February 5th as Ms. Veronca Michael and her tag team partner Don Elbaum bring a seven fight card to North Broad street. On top of the bill is USBA 154lb champ Derek Ennis (19-2-1, 12ko’s) of Gernamtown taking on Puerto Rico’s Edwin Vasquez (22-14-2, 8ko’s) in an 8 round non-title bout. This will serve as a precursor to Ennis first title defense which is expected to come in April in Atlantic City. In addition to the main event, people are buzzing about the home coming of Northeast Philly’s Joey DaWejko – the former top rated US amateur heavyweight who turned pro in September. He is scheduled for four rounds.

Also expect to see Eric “Outlaw” Hunter & Ronald Cruz compete in separate bouts – both have yet to find a suitable opponents. Jackie Davis looks to go 4-0 when she takes on the pro debuting Tanya Martinez. Tim Johnson is back in action for a 4 rounder.

There are rumors of a co-feature where grizzled vets Israel “Pito” Cardona and  Martinus Clay will fight an  8 rounder at Middleweight! Could be true, could be a load of BS, we will see….More info to come soon…

Tommie “Big Poppa” Speller Interview 2007

Style, either you have it or you don’t. Tommie “Big Poppa” Speller has it and it comes in a variety of forms. In the ring his style is that of a fighter who is looking to knock you out. When he is not in the ring, you can usually catch him ringside giving them a run for their money as the best dressed man in the house.

But Tommie Speller’s story goes deep than a hard right hand and a fresh pair of shoes. Like most who grew up in Philly, his road wasn’t an easy one. After a lifetime of fighting in the streets, Big Poppa brought his two handed attack to the professional boxing ring in October of 2006. His career started off strong scoring three knockouts in his first three pro fights. There was some controversy to follow and now a stretch of inactivity for Team Poppa. Some were starting to wonder “where is he at?”

Big Poppa recently took the time to clear the air and go in depth on how he got started, what has been happening in his life and what he looks forward to next in the ring. Read closely because Big Pop drops a few bombs and a few names in this exclusive interview!

PK: Big Poppa, thanks for taking the time. Let’s get right into it. It has been a little while since we last saw you fight. What’s going on these days?

BP: Nothing too much, just taking a little time off but working on a few different styles and things. Doing what I got to do so Big Poppa can keep doing what he was doing which is knockin’ jokers out.

PK: How did you get started or what was it that got you interested in boxing?

BP: As a kid I used to fight for my sisters a lot. I did a lot of fighting in the neighborhood, coming home from school fighting every day. I just grew up fighting and I always thought I was good. As I got older I figured I wanted to fight for a living because I was always good with my hands. When I got older my grandfather put me in the gym and it was on from there.

Later on in life I got caught up in the street life selling drugs and messing around with guns and so forth. I ended up in the penitentiary and was incarcerated for 5 years, came home but went back for violating parole. I was training; my mind was already set for what I would do when I got out. When I did get out, I stuck to the game plan and started getting into the gym even more. I had a little amateur background but that didn’t play out too well because I have a professional fight style. A lot of the judges and referees told me as an amateur that I would be good as a pro. Sure enough when I turned pro and not trying to sound arrogant, I did my thing, the thing that makes me Big Poppa.

PK: Which brings me to your Pro debut, I was there that night and you scored an early knockout win, what was going through your mind?

BP: I basically thought this is my job, this is what I do. There was a good feeling about it because of the crowd but it was a lot different because I was in a professional atmosphere. I right away I knew this is the real deal, this ain’t practice. After the 1st round I settled down a little bit, Greg (Robinson) had a little talk with me, after that I blocked everything out of my mind and did what I had to do is knock him out.

PK: Let’s talk about the current fight game, the Philly fight game in particular. There have been a few talked about fights for you recently, some speculation out there but recently they haven’t seemed to go through. Is there anyone in particular out there who you have your eye on or you think has their eye on you for a potential fight?

BP: Hopefully I will step back in the ring around August, there are some things I am working on and I really want to do. Next time you see Big Poppa it’s gonna be even more of a threat. Right now I am having some trouble with opponents but there are still some good fighters around who will fight me and could make it a good fight. As far as me having my eyes on anybody, I had my eyes on Tony Ferrante, but me and Tony are good friends, the fight was supposed to happen but I can’t argue the fact he didn’t want that fight because of a friendship.

If it ever had to happen I think me and Tony would be a good fight. Besides Tony, me and Black Gold, Jameel Wilson. I definitely want to fight Jameel I think he is a good fighter and it would be a good fight. Some people don’t think he hold any true weight anymore but you have to remember that at one time he was a top fighter out of Philadelphia and a state title holder. We are good friends and I am not saying this with arrogance. Do I think I can beat him? Yeah I think I can beat him, can he beat me? Of course, in this game it’s a 50/50 chance, anything can happen. I can’t talk bad about him. We trained and sparred against each other. It is something I really just want. We would give a crowd a good show and I think Jameel would be all for it. Jameel has a great style for me and I have a great style for him. We will see how it goes.

PK: It sounds like there is a lot of respect for him, you say some doubt Jameel’s status but I think he is far from washed up.

BP: I don’t believe he is washed up at all. I need a fight like this, I am working my way towards a state title fight, he has already been there and he knows what it takes.

PK: All of your fights have been on Power Productions cards. Is there an official deal in place or more of a fight by fight take it as it comes thing?

BP: Right now me and Greg Robinson (CEO of Power Productions) are working on something. My original contract is expired I gave him what he wanted he gave me what I wanted. Me and Greg have a great level of respect for one another. He was my original trainer before I went over to Bozy’s.

I don’t plan on leaving Greg. There have been some other offers but I am the type of guy who tries to stay loyal. Greg has been loyal to me but in boxing you gotta go where the money is. I am quite sure Greg would respect that. Right now I am still apart of Power and still fight under Power, me and Tyric and us guys. I am not under contract at this point but we are in negotiations. You can never tell how things might end up.

Some guys will give you some money so they can have you as one of their fighters but I don’t feel that Greg would just put me out there over my head just to make money and not care weather I am winning or losing.

PK: What is it like training at the Bozy’s Gym, in your words and through your eyes?

BP: It’s rough, it’s like a real dungeon, and the name speaks for itself. It is a private owned gym. Nothing fancy about the gym, we have the basics, ring, punching bags, speed bags and such, we got the music jumpin’, it’s a strict work environment. There is no one down at the dungeon who can’t fight. It makes you think about nothing but trying to be the best. A lot of top guys come through there that is why this gym is so reputable. Everyone knows that Bozy is a hell of a trainer. No one will doubt he is why Pooh and Demetrius and them are at the level they are at. They been there since they were small. It’s real hot in the summer, freezing cold in the winter, it is what it is. Some cold blooded dudes down there, man.

Now I am training with Demetrius Hopkins, Rasheem Brown, Farah Ennis and all them. All those guys down there can fight. I am still have some work to do but the level of fight game in there, that is what is getting me through and I am doing real good over there.

My uncle Chauncey is also in my corner, I love him to death. He sees a lot of the things that I don’t see. He is in the gym after his day at work with the head trainers. When I am outside of the gym it’s still like we are still in the gym because my mind is on boxing. We talk about things go over things we need to work on, work on the pads and so forth and so on. Chauncey is a real blessing he is there day in and day out. He is a part of team Poppa and we want to take it all the way.

PK: What’s Big Poppa looking for in the long run?

BP: In the long run, no doubt with all seriousness I got to become champ of the world. My mom passed away. Now everything I do in boxing is in her remembrance. Now I want her to rest in peace and for her to know through all my troubles and struggles in life that I tried out to be successful. I gotta make that come true, every fight my son is with me, my wife is out there in the audience, and my grandfather, the first guy to ever put me in the gym is there in the front row watching his grandson fight. I want to see him enjoying that moment for me before anything has to happen to him. Me and my wife had our moments but we are back together and she is down with Team Poppa. She and my family period give me that drive. With the condition of my health she makes it worth my while waking up every morning. I give all my praise to God first and foremost.

PK: You touched on your health situation earlier, can you elaborate?

BP: Yeah we can talk about it a little bit, I was just diagnosed with stomach cancer. It is nothing major or life threatening. I am under the doctor’s care and they are still running tests and they tell me things look good. When I first found out the news, I had to step back on a fight because of my health. I didn’t want to do anything except be by myself or with my family. Now, I am mentally back in the game. Physically I am getting back in the game. I have a few appointments coming up and my wife is helping me but like I said it is nothing life threatening. I don’t want to speak too fast on nothing right now.

PK: Well I definitely wish the best for you and hope that everything turns out positive with your health.

BP: I definitely appreciate that, Keith

PK: You are known for your skills in the ring but you are also known for your skills putting an outfit together. Where do you get the threads Big Pop?

BP: Awwwwwwww man, know what? I shop at so many stores, if I told you that, we’d have everyone in the industry wearing suits. I like to shop different place, one of my favorite spots is Boyd’s. Yeah I like to go to Boyd’s. Anywhere else I can’t tell you. If you ever want some Gators I’ll tell you to go down South Street. You let it be known that Big Poppa and his wife are ready to get remarried again!

PK: I think we covered a lot, is there anything you want to add before we close?

BP: Just to keep God first in your life. Other than that I just want everyone to know that Big Poppa will be back on the scene in a fast minute and they gonna have problems Keith, problems! I’m ready to take over the Super Middleweight division. Anybody who thinks they do it in that division, I say call me, get in touch with my promoter, get in touch with my team. I am ready for anybody out there, that’s just the attitude I got. They know Big Poppa so they know what they are in for!

PK: Thanks for your time Big Pop, look forward to seeing you soon.

BP: No Doubt, I appreciate it Keith! Alright homie!

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Joey Abell was handed a box of Tampons at the press conference, delivers payback in the ring

photo by Mike “Teek” McGuigan

April 11, 2008 – Philadelphia, PA

There was a bit of an international flavor at The Legendary Blue Horizon on this evening as fighters from Ecuador, Peru, Sweden, Haiti and the USA laced them up to take part in a 9 bout fight card on North Broad Street.

The Main Event turned into a bad blood match earlier in the week when Maurice Wheeler gave his foe a box of tampons and called him derogatory female names at the press conference. Abell went on the record to say that was extra motivating and responding by scoring a  KO of the Year candidate.

Gee Culmer made it 9 wins in a row after narrowly escaping the upset specialist Mustapha Johnson, winning a close majority decision that many felt could have gone either way.

Mario Mina traveled all the way from his native Ecuador to fulfill a dream of boxing on American soil. He took on Pedro Calla of Peru who was making his professional debut. A fight that entered the night with no fan fare turned out to be the battle of the evening.

“Showtime” Steve Chambers battered his foe and showed he should be in again with much better opposition while young prospect Gerald Smith showed he might be a guy to keep an eye on.
Heavyweight Division

Joey Abell……..vs……..Maurice Wheeler
19-1, 18ko’s…………….10-11-1, 1ko
Coon Rapids, MN………….Philly, PA

A few days before the fight, there was a press conference held at The Legendary Blue Horizon to meet the fighters and talk about the upcoming event. Maurice Wheeler & Simon Carr thought it would be a good idea to try getting into Joey Abell’s head, gain a psychological advantage over the man who had been leaving behind lots of carnage in the ring.

So on they went with a stunt where Wheeler handed Abell a box of Tampax Tampons and went on to insult his opponent calling him just about every name in the book. Let’s cut to the chase – they were calling him a punk right to his face.

This turned out to be a very bad move.

Joey Abell vs Maurice Wheeler 2008 (1)

The 6″4′ former defensive end kept his cool but did admit that he took it personally, vowing to get some payback once they stepped into the ring.

Joey Abell vs Maurice Wheeler 2008 (2)

The beginning of this fight was pretty slow, then midway through the second round Abell kicked it into high gear, punishing Wheeler with thunderous left hands. The final left hand of the evening came at the end of the round and this one sent an unconscious Wheeler through the ropes, laying on the ring apron for a good 5 minutes. Abell raised his arms in victory and the crowd chanted “Joey, Joey, Joey”.

Joey Abell vs Maurice Wheeler 2008

After the fight, Gerald “The Jedi” Nobels grabbed the house microphone and said he wants next. Abell replied with “you can get it too if you really want”. Hook it up Elbaum!

Winner – Joey Abell who improves to 20 – 1, 19ko’s

Joey Abell vs Maurice Wheeler 2008 (3)

Middleweight Division

Gee Culmer….vs…..Mustapha Johnson
Philly, PA…………Indianapolis, IN
13-1, 4ko’s………..5-2-1, 2ko’s

This was an interesting fight between two middleweights that we have become familiar with in recent times. Gee Culmer has worked his way into co-feature status at The Legendary Blue Horizon by winning 8 in a row while Mustapha Johnson has done most of his work on the other side of town, going on a nice run of upsets over some of the middleweights who fight out of the New Alhambra.

Gee Cullmer vs Mustapha Johnson 2008

It looked good on paper but in the ring it wasn’t as exciting. Call it a clash of styles. To their credit, both fighters tried to work through it all and both threw a lot of punches.

Gee usually found a home for his right hand upstairs, Johnson was at his best when throwing combo’s inside.

Gee Cullmer vs Mustapha Johnson 2008 (1)

Most of the rounds were really close and in the end the scoring went

57 – 57 followed by 58 – 56 twice in favor of Gee Culmer giving him the majority decision win.

Winner – Gee Culmer who improves to 14 – 1, 3ko’s

Middleweight Division

Mario Mina………….vs…….Pedro Calla
Brooklyn, NY via Ecuador……..Peru
pro debut……… debut

The battle of highly decorated amateurs making their pro debut stole the show early in the night as these two went toe to toe and blow for blow until Mina rocked Calla with an overhand right leaving him flat on his back. Calla might have gotten KO’d but he gave it his all, fighting with cuts over his head and blood on his face.

Mario Mina vs Pedro Calla 2008 (1)

Mina looks like he could make some real noise in the future, for now watch all of the promoters hide their young middleweights from him.

Mario Mina vs Pedro Calla 2008 (2)

Winner – Mario Mina 1-0, 1ko

Mario Mina vs Pedro Calla 2008 (3) Mario Mina vs Pedro Calla 2008

Jr. Welterweight Division

Steve Chambers….vs….Jean Petit Homme
Phila, PA……………Haiti
15-1, 4ko’s………….2 – 14, 2ko’s

Steve Chambers is way too talented for a fight like this. STOP HOLDING SHOWTIME STEVE BACK!!!! How does his management put him in a fight like this AGAIN???? How Greg Sirb allows a 15 win fighter to take on a 2 win fighter is beyond me. The young man holds 2 wins over Lenny DeVictoria, he should be close to main event status at The Blue, not on mop up duty, wasting his time and career with guys like this. A big boo to whoever was responsible for finding this opponent.

With that all being said, Steve Chambers shook off a little rust then knocked this guy all over the ring. The remaining fans in the building approved and the ladies were screaming “Showtiiiiiime” In the end the final scorecards read 40 – 36 & 39- 37 twice all in favor of Showtime Steve.

Winner – “Showtime” Steve Chambers who improves to 16 – 1,  4ko’s

Lightweight Division

Gerald Smith……vs…..Jose Guerrido
Philly, PA……………Brooklyn, NY

Gerald Smith looked good for the second time in two fights at The Blue and could be a guy to keep an eye on as he climbs the ladder.

Gerald Smith vs Jose Guerrido 2008 (1)

He battered his opponent around the ring until Guerrido’s corner wisely threw in the towel at 2:16 of the 2nd round.

Gerald Smith vs Jose Guerrido 2008

Winner – Gerald Smith who improves to 2-0, 1ko

Gerald Smith vs Jose Guerrido 2008 (2)

Heavyweight Division

Anders Holmberg….vs….Archie Hopkins
Sweden……………….Fargo, ND
pro debut…………….0-2

It smelled like fish at The Blue when Archie Hopkins “did the job” and didn’t make it look very good either in “falling” to Anders Holmberg, a Swedish promoter with strong ties to matchmaker Don Elbaum.

Anders Holmberg vs Archie Hopkins 2008

Holmberg, who was making his pro debut at the 38 year old is described as not only a promoter but also a politician / cancer survivor / highly accomplished amateur boxer / and future ordained saint. The first round was a little rough, getting dropped with a short right hand but ended up winning by 2nd round KO.

Anders Holmberg vs Archie Hopkins 2008 (1)

Cheers to Holmberg for fulfilling what he said was a dream to have one pro fight but it is a damn shame when there is a row full of hungry young fighters sitting in the crowd, itching for some work. At times I swear they will do anything for a buck at The Blue.

Winner – Anders Holmberg who goes to 1-0, 1ko

Anders Holmberg vs Archie Hopkins 2008 (2)

In other action,

Simon “One Punch” Carr’s fight fell out and instead, participated in an exhibition with Tommie “Big Poppa” Speller in a prelude to what would be an excellent fight.

d70s 082 d70s 084

Brooklyn’s Osvaldo Rivera earned his first win as a pro, taking a unanimous decision over Julias Edmonds of Philly by scores of 39 – 37 across the board.

Atlantic City’s Joel De La Paz won a unanimous decision over Philly’s Greg Hackett by scores of 40 – 36 in what was the pro debut for both fighters.

Greg Hackett vs Joel De La Paz 2008 (1) Greg Hackett vs Joel De La Paz 2008 (2) Greg Hackett vs Joel De La Paz 2008 (3) Greg Hackett vs Joel De La Paz 2008
In the opener, Calvin Goldwire of Philly won a split decision over Ishmir Ra of Detroit by scores of 39 – 37 x 2 for Goldwire and a third seeing it 39 – 37 for Ra.

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Tyric Robinson and Utah’s Chris Fernandez put on a Power Productions classic at The Blue Horizon 11-02-07

photo by Zach Radel

Power Productions returned The Legendary Blue Horizon this past Friday and matchmaker Ty McNeil managed to put together 3 gems on this 6 fight card.

The best was kept for last as the main event showcased a toe to toe war between Philly’s Tyric “Too Sweet” Robinson and Utah’s Chris Fernandez over 8 rounds of Junior welterweight action. In Light Heavy action, Tony “Boom Boom” Farrante made his pro debut and his opponent, former kick boxer Heath Harris, was looking to kick his ass. Farrante came out strong, Harris cowboyed up and these two went at it from bell to bell.

Two more Philly Light Heavy’s battled when Jake “The Snake” Rodriguez brought his deceiving record in against Tommie “Big Poppa” Speller who looked to bounce back from his first career loss.

Adam Harris, Jesus Barbosa & Farah Khalil rounded out the action in the ring. There was almost as much action outside of the ring as there was on the inside. The good points included giving recognition to the hard work of Philadelphia correctional officers, the sounds of MC Pat Fattore rocking the microphone and a thin but fiery crowd who were very vocal which added to the excitement.

On the flip side, security was performing jailhouse like full cavity body inspections, smokers were turned away at the door and the ring girls looked like they were picked fresh from under the El. Safety first – Blue Horizon style! This is how is happened on Broad & Thompson courtesy of promoter Greg Robinson.


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Ford beats Robinson, Victor Vasquez scores an explosive KO at the Armory

Photos by Raquel Gonzalez
Greg Robinson and Power Productions were back at the National Guard Armory on Friday night and pleased the crowd with a solid 7 fight card.

The main event featured Ivan “Mighty” Robinson who returned to the ring after 2 years and was taking on Darien Ford in what hoped to be the first step towards a final ring at a big money fight.

Robinson showed a little rust early and Ford took full advantage by putting the pressure on Mighty and consistently beating him to the punch. Robinson picked up the pace in the second half of the fight started to get the better of some good exchanges that took place in the center of the ring.

In the end the fight went to the cards and they read 58 – 56 & 58 – 56 for Ford and another judge seeing it 60 – 54 for Robinson giving the majority decision win to Ford who improves to 11 – 18 – 1.

This may be the end of the line for a potential PA Boxing Hall of Famer who twice defeated a prime Arturo Gatti.

Ivan Robinson 2007

In the co-feature, Luis Alberto Santiago and Richard Hall fought to a draw in a contest that saw some good spots of two way action. Santiago played the role of boxer to Hall being the puncher and the majority of the contest was fought in the inside with Hall digging to the ribs while Santiago tried to fend him off with two and three punch combos. It went to the cards and one judge saw it 58 – 56 for Santiago while the other 2 saw it even at 57 – 57.


Local favorite Victor Vasquez pushed himself back into the win column with an emphatic 2nd round knockout over Alex Matos. After a decent 1st round, Vasquez exploded in the second and floored Matos with a left hook to the jaw late in the round. Matos beat the count but was ripe for the picking and Vaquez waste no time jumping back down his throat landing a barrage of punches which left referee Blair Talmedge no choice but to call a halt to the contest.

With the win, Vasquez improve to 3 – 1 3ko’s

Victor Vasquez 2007

The females were in action and NY’s Cindy Serrano came to Philly and received 6 rounds of hard work from Lakeyshia Williams in a fight that had the fans on their feet for the majority of the contest. Neither lady backed down in the one and Serrano would the three punch combos and Williams banged inside and usually ended her combos with a hook to the ear. The fight went the distance and ended with a standing ovation.

The judges scored the fight 60 – 54 x 2 and 58 – 56 in favor of Williams. I thought it was much closer and very possible that Williams won the fight.

Cindy Seranno 2007

Tommie “Big Poppa” Speller was on the bill and people were calling for the smelling salts before the opening bell sounded due to Speller’s rep for beating opponents around the ring. Derrick Buchannan was having none of that on this night and brought the fight to the young knockout artist. Buchannan held for the most part to neutralize Speller and avoid being knocked out. The fight went to the cards and they went 40 – 36, 39 – 37 x2 for Speller and even at 38 – 38 which raised Spellers record to 4 – 0 3ko’s

Tommie Big Poppa Speller 2007

Tough Light Heavy Tim Johnson also got back into the winning side of the ledger as he banged around an unpolished yet still pretty tough customer in Garrard ‘Hardwork’ Williams. Johnson was consistently able to get past the long southpaw reach of Williams, banging to the ribs or side stepping and lunging in with hard rights to the head.

Williams took a good punch and always came back for more. Williams best work came early in the final round, tapping to the body and throwing the straight left hands upstairs. Johnson pulled away late in the round, bullying his way inside and throwing hard right hands at his taller foe.

It went to the cards and all three read 40 – 36 in favor of Tim Johnson who improves to 2 – 1 with 1ko.

Tim Johnson vs Gerrard Williams 2007

Junior welterweight Tyric ” Too Sweet” Robinson had a surprisingly hard time with Justin Danforth who showed he wasn’t only in town for a paycheck. Robinson was much quicker and landed some very good, clean shots but Danforth continued to come forward and doing his best work with Robinson pinned against the ropes and corner letting off combinations.

Robinson used his skills to avoid major trouble and smartly boxed as Danforth looked to break it down into a fight. It went to the cards and they read 59 – 55 twice and 57 – 57 one to give Tyric Robinson the win via Majority Draw.

With the win, Tyric Robinson improves to 5 – 1 – 1 with 2ko’s

Tyric Robinson 2007

Middleweight prospect Latif Mundy banged out a majority decision win against Maurice Williams with a great opener as both men went toe to toe throughout. The cards read 39 – 37 x 2 and even at 38 – 38. With the win, Mundy improves to 5 – 0 with 1ko.

Latif Mundy 2007

In an early fight – Farah Khalil’s return to the ring against Jay Washington was cut short due to an accidental head butt which caused nasty gash over Khalil’s eye in the second round. Billy Briscoe had the blood flow under control but the ringside physician deemed it too deep to continue.

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Gabriel Rosado gets back into the win column, Hank Lundy gets off the deck to score a knockout and Oaktree Brown makes his opponent puke in the ring at The National Guard Armory 1-26-07

Photos by Jeff Bera

On January 26, 2007 – Power Productions produced one of the oddest boxing shows in recent memory at the National Guard Armory in Northeast Philadelphia. Overall, it was a quick night due to some early card knockouts which is becoming a standard during this outfits shows. Other surprises include a fighter puking in the ring mid fight, a noticeable hole in the ring which caused fighters to trip and a last minute change in length of the main event between Levon Warner and Dave Brunelli which was reduced from a six round bout to a four rounder. All of this combined with co feature Tyric Robinson’s fight being completely cancelled.

While there was a lot going on, brighter notes included the return of “King” Gabriel Rosado and the first pro glimpse of former amateur star “Hammerin” Hank Lundy.  Ring Announcer Pat Fattore did a commendable job keeping the crowd entertained throughout the evening.

The main event had a lot of buildup, but in the end it was a snoozer as South West Philly native Levon Warner 6-3-2 (1 KO) won a majority decision over Tacony’s Dave Brunelli 6-2 (3 KOs) in a battle of local Heavyweights.

There was a lot of holding in this one. Warner controlled the action early using his jab and landing some punches on the inside as Brunelli charged in.

Dave Brunelli vs Levon Warner 2007 (6)

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Chris Gray stuns Gabriel Rosado, Brunelli grinds out a win at The Blue Horizon on10-20-06

While Mike Tyson was boring the national boxing scene with his pay per view exhibition, Greg Robinson of Power Promotions came through with a very entertaining Philly style club show at the Blue Horizon in Philadelphia.

At first glance it looked like a bunch of steady busy fights for the local up-and-comers – but there was a big a shocker in the co-feature when journeyman boxer “Classy” Chris Gray of Louisiana pulled a surprise upset win over hometown favorite “King” Gabriel Rosado.

Jamie Morales of Camden New Jersey once again was in the fight that produced the most explosive fireworks, but this time he found himself on the losing end of his six round barn burner against a well schooled Tyric Robinson.

The main event of the evening featured Dave Brunelli of Philadelphia and he the guy many people in attendance came to see. Brunelli is a former tough man but his opponent Adam Smith was softer than a pair of pink bunny slippers. While the action didn’t exactly set the ring on fire, Brunelli did what he had to do and made easy work of his opponent.

There was some good action to start the night as well and Isaac Suarez, Tommie Speller and John Solomon were successful in their pro debuts. All of this and much more.

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