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It’s a certified stinker at the JCC in Northeast Philly

Man this card was bad and most likely put the nail in the coffin of Lionheart Boxing in Philly. It is a shame because it could have been a good night. This Lion Heart / Damon Feldman collabo fell apart at the seems almost causing a riot. Incidents left Victor Vasquez without an opponent, he was lights out when he last fought on Damon Feldman’s card at the Spectrum and is definitely a guy you want to see live. Chucky Cavallo was set to fight the tough Ron Boddie for a regional Light Heavyweight title, this fight canceled. Tiger Allen was said to be fighting, Troy Browning was promised and more.

But when the curtain jerked, 5 of 7 scheduled fights fell out and the place went ape shit when the ring announcer told the crowd. PA commish Greg Sirb wasn’t having it and he enforced state law offering everyone a full refund. It was wild, the fans flung out more F-Bombs than a Vietnam movie. Luckily, the handlers of the event were diligent enough to have armed security on the premesis. Eventually the smoke cleared the fans who opted to hang around saw three exhibitions and two sanctioned fights.

The first up was Bruce Seldon, former heavyweight champion of the world. The AC Express is once again on the comeback trail and this time he says it’s for real. He took on Marcus Rhoade and made quick work scoring two knockdowns in a little over a minute. The final blow was a quick left hook to the live which left Rhoade rolling around on the canvas. I was skeptical at first I will admit, Bruce Seldon was in good shape and looked sharp. While I liked what I saw, another former champ who was in the crowd “Terrible” Tim Witherspoon wasn’t overly impressed saying that Seldon wouldn’t be able to handle his overhand right. Thats a fight with Greg Robinson’s name all over it! Hook it up!

Winner: Bruce Seldon via TKO 1:05 in the 1st

In the Main Event, Chazz Witherspoon was gentleman like in the first round against Patrick Smith who did come to fight. Smith was able to score to the body as Chazz felt his opponent out. With a minute remaining in the first, Chazz picked up the pace and began to land some hard right hands, one which dropped Smith as the bell sounded to end the 1st. Very early in the second, Chazz buried Smith with a right to the ear that put the Colorado man out on his back. The ref counted to 10 and this one was history.

Winner: Chazz Witherspoon via KO :45 in the 2nd

In Exhibition action –

Victor Vasquez and Darrell Crenshaw has a spirited fight with the hemits and pillows

Chucky Cavallo and Ronald Boddie gave a taste of what their fight would have looked like has Boddie made weight. It wasn’t very pretty but Chucky does have some nice hands on him.

Fred Kassi took on David Williams in a light sparring session

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Cameron Bright gets that elusive first win at Fernwood Resort Bushkill PA 01-20-07

Photos by Mike McGuigan

On January 20, 2007, boxing returned to the Fernwood Resorts in Bushkill, PA. The temperatures were well below freezing in the PA Pocono Mountains and despite rumors of the show falling apart – the final product produced by Promoter Mike Fingerman, Bob Rossi & matchmaker Sonny Mistretta turned in some very good in-ring fights.

Kevin Boswell vs Rafael Jastrzebski 2007 (75)

Fighters seemed to be falling off the card at record speed for various reasons. When the smoke cleared, it was St. Pete native Mario Hayes who was bumped up to headliner going in tough against knockout artist Julio Dejesus. They aren’t household names but I’ll give credit where it is due, these two put on a very good performance.

In the supporting bouts, Long Island native Tommy “Razor” Rainone hoped to give local fighter Jerry Kelly “The Outsiders Edge” and score the win.

The 0 had to go when Cameron Bright took on Heath Harris in a battle of winless warriors. The fight was dead even coming down the stretch in the 4th until one of these guys landed a straight right to score the knockout and break the goose egg.

Kevin Boswell was making his pro debut against Rafael Jastrezbski and Raffy wasted no time digging into the fresh meat. In the opener Philly’s Darrell Crenshaw boxed marvelously but after the scorecards were read, he was left with the look of a pizza man who just had his car stolen.

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Joey Eye Boxing results from the Diablo Fight Club in the heart of Kensington

My first two boxing assignments couldn’t have gone better. I broke in at Lagoon Night Club on the waterfront of the Philadelphia suburbs. Next trip was Atlantic City to see a world title fight.

Now it was time to roll up the sleeves and see if I’m really cut out for this racket. was sending me inside of city limits – and the assignment took me across the street from “Needle”Park in the notorious Kensington section of Philadelphia. They could film a horror movie in place officially known as McPherson Park.

Despite the obvious potential hazards that could happen in this part of town, I watched a very good night of  professional boxing put together by Joey Eye Boxing & N.I.T. Management. The venue was called “The Diablo Fight Club” yet there were no signs outside and information on the internet was non-existent. It looked like a closed down roller skating shop.

Just the type of setting to host a bunch of fights! On this night I was introduced to some local talent who probably made just enough money from these fights to buy a sandwich and a pack of smokes.

Regardless of pay scale, I want to see Jose Medina, Clarence Taylor, Joe Christy, & Carlos Vinas fight again. These guys wasted no time winning over the tough crowd in attendance. Later, Joey Eye would say this was the greatest night of fights that nobody ever saw. There were about 200 people in the crown.

The fights go as follows:

Doel Carrasquillo (3-2) vs. Ivan Korotkovich (0-0-1)
Lancaster, PA …………………..Russia

The night kicked off with international welterweight action putting PA native Doel Carrasquillo against Russian attacker Ivan Korotkovich.


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