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Chazz Witherspoon makes it 17 in a row at The Blue Horizon

photos by Mike McGuigan

On the strength of a dynamite card in February, fans flocked to the Blue Horizon in hopes of another action packed night at the fights. The line outside of the building backed all the way up to Master Street, filled with men, women and children from all walks of life. Some were die-hard Philly fight loyalists; others were young socialite spenders who mistakenly identified the side building mural of Joe Frazier for Evander Holyfield, but heard that The Blue is the place to be.

Asses were in the seats and interest in Philly boxing was at a height we haven’t seen since back in the day when my old man and uncle would ditch the wife and kids for an afternoon at the Spectrum for some Willie “The Worm” Monroe, Bobby “Boogaloo” Watts & company.

While the game has changed since the stars of yesteryear packed 10,000 into the building on a Saturday afternoon, we were promised that tonight’s card would be a display of a crop being hailed as the next generation of great Philly fighters. It was “The Night of the Undefeated” at the Legendary Blue Horizon with heavyweight prospect Chazz Witherspoon as the headliner.

At the prefight press conference and later in a one on one interview, matchmaker Don Elbaum was saying this night would be better than the last. While lightening didn’t strike twice, overall it was a solid card that gave us three knockouts and showed that the Philly crowd wants every cent of their money worth when they cough up between $35 – $60 for a ticket.

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Max Alexander interview – January 2007 “Not one light heavyweight stands out to me. It is an iffy division, hopefully I can come in let my talent and skills take over. “

Photo by Mike McGuigan

February 9th, marks the return of up and coming Light Heavyweight prospect Max Alexander, a Camden, NJ native fighting out of Philadelphia whose has become one of the more popular names in the area.

While the local fans know what he is all about, he is ready to take it to the next level and many agree that he has what it takes to succeed. Mike Cassell of ESPN’s Philadelphia Boxing Report touts Max as the next Roy Jones Jr.

His skills have a few big name promoters interested in acquiring his services. Max returns to the ring on in a rematch of sorts against Minnesota’s Marty “The Wolfman” Lindquist on a card aptly labeled “Can Lightening Strike Twice” at the Legendary Blue Horizon in Philadelphia.

The 12 – 0 Light Heavyweight was having a stellar 2006 until he met Lindquist in October for a fight that became filled with controversy and subplots.

It was all set up to be a stepping stone for Alexander. But the Lindquist knocked Max out cold as soon as the opening bell rang. Some say it was perfectly timed, others say it was a cheap shot sucker punch as a fighter was coming out of his corner. Time of the bout was :11 seconds – a world record.

One week after the fight with Lindquist, the ruling was controversially changed  by the State Athletic Commission to a No Contest. Max is ready to set the record straight once and for all.

He recently took a few minutes to talk to Philly Keith Sports to let us know how he has been, where is now and where he plans to go in the future.

Philly Keith Sports: It’s been a little while since we have seen you in the ring, how do you feel physically, mentally?

Max Alexander: I’m feeling ready to fight, time to get back in the ring and do what I do best. I feel really good.

PK: What have you been doing to stay buy lately? I heard you have been sparring with a lot of tough fighters of late.

MA: I’ve been keeping my regular routine at Liberties Gym which is 5 days a week working with my trainer Danny Davis.

Yes, I have been getting good sparring in to, most recently working with Eddie Chambers, who is an outstanding heavyweight, his record is amazing. I have been taking in different in things, he is a much bigger guy weighing in around 225 so I gotta box him and stay on my toes, stay away from his power. It has been good work for both of us.

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August 2006 Boxing report

ESPN Friday Night Fights

Live from Memphis, the world saw Atlantic City native Shamone Alvarez scored one of the best knockouts of the year as he dropped Marteze Logan with a crisp left that landed square on the jaw.

Logan, who was in his 50th pro fight despite being only 22 years old, was a game challenger for the undefeated Alvarez. It was a pretty close and entertaining fight throughout. Alvarez relied primarily on the right jab followed by a straight left and also showed the ability to rattle off combinations. Logan was pretty slippery defensively and picked his spots to go on the offensive.

I thought it was even down the stretch, then Alvarez crumpled Logan in the 7th leaving the young journeyman KTFO. Alvarez improves to 15 – 0.

Female banger Anne Wolfe was on the card and she handed out a 6 round beating to a tough Lisa Ested. The Big Bad Wolf inched her way closer to a showdown with Layla Ali but she says the promoters are trying to jerk her on the pay. Hopefully this fight will happen soon.

In the Main Event, Anthony Peterson, one half of the (over hyped) Peterson brothers made quick work of yet another last minute replacement. While Anthony is clearly the much easier brother to watch, I am not sold on him either. Continue reading August 2006 Boxing report

Philly boxing circuit top 10 pound for pound list for the month of August 2006

Before you go nuts – let’s make one thing clear. This list consists only of fighters who compete in Philadelphia on a regular basis. If you were born in Philly but boxing in Las Vegas or New York or somewhere out of our area, you do not qualify (sorry B-Hop). This list gives some recognition to those on their way through the ranks and other others trying to reestablish their name in the game. This is not the best talent overall but those who have put in the best work in recent months.

Philly is the world’s number one fight town and our local fight circuit is the best in the world. Our fans are beyond a shadow of a doubt the toughest, most loyal and knowledgeable crowd this business has ever seen. They pay $35 for a ticket just to sweat their ass off at the Blue Horizon in the dead of summer.

They will give a journeyman a standing ovation and will boo a stinker right out of the building. They love a good fight and love to argue.
So I will give you something to argue about, who is the best of the best in our fighting town? I think it is the 10 fighters listed below.

My criterion is simple, if they fight on the Philly circuit on a regular basis they were considered for the list. I pay no attention to who their promoter, manager, trainer or baby’s momma is. Some are young, some are old, and some will go on to fight for world titles while others will struggle to end their career with a record close to .500.

I give to you the first ever Philly top 10 pound for pound rankings. Email me to discuss, debate, praise, curse or quietly state your opinion.

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Celebrex heartburn

The Blue Horizon was back in business this past Friday as promoter Veronca Michaels and Don Elbaum put together one of the best cards in recent memory at Philly’s legendary fight house.

The six bout card was led by up and comer Max Alexander who made the jump to co-main event status and turned in a performance that tosses his name into the debate of the best light heavyweight on the Philly circuit.

Headliner Terrance Cauthen took a slight step up in competition against the hard hitting Joshua Onyango and flashed the speed that makes him one of the toughest men in the business to catch on camera.

Also on the card was hometown heavyweight Chazz Witherspoon who stepped in for a 6 rounder against Akron gym rat David Polk.

Once again Joey Abell said to hell with Minnesota’s sorry state of professional boxing and caught the red eye to Philly to see if he is really tough enough to make the transition from the gridiron to the squared circle. His last appearance at the Blue was one to remember and the crowd hoped to see his murderous right make quick work of Doug Robertson.

Elad Shmouel was set to make his debut on American soil and faced off against Rasheen Daniels.

It was also Baltimore Middleweight Mike McFail’s birthday and William Boggs gave his best wishes Philly style by punching him more than the allowed 33 times to the arm, face and ribs. The fighters were swinging and the crowd was roaring, a perfect way to kick off the Philly spring boxing season. Here is the recap.

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“Fast” Eddie Chambers and Max Alexander win decisions. Joey Abell flattens a guy at the Blue Horizon

Photos by Mike McGuigan

Promoter Veronca Michaels and matchmaker Don Elbaum opened the gates to Blue Horizon for the first time in the 2006 season and Philly Keith was firmly planted at ringside at Philly’s top boxing venue.

In the Main Event, top 50 Heavyweight contender Eddie Chambers stopped by for a tune up in preparation for bigger and better things against hand picked Louisiana peach Andrew Greeley. There were bigger names on the card, but it was up and coming prospect Max Alexander and tougher than spit Moses Matovu who stole the show in their 6 round clash of styles.

On the under card, a big white Heavyweight from Minnesota named Joey Abell came to the Blue seek refuge from Jesse Ventura’s oppression of pro boxing in his home state. The 6’4” former defensive end was an absolute monster and quickly exercised his God given right to put the bull rush on the jaw of an opponent.

The Junior Welterweight match up of Steve Upshur Chambers and Damon Antoine had all the makings of a classic and many fight fans took the hour drive from Trenton to watch 1996 Olympic Bronze metal winner Terrance Cauthan box the socks off of former title contender Vincent Thompson.

There was plenty of action and the Philly crowd was rockin’ as usual. To read the blow by blow report click here for more. Continue reading “Fast” Eddie Chambers and Max Alexander win decisions. Joey Abell flattens a guy at the Blue Horizon