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Chris Arreola’s win over Travis MyTime Kauffman changed to no-decision

Yup – it is true. Two urine samples containing Marijuana was the culprit. Along with being stripped of his win, The Nightmare has been suspended for 90 days and fined a whopping $750 of his $125k purse per

More details can be found here…/chris-arreola-win-travis-kauffman-void…

Let me ask the bigger question – Do you think weed should be on the list of banned substances?


Travis Kauffman honored by Hometown of Reading, PA

Reading, PA. (December 21, 2015) – Heavyweight contender, Travis “My Time” Kauffman was honored in his hometown of Reading, Pennsylvania by the City Council for his excellent performance on December 12th against Chris Arreola in San Antonio, Texas. Travis Kauffman honored by Reading 2015
In the proclamation, Kauffman was honored for not only his fight with Arreola, where he battled the former two-time world title challenger to a fight in which most people watching the fight both at ringside and watching on NBC had Kauffman ahead, but also for his activities in the community, which includes feeding the homeless and giving back in many facets in Reading.

“I worked hard for years just to get recognized by the city I love,” said Kauffman. “I made many mistakes in my life, but I turned my life around and have done everything to give back to my community and the people of Reading, Pa. I’m honored today to finally be recognized in my city after all the hard work and the dedication. Thank you to the mayor, the City Council, and the people of Reading, Pa for this award. I’m at a loss for words, but my journey has just begun. I love my city and will rep it until the death of me.”

Kauffman, 30-2 with 22 knockouts, is already back in the gym and is looking forward to his next bout which should come in the beginning of 2016.

Chris Arreola slips past Travis Kauffman in a tight one on NBC

It was the moment Travis Kauffman waited for. After 10 long years as a professional , he was finally getting his shot on a national stage against a name opponent. The former “Great White Hope” responded by turning in the best performance of his career.

Unfortunately that wasn’t enough – because after 12 rounds of boxing at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas – the final verdict was a controversial one as two of the three judges saw the bout in favor of Chris Arreola by a score of 114-113. One judge saw it 114-113 for Kauffman. Many people in the crowd and on the internet felt that Kauffman was the rightful winner in this bout.

Overall it was a good heavyweight bang. Kauffman almost closed the show early when he clobbered Arreola with a right hook midway through the third round. This punch put “The Nightmare” on the seat of his pants. The big-hearted Californian got off the deck and continued to fight.

Travis Kauffman vs Chris Arreola 2

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Q&A with Travis Kauffman – Is it “My-Time’s” time to shine?

Interview by Ken Hissner

Reading, PA, heavyweight Travis “My Time” Kauffman, 30-1 (22 ko’s), reached the age of 30 in August and is about to meet his toughest opponent in Chris “The Nightmare” Arreola, 36-4-1 (31), of Escondido, CA. who is 34 and been there and done that and is back again.

They meet on December 12th at the AT & T Center in San Antonio, TX, over NBC where 16 bouts are scheduled. Their fight should be one of two prior to the main event along with a bout between heavyweights Charles Martin, 22-0-1 who is No. 2 WBO and No. 4 IBF and prospect Dominic Breazeale, 16-0. Both bouts are under the main event of a pair of former WBC lightweight champions in Omar Figureola, Jr., and Antonio DeMarco.

Travis Kauffman vs Chris Arreola preview photo PBC

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 Kauffman vs. Castillo, Pasley vs. Matthews in Reading May 30th!  

Marshall Kauffman’s Kings Promotions returns to Reading, PA on May 30th with a boxing / MMA event at the Sovereign Center for a night being billed as “Pain on Penn Street”.

The main event will be feature “The Great White Hope” Travis Kauffman (16-0, 13ko’s) of Reading taking on Livan Castillo (14-6, 9ko’s) of Atlantic City via Ecuador for an 8 round heavyweight match up.

The Kauffman team has billed “GW Hope” as the best heavyweight prospect in the business. That remains to be seen but the 23 year old does posses an excellent set of boxing skills and was a highly decorated amateur, one time ranking as high as #3 in the country by USA boxing.

As a pro they have taken the slow and steady approach in developing Kauffman into a contender. The highlight to date has been a one sided KO over Chicago’s Malachy Farrell within 2 rounds on ShoBox. Moving forward, he should have no trouble against the fading Castillo, a fighter who has been KO’d in all 6 of his losses.

After quite a few false starts, Philly cruiserweight Kamarah Pasley (4-3, 2ko’s) and the undefeated Julio Caesar Matthews (7-0, 5ko’s) of Reading will finally get it on in the co-feature for what should be a very competitive 6 round southpaws battle.

Pasley’s career started slow, losing three closely contested matches out of the gate but things have turned around big time in 2009 and he now looks to make it 5 wins in a row, this time against the toughest challenge of his career. His most recent activity has been his finest as Pasley convincingly defeated former amateur standout Pedro Martinez and followed up with a KO win as an impromptu headliner on a card in Atlantic City.

His opponent Mathews is not one to be taken lightly. The 39 year old rough man returned from an 11 year layoff with a vengeance, knocking out his first 4 foes until recently going the distance in a win against journeyman Wil Gill.

Matthews looks to be the stronger of the two and is not afraid to make it a firefight. He also has the home field advantage as he is from Reading and is trained by the promoter. But you can throw all of that out the window because in the ring it will be puncher vs. counter puncher, a formula that usually leads to excitement for the fans! Interview with Pasley to be posted soon!

Craig Tomlinson of Reading, Ronald Cruz of Bethlehem, Esteban Rodriguez of Lebanon and Travis Thompson of Pottstown will also be on the card.

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Yorgey ready to show the world that he is “No Joke” after dishing a rude awaykaning in Phoenixville

On March 30, 2007 – Journeyman fighter James Wayka (14 –  6) traveled just short of 1,000 miles from his native Bowler, Wisconsin to challenge rising prospect Harry Joe Yorgey in Yorgey’s backyard of Phoenixville, PA. Best case scenario for the fighter who lost three of his last four fights was to pull off a possible upset of the year. Worst case was to make a few bucks and get back to the land of cheese. Truth be told – he had a better chance at hitting the Powerball than he did of winning this fight.

I hope the purse was  a good one because two and a half minutes after stepping through the ropes, Wayka found himself being helped too a stool.

Yorgey pounced early, dropping his opponent three times en route to a 1st round knockout loss to the Pride of Bridgeport in front of a vocal crowd that packed the Phoenixville High School auditorium.

Now, there is a loud buzz that Yorgey wants a crack at Mike “No Joke” Stewart in a fight where I will be the first to say Yorgey is a strong favorite. I don’t care who Stewart has fought in the past or how much fame he has.

On the flip side, this proposed junior middleweight contest is one that Philly boxing needs right now and could be a very entertaining rumble. In all fairness, the weight may be a little heavy for Stewart.

Yorgey, fresh off of two wars came into this fight prepared to give it his all and come out a winner.

Before the fight, announcer Larry Tornambe dug into his trick book and asked the crowd “Who is here to see James Wayka?” and he was answered with a funeral like silence. He followed that by asking who was here to see Harry Joe Yorgey, the crowd popped like it was Hogan in his prime coming down the aisle.

Once the shenanigans were over and the two fighters got down to business, Yorgey quickly showed Wayka who’s boss with a left – right combo to the face causing Mr. Yorgey to scream out “that was beeeuuuuuuuteyful”, his son followed it with a right hook that put his opponent down on his knees.

Wayka was able to get to his feet and swiftly threw a right hand into Yorgey’s jock strap; a punch he says was unintentional. Harry shook it off and went right back to work, pressing the action and connecting with another left – right combo that knocked Wayka on his side and swelled up his left eye in the process.

Once again, the Minnesota roughneck beat the 10 count at a time where no one would have though less of him if he just stayed on his back. Seconds later, Yorgey put the nail in the coffin with a serious right hand that left referee Gary Rosado no option but to call a halt to the bout.

The crowd roared, Wankster boomed out of the speakers and Yorgey jumped on all 4 turnbuckles to give a shout out to his fans. Have a nice flight home James Wayka, nice to know you.

After the quick knockout and retaining his slot as the number one pound for pound fighter in the area, where does he go from here? There has to be offers on the table and you know Don Elbaum always has something up his sleeve.

Does the battle tested Mike Stewart take the risk of fighting this up and comer in a fight that if he loses knocks him out of the picture for another high profile fight? Would it be better for Yorgey to look further ahead and try to knock off a fellow undefeated junior middleweight coming up the ranks to speed up his ride to a title shot?

Does he stay local, giving the same all out effort that we are accustomed to and force the big networks to recognize that he is a made for TV fighter? Time will tell but I have the feeling that his next fight will be big news around town.

With the win – Harry Joe Yorgey improves to 18 – 0 9 ko’s. It is time to start stepping up the competition.

On the undercard

The night started off with a woman’s fight but this wasn’t the time to grab a beer and hot dog because Olivia Fonseca and Melissa St. Vil put on the most spirited fight of the year battling to a four round draw.

Those of you at the golden gloves asking if it was a home cooked decision, let me tell you, this was legit; these two ladies battled it out from start to finish. St. Vil won the first two rounds as she slugged it out with the Front Street Gym member. Leather was flying and both were connecting. In the second half of the fight it was all Fonseca who started to throw a left – right combo that is better than most of the men around town.

Fonseca has a huge 4th round as she peppered St. Vil with the left jab and picked her spots to crack her with a straight right which landed flush. St Vil was staggered near the end of the round but was able to stay on her feet. When the fight went to the cards, all three judges saw it 38 – 38.

A rematch is a must!

Baltimore’s Tim Coleman (8 – 0) came into the fight with a lot of hype but in this one he was hot and cold. His opponent John Lipscomb (3 – 9) landed a lot of left hooks flush and if he has any power, Coleman might have been in a lot of trouble.

Coleman did show some spark in spots, in the second round he out boxed Lipscomb landing his jab and doing some work to the ribs. Coleman’s best spurt came with about :30 left in the fight where he picked up the pace working the body and also landing some good shots to the face.

The fight went to the cards and they read 40- 36 x2 and 39 – 37 in favor of Coleman.

Latif Mundy (5 – 0) and Manuel Guzman (2 – 3) from Terry Nye’s gym had a nice four round scuffle that I felt was much closer than the score cards indicated. Mundy showed versatility, at times he would load up on his punches which landed with a thud, at other times he would show his speed popping off 4 and 5 punch combos to the body.

While his hands were nice downstairs, Guzman constantly caught him with hard rights and lefts to the head and at times seemed to stun the undefeated fighter. Mundy would also mix in an uppercut while working the ribs and it would snap Guzman’s head back. The second round was the best as Mundy started off fast but Guzman decided to bang inside with him. Soon after Guzman started to throw the hook up top and landed at a good rate, a few of which made the crowd go oooooh.

After an uneventful 3rd, Guzman starts the 4th strong landing once again upstairs. Mundy was able to regroup and started using that speed again although it wasn’t as effective as it was earlier in the fight.

Both try to bang inside towards the end but nothing significant lands. The fight ended up in the hands of the judges and all 3 saw it 40 – 36. I beg to differ.

Reading Heavyweight Travis Kauffman (9 – 0 7ko’s) dropped Kevin Hood (4 – 6) three times en route to a 2nd round knockout and overall made easy work of a guy who has never been stopped before.

Team Kauffman vows to run roughshot over anyone and everyone out East and soon after the world! Hey Mendy, have you considered the Great White Hope vs. The West Philly bad boy Levon Warner on April 26th? Could be a good one!

Jules Blackwell was scheduled to fight but his opponent had to pull out at the last minute. Not wanting to disappoint his hometown crowd, he strapped on the helmet and put in the fluffy gloves for an exhibition against Front Street Gym representative Bryheim Douglas showcasing what could be a very entertaining fight sometime in the future.

In the opener, Manayunker Joey DeMalavez starched Phil Hinklin early in the fight round. DeMalavez jumped on Hinklin early and rocked him with a three punch combo that left Hinklin wanting no more.

The card was brought to you by Jimmy Deoria Jr. and proceeds went to benefit the Phoenixville PAL.

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