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Happy Trails David Price

Happy trails to Liverpool’s David Price, as this week likely marks the end of the road for one of the most decorated amateur Heavyweights the sport has seen in some time. His name always reminds me of one of the best days I ever spent in a boxing gym.

On a random summer afternoon in 2007, I was invited down to James Shuler Gym. On this particular day, former Heavyweight Champion Tim Witherspoon brought a group of European Olympic hopefuls in from overseas “to get these kids some good sparring”. I initially thought “The Terrible One” was feeding lamb chops to a gang of wolves. It didn’t take long to recognize that every kid on this team could not only fight, but came to the heart of West Philly to kick some ass. Price in particular stood out as he had his way with quite a few fighters who at the time had sparkling professional records. The sparring I watched on this day was better than most live boxing shows I covered ringside.

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Remembering Brown’s Boxing Cards

Brown's Boxing Cards
Brown’s Boxing Cards

I was going through my old baseball card collection today and came across these gems. Anyone have info on Browns boxing cards? — with Willie MonroeRandall Tex CobbJ Russell PeltzTim Witherspoon JrMeldrick TaylorTim WitherspoonMeldrick Taylor and Timothy Witherspoon.

PA Boxing Hall of Fame Induction Dinner May 17, 2009 @ Romano’s

On Sunday, May 17 the Veterans Boxing Association will welcome nine new members into the PA Boxing Hall of Fame during the 2009 annual banquet dinner.

This class of inductees include Sidney “Sweat Pea” Adams, Cut man Eddie Aliano, Henry “Toothpick” Brown, Calvin Grove, Garnet “Sugar” Hart, Robert “Bam Bam” Hines, Charley Scott, Dave Tiberi & trainer & cut man Jimmy Wilson (Vincent Silvano)

The event will be held at Romano’s Catering at Castor Avenue & Wingohocking Street in Philadelphia (1523-63 Wingohocking Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19124), 4:00 PM.

Tickets are priced at $50 each and can be purchased by contacting the Veteran Boxers Association – Ring One at 215-465-1778. All the living inductees are expected to attend, as well as many other from the Philly boxing community.

Click the below link for details about the careers of each inductee

Pennsylvania Boxing Hall of Fame 2008 inductees

The Pennsylvania Boxing Hall of Fame will
open its doors to eight greats from the
past. The Class of 2008 includes:

“Terrible” Tim Witherspoon
Charles “The Hatchet” Brewer
Meldrick Taylor
Larry Holmes
Percy Bassett
Jack McKinney (writer)
Curtis Parker        

VBA Person of the Year Carl Levotch

The induction ceremony and banquet will be held
at Romano’s Caterers (1523 Wingohocking Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19124) on Sunday, May 18, 2008
at 4:00pm.  Ticket information can be obtained
by calling the Veteran Boxers Association – Ring
One at 215 634-1203. Thanks to John DiSanto of for info 

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Dave Tiberi TNT Productions at Delaware Park 09-26-07

The First State brought the fights outdoors to Delaware Park along the race track and and Dave Tiberi of TNT Productions turned in a card filled with competitive fights, accurate scoring as advertised and a huge upset. There was a light mist in the air to go along with the perfect temperature and while causing a bit of a damp canvas, it was a great experience. Boxing outdoors, you just gotta love it!

The majority of the crowd came to see local fighters Larry “Laser” Marks, Ryan Belasco and Richard Stewart. When it was all said and done, a couple of thoroughbreds pulled up lame on the track and it was the experienced war horses Dhafir Smith, Damon Antoine & Shannon Miller who ended up stealing the show.

Prior to the fights, there were tributes to members of Delawares boxing past, all branches of the US Military and also a $10,000 donation to the Delaware Police Athletic League. If you are the type who likes to do a little gambling on the slots, horses or just looking to do some golfing check out Delaware Park. It looks like it could be a nice surprise.

Chucky Cavallo…vs…Shannon Miller
Trenton, NJ………..Mississippi
16 – 0, 6ko’s………22 – 37, 16ko’s

In the Main Event, “The Italian Assassin” Chucky Cavallo came in for what was thought to be a tune up to prepare for his PA State Title fight against Richard Stewart.

His opponent for the night Shannon “Trouble” Miller should now go the the nickname of the “Bad Mechanic” because this fight went terribly wrong. Miller scored 3 knockdowns in the first, all with two punch combinations upstairs as Cavallo did not use his far superior reach. In between knockdowns Cavallo did manage to land a good straight right which Miller shook off and went back to business.

New cornerman “Terrible” Tim Witherspoon was screaming at ringside for Cavallo to at first get his hands up and then later in the roundto tie up Miller and buy himself some time. Cavallo was foggy but heeded the last bit of advice and managed to survive the round. Not even the great Teddy Atlas could said anything between rounds to delay the eventual outcome.

Miller just seemed to have his number on this night and wasted no time finishing the job :23 into the second round. The Cavallo team was shocked. In what was supposed to be easy work against an opponent with 37 losses turns out to be a disaster.

Now, the big money title fight against Richard Stewart along with his undefeated record are gone. Will the 21 year old Italian Assassin bounce back from his first career loss? Time will tell, stay tuned.

Give props to Shannon Miller too for knowing he was up against an up and coming prospect and not backing down one bit. This was a true boxing surprise.

Chuckie Cavallo vs Shannon Miller 2007 (2)

Richard Stewart…vs….Jake Rodriguez
Delaware…………….North Philly

In the co-feature, Richard Stewart, also getting ready for the title fight against Cavallo, got a good nights work and won a unanimous decision over a game Jake Rodriguez.

It was a little slow in the beginning but soon broke down into a steady, bang it out kind of fight with Stewart always seeming to do a little more in the trenches. That’s no knock on Rodriguez who would sit in the pocket, take Stewarts best punch and yell at him to “come on!” before delivering some blows of his own. It was a tough, slippery affair as both guys threw some heavy bombs.

Richard Stewart vs Jake Rodriguez 2007 (1)

In the first, Jake the Snake moved around the ring and Stewart tried to stalk him down where both guys seemed to feel each other out. The Snake tied to open it up in the second throwing hard right hands but missing the mark. Stewart happily obliged and threw hard rights of his own, landing a little more.

Things started to get busy in the third when the mist got heavy. Rodriquez trainer Billy Briscoe was spirited in the red corner screaming for “The Stick” & “The Sleeper”. The fight soon ended up in the corner where they fought it out highlighted by an excellent straight left that intercepted a Stewart bomb and knocking him off balance.

Richard Stewart vs Jake Rodriguez 2007

Things stayed the same in the 4th & 5th where Stewart seemed to land the cleaner punches as both fighters stayed in close. In the final round, things went from a tough boxing match to a good tussle though both fighters kept it clean and no fouls were called. It went to the cards and all 3 judges saw it in favor of Stewart 60 – 54 x2 and 58 – 56. I also agree with the 58 – 56 judge.


Dhafir Smith…..vs….Larry Marks
Upper Darby…………Delaware
18-16-5, 4ko’s………29-9-1, 16ko’s

This one was a nice battle of two experienced pros as the WBF Super Middleweight champ Dhafir “No Fear” Smith took on former world title contender Larry “Laser” Marks in the Laser’s own backyard. The early portion of the fight was a jab fest with the first three rounds being ones which could go either way.

Dhafir showed a good, straight jab while Marks was doubling it lightly and throwing it from a lot of different angels. The jabs got harder come the 3rd round and in the 4th, both men started putting some steam behind it. That is when the mouthpieces started to fly out and noses started to drip blood.

Dhafir Smith vs Larry Marks 2007

Dhafir scored a knockdown with a quick left hook in the 4th but Marks didn’t seem too hurt by it. Marks bounced back to win the 5th as he stayed busy and finished the round with three hard straight rights.

The 6th was a slow one butNo Fear started off the 6th strong with a crisp right that landed right on the button. Marks was hurt and the wily veteran knew it would be in his best interest to take a knee. This move paid even more dividends as Dhafir’s aggression got the best of him because he kept punching after the kneel down, thus causing referee Steve Smoger to deduct a point from Smith.

Dhafir Smith vs Larry Marks 2007 (1)

This extra lumping might have hurt Marks momentarily but in the scope of things, it actually saved him from taking a loss in the fight as the point proved to be pivitol in the final score. After taking a thumping early in the round, Marks regrouped and actually started to take back control towards the end.

It was close down the stretch and both guys went head hunting to try to finish it to no avail. Overall it was a good, solid back and forth fight which went to the cards and they read 76 – 73 Dhafir, 77-73 Marks and 75-75 for the draw. I saw it 75 -74 for Dhafir.
Ryan Belasco….vs….Damon Antoine
Delaware…………..Akron, Ohio

“The Mailman” Damon Antoine has appeared in our area plenty of times in the past, usually taking the job against an up and comer with a promotional backing. On this night, he had an in ring metamorphosis and fought with a fire under his ass after Ryan Belasco gave his eye a good swelling in the first round.

Ryan Belasco vs Damon Antoine 2007 (1)

Belasco looked to be en route to an easy win after one, but once Antoine realized the severity of the injury, The Mailman manned up and fought like a true warrior for the remainder to get a very impressive win. This turned out to be the fight of the night as both fighters were willing to exchange but Antoine gave out the better leather.

Ryan Belasco vs Damon Antoine 2007 (2)

I hope to see Antone fight like this more often when he is matched up against another prospect with a flossy record. Belasco also seems to have the potential to make some exciting fights if the gas tank is fueled up beforehand.

Ryan Belasco vs Damon Antoine 2007 (4)

Darrell Martin….vs…..Elias Castillo
Baltimore,MD………….Brooklyn, NY
PRO DEBUT…………….0-1

Former Eastern Regional amateur champion Darrell Martin was successful in his pro debut taking a unanimous decision over a willing Elias Castillo.

Martin started out throwing some very wide punches early as Castillo hung around inside and threw bombs that barely missed their mark. Late in the 1st, Martin caught Castillo with a short left which sent Castillo on his backside.

Darrel Martin vs Elias Castillo 2007

Around the third round, Martin began to settle down, straightened out his punches and used the ring put his punches together much better than he was earlier in the fight.

Darrel Martin vs Elias Castillo 2007 (2)

Congrats to Darrell Martin on getting that first win by scores of 40 – 35, 39 – 36 x2

Darrel Martin vs Elias Castillo 2007 (1)

Manuel Guzman….vs….Gerald Jordan
Lancaster, PA……….New York
3-4, 2ko’s………….3-1. 3ko’s

In a solid four rounder to open the night, Manuel Guzman and Gerald Jordan fought to a majority draw. Jordan was on top of things early as he slipped a lot of Guzman’s punches ala his trainer Pernell Whitaker did back in the day. In the second, it was evident Sweat Pea hasn’t shown him all the moves yet because Guzman was able to bare down and put the pressure on Jordan, landing some of his trademark big right hands.

Manuel Guzman vs Gerald Jordan 2007 (2)

Guzman had a strong third round as well and Jordan looked like he might be wearing out. The fight hung in the balance in the 4th and Guzman’s trainer Terry Nye told his guy “it is time to go be a man, go out there and get the win”. Sweat Pea was heard in the opposite corner screaming “It’s our time, you take control of this fight!” In the end it was a close round that could have gone either way.

Manuel Guzman vs Gerald Jordan 2007

The cards read 39 – 37 Jordan but the other two judges over ruled with scores of 38 – 38 for the majority draw.

Manuel Guzman vs Gerald Jordan 2007 (3)


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Dave Tiberi

Brunelli vs Oaktree press conference

Phase One of Dave Brunelli vs Mark “Oaktree” Brown showdown is in the books as Greg Robinson of Power Productions invited members of the boxing community to the The Wachovia Spectrum for a press conference to spread the word of his upcoming card on October 19th. There were some heavy hitters in attendance including former Light Heavyweight Champion Matthew Saad Muhammed, Daily News boxing columnist Bernard Fernandez, along with Power Productions fighters Tyric Robinson, Tommie “Big Poppa” Speller to go along with the panel which seated Dave Brunelli, Chucky Cavallo, Simon “One Punch” Carr, Greg Robinson, Jackie Frazier Lyde, former World Heavyweight Champ Terrible Tim Witherspoon & Mark “Oaktree” Brown. The 45 minute presser went something like this.

– Chucky Cavallo said how he is thankful for the opportunity to be on the card, to fight 10 rounds for the PA State Title against Richard Stewart and also gave a shout to his manager Nedal & trainer Muggsey Episcopo.


– Greg Robinson promised to bring a card that will entertain all of the fans in attendance. He also told us this card will be held to celebrate 40 years of boxing at The Spectrum which started with Smokin Joe Frazier and also spoke about he he once fought at the Spectrum back in his days as a pro.

– Dave Brunelli told everyone he “wasn’t one for a whole lot of hootin’ and hollerin'” but assured us he was going to bring his A game and come out on top October 19th.

– Oaktree thanked God, thanked his manager Howard Shomo, told us he got his nickname from punching trees as a kid, guaranteed victory and then ripped his shirt off. He also assured everyone that he is in shape and Team Brunelli better not be banking on him gassing out after a few rounds.

– Terrible Tim talked about how we will see a new and improved Mark Brown in this fight which sparked off a spirited debate with Team Brunelli manager Mike Murphy on who has beaten the better opposition.

– Mike Murphy pointed out that Brunelli has been the under dog in the past and came out on top and how they recently beat Aaron Lyons, the fighter who beat the guy that gave Oaktree his only career loss. Oaktree yelled out “man, that guy had titties”.

Overall it was a good start with both sides still convinced that victory will be theirs. Joining Power Productions in the promotion of this card are KO Fightz and Sports Extreme. Tickets are on sale at, 1-800-298-4200, the Wachovia Complex Box Office, select ACME locations, and the Virtua Health Flyers Skate Zone at Voorhees.

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“Terrible” Tim Witherspoon Interview part 2 – 2007


PK: So you have decided to the return to the ring, how do you feel, are you in shape?

TW: I am not in full shape right now; I am trying to gather help with sponsors and other people who are interested. I stopped working during the day so I can concentrate on training. I’ve been training with the guys that I teach since I retired. I have gained some pounds but I have been active hitting the bags and such 3 to 4 days out of the week so I haven’t been just sitting around.

PK: You said you want to go the Bo Jackson route doing the boxing and also some promoting. How do you plan on pulling that off?

TW: Well I don’t have all the problems in my head now and have the time to think back on the things I didn’t capitalize on in my career. Things sit on my head real easy these days.

PK: I take it you have a lot of ideas.

TW: Oh yeah, like training guys now is the last thing on my mind because it is so easy to me. Some trainers get all panicked and it is hard work for them. And I’m talking the big trainers like the McGirt’s and Mayweather’s and all. Teaching is easy to me and I love to recruit. I want to see a boxer go in the right direction; hook them up with a sponsor or investor who will take care of them. I think boxing needs a person that fighters can trust.

PK: What specifically do you have going on?

TW: I have been setting up companies. I have one in England called Big Bash. Dennis Hopson Sr. is my partner over there. I go from England to Ireland to different parts of Europe trying to recruit fighters. The only problem right now is that I lack sponsors. I have been talking to people in this area (Philly) and we will gradually pick it up and put it together. Once we get moving we will be big in the Philly, New Jersey and New York area with fighters from all over the world.

PK: As a promoter, what would like to change or make different from what the guys right now are doing?

TW: Right now there are a lot of guys with money trying to promote but they don’t know who the right guy to be with is. Like when I was with Fingerman, when you walk with me, you know who you are with and know there ain’t no shaky stuff going on.

PK: What happened with that? The final product Fingerspoon put together was a very good night of boxing.

TW: I think I helped him a lot, being the former world champ, not to brag or nothing but I know a lot of people. So when he was walking with me people had to realize he ain’t a bad dude because Tim ain’t getting into no dumb shit. I met Mike at a Racquetball club in Newtown. I just came back from England looking for investors. Mike was interested but it didn’t seem like he trusted me but trusted other people. I was trying to get him involved and hooking him up with important people but I don’ t think I got the full return. I think he wanted to do it on his own. He has the money and I have know how and it could have worked. I feel like he wanted someone to help him then for him to go on his own as I was looking for someone to help build fighters.

PK: How would Tim Witherspoon build a fighter?

TW: I would like to start with the amateurs. A lot of people don’t want to deal with amateurs and I think that is wrong. Most people want a guy who is 10 – 0, 9 – 1. I am ready to sweat at the bottom. I would allocate some money for the amateurs and allocate some for the professionals. You can’t just come along and steal people’s products. You have to grow your own and look towards the future. Everyone wants to jump right in and be the next Don King or Bob Arum.

PK: Speaking of Don King, you were with him during your title run. What is your take on King?

TW: Yeah he was my promoter back then. With King you will get a title shot and he will put you in the right situation if you are in shape. The negative publicity we had was a positive for me in the long run. I stood up to Don King, and people loved what I did. I have stood up to various promoters in my day. For that I had to take less money and suffered.

PK: Would you consider yourself a fighter’s fighter?

TW: You have guys who will take that money and not care about the next man. They don’t worry about it and people get hurt. I can’t live with that.

J.A.B. is a union in New York with the Kane brothers along with Eddie Mustapha. They asked me to join them and offered to pay a good amount of money to be the union president. I couldn’t accept at the time but I think it was offered because of my reputation.

PK: How did you get into boxing in the first place?

TW: I played football and got injured. I was a tight end with a football scholarship. But I got hurt, I wasn’t very motivated for school which I should have been. But I came home, got a job, but I said naw sports in my thing. I need to find something in sports. At the time a lot of my buddies were boxing. Penny Reese, Buster Drayton, Earl Hargrove, my brother Anthony, Clinton Barnes, I might have missed some more but we were all from South Philly.

Before long just boxing with one guy, Saad Muhammad, that was paying me $500 for two days where as my job was only made me $150 for a whole week. Gerry Cooney paid me $750 a week so you add it up! I gave good work to Michael Spinks, Trevor Borbick, Muhammad Ali, Eddie Mustapha Muhammad, Greg Page. I went on to beat Greg Page, Tony Tubbs.

PK: I guess that explains how you were able to get a title shot against Larry Holmes even though you were only 15 – 0.

TW: Yeah dudes like Holyfield and Mike Tyson had to wait until they had around 30 fights before they got a shot where I only had 15. They knew I was ready though just like they knew Holyfield or Tyson wasn’t ready at 14 fights. They were mean but they weren’t ready. I don’t think I ever reached my full potential. If I didn’t have a lot of obstacles in the way I think I would have had a much longer run.

PK: Ok, so give me one of your good ideas.

TW: I would like to see a reality show for trainers. If they had a reality show with trainers on it, I know I would come out on top. I know how to get away from punches and know how to work. These young guys are strong but don’t have the skills of when I came up with Ali and Holmes and them. We had the old school stuff, the old school teachers are falling off. We had Slim Jim Robinson, Georgie Benton is ill now; my trainer was one of the last to teach the slick and smart stuff.

Teddy Atlas is a good friend of mine and he be analyzing but I can see what he is doing wrong! I also like Wladimir Klitschko but I don’t think Emmanuel Stewart will take him to that next level. A lot of these guys are making it but they need someone to show them a better defense. Emmanuel can’t do it, I don’t know if Buddy can do it, Freddy Roach. I am not trying to bad talk these guys, a lot of them are my friends but if we had that reality show I would eat them all alive!

PK: That’s an interesting idea and something I would definitely watch. So if you are the best, why isn’t Kassim Ouma with you anymore?

TW: With Ouma, it wasn’t about me teaching him, it was about loyalty with him. I was Kassim’s friend and still am I think. I met his manager Jimmy Rohan while in Poland while I was fighting Andrew Golata. Jimmy offered to bring to me Florida to train him.

So we are down there with James Luwamba who was an undefeated light heavyweight and Kassim’s friend. We were working out every day and he became like my little brother.

Now Tom Moran is my manager at the time who I knew for like 20 years. He was a so called movie producer but said he wanted to help fighters. Turns out he is an opportunist looking to make money and learn the boxing game.

We were in it together going around the world, making money together, right. Then he left me, like Tim I’m fed up with it and got a job with Lou Duva recruiting people. He went over to England and bumped into a guy named Ron Boddie. He was still kicking my name around like I’m Tim Witherspoon’s manager, this and that because he knew they wouldn’t talk to him. Long story short, I asked Tom to come back and he did. Soon after we were to form a new company with myself, Tom, Jimmy Rohan and Ron Boddie who ran amature sports for the BBC. My job was to bring in the fighters for our company.

I got Kassim,  it took me like 7 – 8 months to get Kassim to join us and every day Tom is calling me about him, like “what is he doing”. They were worried he might be off doing something bad but I’m like don’t worry. Every day bugging me, so I finally gave Kassim Tom’s number, Tom Kassim’s number, basically I put them together.

Don’t you know like a month after that Tom started acting like he didn’t know me and then Kassim started acting funny. They stabbed me right in the back. Tom Moran was my manager for 18 years and turned his back on me once I got him Kassim. Everyone in Philly knew what happened and knew it was wrong. Even after that I tried to talk Kassim out of signing with Russell Peltz but he needed the money. He was my boy, I took him to my mom’s treated him like my little brother. I’d give him some money. You don’t forget about the people who helped you that’s cold blooded.

PK: Then why is Chazz with Tom Moran? Don’t you worry about that? Tom seems like he helps a lot of fighters.

TW: Chazz situation is different in that he is an experiment but I hooked him up with Tom beforehand. I hooked him up and a guy Darrell Richardson. Now I am going to make sure people go to the right guys and get assurance that everything is cool.

PK: Anything you want to add in closing?

TW: Hopefully I can fight on a main event and hype it up which will also help the younger fighters get some hype. They are using my line in the Rocky movie, the two-time Philly heavyweight champion! I am the real champion. We need to still use some of the older fighters, who have knowledge. Maybe they want to deal more fiction than they do truth. We will see.

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“Terrible” Tim Witherspoon interview Part 1 – 2007

In this segment,  Philly’s top boxing photographer Mike “Teek” McGuigan comes from behind the camera to catch up with former World Heavyweight Champion “Terrible” Tim Witherspoon of South Philadelphia.

In this exclusive interview Tim talks a bit about his past, his desire to get back into the ring and how he wants to be remembered in the sport of boxing. While there is a lot more to come, right now we want to let the fans know that we just might be seeing the return of the Terrible One to a ring near you.

Tim witherspoon

Mike McGuigan: Is it true that you are making a comeback?

Terrible Tim Witherspoon: Yes it is.

MM: What kind of things are you planning for this year?

TW: Well I’m currently training fighters and have stock in promotional companies. I tried the thing with Fingerman but it didn’t work out. Now i’m trying to do the Bo Jackson and Michael Jordan thing doing both the promoting thing and fighting. It will keep me feeling young and healthy if I stay active. By helping out the fighters out training them, I am helping myself too.

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Joey Abell chops down “Oaktree” Brown inside of two rounds, Chris Plebani and Jaime Morales have a four round war at The Legendary Blue Horizon

Photos by Jay McGuigan

The Blue Horizon was open for hurt business once again, this time featuring young hopefuls on a card consisting of five – four round fights and a six round main event.

Out-of-town heavyweight “Minnesota Ice” Joey Abell is a newcomer to Philly, but on the strength of recent performances he was promoted to headline status. On this night he was matched up for good an ol’ fashioned rumble with Salem, NJ’s Mark “Oaktree” Brown in a battle of undefeated heavyweights. An “0” had to go.

On the under card – fight game newbies Jamie Morales and Chris Plebani went the distance in a 4 round barn burner that exemplified what the Blue Horizon is all about.

Tel Aviv transplant Elad Shmouel has been cake walking through competition that is softer than two-ply Charmin since he began fighting the in USA. No more in Philly is what PA boxing commish Greg Sirb told the Shmouel camp after his last fight, demanding that he step up the competition. Tonight he found himself opposite Marcus Luck whose style gave “The Kosher Pit Bull” trouble in the early going.

Rounding out the night was another Minnesota import Dave Peterson who tried to stay perfect coming into the night with three knockouts in three tries. A lot of Philly middleweights think he is faking the funk, but his record says otherwise.

Former two-time Heavyweight champion “Terrible” Tim Witherspoon worked the corner of his new trainee Jesse Blunt, a young fighter who opened the show again Ohio native William Prieto in a four rounder.

Here is the blow-by-blow report.

Chris Plebani vs Jaime Morales 2006 (45)

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