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Swift out-slugs Guerrero to win his first Welterweight title

All he does is win! On January 23, 2016, a reported 2.5 million people tuned in to Fox Sports to watch Philadelphia’s most controversial boxing figure Danny “Swift” Garcia (32-0, 18 ko’s) claim the vacant WBC Welterweight title with an entertaining 12-round decision win over Gilroy, California based contender Robert Guerrero.

The judges scored the fight 116-112, 116-112 and 116-112 across the board. As always the case with Swift – many are claiming he was the beneficiary of shaky score cards turned in by the judges.

Guerrero (33-4-1, 18 ko’s) looked young again in the early rounds – but Swift seemed to take control in the second half. The fight ended with both men firing away at each other for a full minute. Watch it here

What are your thoughts on the fight and the decision? Who would you like to see Garcia fight next?

Swift returns January 23rd to fight Robert Guerrero on FOX

On January 23, 2016, Philadelphia’s Danny “Swift” Garcia will put his undefeated record on the line against former World Champion Robert Guerrero (33-3-1, 18 KOs)  in a Premier Boxing Champions main event. The fight will be televised on Fox Sports 1,  live from The Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Within minutes of this fight being announced, the boxing fans quickly took to social media to express their feelings on the bout. It is safe to say that Danny Garcia remains the most polarizing fighter in Philly boxing.

His true supporters were fully supportive of the bout. Many people hopped online to show love and send good wishes to their man and hashtag #DSG4life. Danny went on to hash tag back saying this one is  #forphilly

There were also quite a few who were quick to throw dirt on this fight. On the streets of Philadelphia, these types are known as “haters”. Names like cherry-picker, and young talent ducker were flung from cyberspace at the former Ring Magazine 140 pound champion.

There isn’t much middle ground when it comes to Swift.

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Swift retires Paulie with a 9th round stoppage at the Barclays Center

All he does is win! Like it or not – Philly’s Danny Swift Garcia‘s test run at 147 lbs went according to plan as he out muscled and eventually stopped Paulie Malignaggi in the 9th round of their Barclays Center main event on ESPN. After the fight the former 2x world champ Paulie announced his retirement.

Now it is on to bigger fish for Swift (31-0, 18 ko’s) to fry – who has his eyes on the likes of Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter for future fights. More to come soon as I wrap up my weekend in Brooklyn…

Danny Garcia vs. Paulie Malignaggi scheduled for August 1 in Brooklyn

Danny Swift Garcia vs. Paulie ‘Magic Man’ Malignaggi is all set to headline a Premier Boxing ChampionsESPN show on August 1, 2015 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The contest will be a 12 round Welterweight affair, making official a long rumored jump to the next division for Garcia. It marks a possible “last hurrah” for the Brooklyn native Paulie. Vegas has tabbed Garcia in the neighborhood of a 9-to-1 favorite, yet some feel that Malignaggi still has enough slickness left in the tank to make it interesting in his backyard.

Here is a little food for thought. Swift (30-0 17 KOs), a mainstay on the Al Haymon PBC outfit, has been universally recognized as the Ring Magazine #1 rated 140 pound fighter over the past two years. Despite his success, he has caught a lot of flack from the public in recent times due to the number of close decisions that have gone in his favor. The one-time dynamo hasn’t exactly set the world on fire in recent fights, a fact some attribute to struggles of making the 140 lb weight limit. The move up in weight-class has been suspected for some time. Many feel that this is a safe choice of opponent to test the waters as a full fledged 147 lb fighter. With all of the above said, DSG remains one of the most marketable fighters in the game today. 

Malignaggi (33-6, 7 KOs), a former two division world champion, has fought a laundry list of name fighters during his 14 year career. Entering this bout he is coming off a 16 month layoff – a career worst outing where he was stopped in the 4th round by former 147 lb title holder Shawn Porter. Prior to that, “The Magic Man” gave good showings against Zab Judah and Adrian Broner. This fight is a true do-or-die for his career. A win would arguably be the best of his long career. Another bad loss likely sends him into the broadcast booth full-time. 

What are your thoughts on this fight?  Let us know if this is something you want to see and how do you think it will end!

— with Paulie Malignaggi and Danny Swift Garcia.

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Danny Garcia wins a majority decision over Lamont Peterson. Did Swift get a gift?

…and STILL undefeated. Danny Swift Garcia walks out of the Barclays Center with a razor-thin 12 round majority decision victory over Lamont Peterson. Swift started fast chasing down an unwilling opponent. The tide turned late when Peterson decided to fight on the inside. The D.C. native peppered Garcia with everything he had for the final three rounds.

There is a lot of chatter swirling around the decision. Some are saying Peterson ran too much, others are saying that Swift got a gift. What did you think of the fight and final outcome?

4 big Philly fights on deck for April and May. Which will be the best?

This weekend kicks off a boxing run of epic proportions for Philadelphia based talent. Four high-stakes contests that can change the course of a career. Which fight are you looking forward to most?
Is it Danny Swift Garcia vs Lamont Peterson for the The Ring (magazine) 140 lb crown live on NBC on April 11?

Could it be Bryant By-By Jennings quest to become the World Heavyweight Champion on April 25 when he faces Wladimir Klitschko on HBO Boxing?

How about Jesse Hard Work Hart‘s major league spot when he takes on Chicago’s undefeated Mike Jimenez on the under card of Mayweather – Pacquiao PPV?

Last but not least, maybe it is Joey Dawejko vs. Amir Hard Core Mansour for the PA Heavyweight title in one of the final ESPN Friday Night Fights broadcasts. All have some serious buzz behind them. Which is the most significant?

 — with Wladimir KlitschkoAmir Hard Core MansourJesse Hard Work HartDanny Swift GarciaDanny ‘Swift’ GarciaLamont PetersonMike JimenezJoey Dawejko and Bryant By-By Jennings.

Danny Garcia to face Lamont Peterson on NBC April 11, 2015

What a difference a year made in the career of Philly’s #1 pound-for-pound fighter Danny Garcia (29-0, 17 ko’s). It seems as fast as the industry fell in love with him was just as fast as they turned on him. In 2013 he was the apple of their eye. They couldn’t get enough of the young, hungry fighter who was punching his way through a fiercely competitive 140 lb division. He beat prospects and journeymen with ease and looked good in the process. Many “experts” felt that the sky was the limit.

Those predictions came to life in 2012 and 2013 when Swift went 4-for-4 in tough fights against fringe Hall-of-Famers Erik Morales, Zab Judah and Amir Khan. For an encore, he dismantled Lucas Matthysse who at the time was considered “the most feared man in boxing” to become recognized as the 140 lb Ring Magazine Champion.

The expectations were for a major breakout in the year to come. But things didn’t go as smooth as expected in 2014. Although he went 2-0 on the year, a tough night at the office against Mauricio Herrera, followed by a quick knockout win over Rod Salka opened the door for the haters to fly out of the woodwork. Many of those who fell in love with him as a potential superstar are now they are calling him chicken and a cherry-picker.

On April 11, 2015, Swift returns to the ring with a chance to set the record straight when he faces Lamont Peterson (33-2-1, 17 ko’s) at the Barclays Center. The D.C. native represents the best available options ranking in as #2 on the Ring Magazine 140 lb contender list.

Peterson is riding a modest two fight winning streak after suffering a third round KO loss to the aforementioned Lucas Matthyssee. Peterson’s best wins are decisions over Amir Khan and Kendall Holt – two fighters Garcia has also beaten.

“I think that this is coming at the perfect time,” said the 30-year-old Peterson. He added “I’m not sure who is going to be the bigger guy that night. I can put on a pretty good amount of weight by fight night and I’m pretty sure that he can too. I don’t that will be the determining factor on who wins and who loses. We’ll come up with a game plan in the gym and if that calls for packing on some muscle and using that as a strategy, then I’ll do so,”

This contest is scheduled for 12 rounds at a catch weight of 143 lbs. Some are complaining that the alphabet soup titles are not on the line. I say throw those belts in the trash, there are too many of them anyway! The Ring Magazine recognition is at stake. Swift’s days fighting at 140lbs are likely over anyway.

It is a quality fight that the fans expected to see made ever since both men appeared in separate bouts on the Showtime network in August of last year. Sit back and enjoy because this should be a competitive bout. This bout will be televised on NBC as part of Swift’s manager Al Haymon’s “Premier Boxing Champions” series.

Watch Danny and Angel Garcia read Mean Tweets

Danny “Swift” Garcia’s devestating left hook says nighty-night to Mighty Mike @ The Arena

On Friday 10/8/10 at The Arena, a single Danny Garcia (19-0, 13ko’s) left hook all but ended the career of one time world title contender Mike Arnoutis, scoring an explosive 4th round knockout in the Golden Boy Promotions main event.

The action was competitive for two rounds but in round 3 Garcia stepped it up, scoring a late knockdown as the bell sounded. Arnaoutis rose to his feet but was not let off the hook in the following round as Garcia patiently found his spot to seal with deal, with a perfectly placed hook square to the chin. Referee Gary Rosado wisely called a halt to the battle as Arnaoutis tried to return to a vertical base.

Even though everyone knew Garcia was going to win coming in – it was how he won which was the impressive part. Arnoutis has taken a long list of world class contenders the distance but only once before has he gone out on his back. The way he responded to these knockdowns – he should think long and hard about making another trip into the ring.

Garcia on the other hand showed that there is no doubt he is ready for a top 10 guy in the 140 lb division.

In other action – Canada’s Arash Usmanee won a surprisingly sound unanimous decision over Anthony Flores. Usmanee was a strong man who took some good shots but would not stop coming forward. Flores was down three times in the contest.

Victor Vasquez won a close and arguable split decision over Bryne Green of Vineland. Vasquez looked to be the Vic of old in the early going score a no non-sense knockdown late in the opening frame. To Green’s credit – he shook it off and fought hard for the remainder of the night.

He buzzed Vasquez pretty good late in round 5 but followed with a low blow that gave the boxing barber time to recoup. The sixth was dead even and finished of what was the most competitive bout of the evening.

All scorecards read 57-56, two in favor of Vasquez, the other in favor of Green.

Bastie Samir scored a 2nd round KO over a big hearted Joe Dunn.

Kareem Cooley stayed on the outside for four rounds en route to unanimous a decision win over a spirited Eluid Torres.

Aaron Anderson dropped to a lowly 1-8 but at the end of the night he was the guy people were running to take pictures with as he played to the crowd while absorbing four rounds of punishment from Wanzell Ellison. Anderson wasn’t very skilled – but he did put on a good show and has some tricks that this rookie Ellison wasn’t prepared for. With that said – Ellison clearly won every round.

More to come soon.

Danny Garcia to headline in Philly on May 7th?!?!

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Telefutura has returned! Now, there are hot rumors of the Spanish Boxing Series Solo Boxeo coming to Philly on May 7th with rising local prospect Danny “Swift” Garcia in the main event. No opponent has been named and the venue will most likely be The Arena though nothing is completely confirmed. Garcia is coming off his best win as a pro during a hard earned split decision win over veteran Ashley Theophane. With the proper adjustments – Swift will be a major player in the 140 lb division.

There are also indications of Anthony Flores appearing on this card. More info to come as details become available…

Danny “Swift” Garcia Passes a Stiff Test on ESPN!

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Big shout out goes to “Young Swift” Danny Garcia who was sternly tested on national television and came out on top despite not having his best stuff on this particular evening. The Golden Boy Promotions prospect was matched against experienced fringe contender Ashley Theophane of England and the Brit gave everything he had in effort to take Garcia’s 0.

We didn’t see a slick boxing amateur in this fight, instead Garcia showed the look of a guy who can take a good punch, won’t lose his composure and also wasn’t afraid to impose his will immediately after badly losing a round. It was a little too close for comfort as the end result was a split decision win for the young Philadelphian.

With all of this said, there is still some sharpening up to do at the gym but overall – to beat this caliber fight at this stage of Garcia’s career is an accomplishment to be proud of. A few more fights and he should be ready for the top of the class in the 140 lb division.