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Gabriel Rosado wins a war, Mike Jones gets by Bruseles in Atlantic City!

On February 27th 2010 , Peltz Boxing brought another strong, evenly matched card to Bally’s Casino in Atlantic City, this time with Top Rank boxing in the fold to take part in the new boxing series on Fox Sports Net. The goal of the night was to get rising welterweight Mike Jones (20-0, 16ko’s) some much deserved TV time as he Mike Jones vs Henry Bruseles (106)continues his quest to rate amongt the best on the world in his division.

His opponent was Henry Bruseles (28-4-1, 15ko’s) , a better than advertised journeyman riding a 7 fight winning streak.

The NABA titlist got the job done to the tune of a unanimous decision victory in front of a sold out crowd, most of whom came to see MJ perform in the main event. While there is no argument that Jones deserved a W in this fight, he had a much tougher than expected time against the shifty veteran. Mike Jones vs Henry Bruseles (324)

Bruseles was able to work his way inside undeterred for most of the contest and Jones never set out to impose his will on the smaller opponent, opting to box, circle and move around without much forward motion. Bruseles found his way unabated into Jones chest for most of the night which made things very tight in the first half of the match.

Mike Jones vs Henry Bruseles (15)Jones was able to take control in round 5 and won every round from there on out as he landed the better power punches and did a better job of avoiding the game Bruseles attack. Like the old timers say – win this one, look good the next time out.

Call this fight one to grow on as it will undoubtedly serve as a learning experience for Jones.

Mike Jones vs Henry Bruseles (396)


Add Saul Roman (32-6, 27ko’s) to the list of accomplished veterans that “King” Gabriel Rosado (14-4, 8ko’s) has beaten as the 24 year old Philadelphian was awarded a narrow split decision  following a 10 round blood bath which saw momentum swing back and forth Gabriel Rosado vs Saul Roman (130)throughout the contest.

Roman can be credited as the aggressor but Rosado’s precise counter punching and timely power shots were keys to victory.  There was nothing fancy in this fight, just a good old fashioned rumble between two tough fighters. Roman built a lead early – Rosado stormed back in the middle rounds and it was give and take down the stretch. Roman fought through a Gabriel Rosado vs Saul Roman (196)bad cut over the right eye while Rosado’s left eye had a slow leak.

The co-feature was the fight of the night with many in press row having scoring scattered across the board. Scores read 97 – 93 for Roman but were over ruled by two tallied of 96 – 94 for Rosado who continues to show he is one of the best Philly has to offer despite what his record may say.

Gabriel Rosado vs Saul Roman (74)

On the under card…

Jersey boys Troy Maxwell (2-0, 1ko) and Todd Erickson (0-3-1) waged four rounds of absolute mayhem in this unexpectedly DSC_0188entertaining action packed rumble. Erickson built an early lead using his size and speed to connect but Maxwell kept up the pressure and eventually broke the seal in round three.

Both men traded and landed many hard punches. Maxwell’s ear was a mess, Erickson wasn’t very stead at certain points, both sucked it up and fought to win until the very end.

The score cards read 39 – 37 x 3 for Maxwell. Erickson also deserves a nod for a job well done.


Ariel Espinal and Tony Pietrantonio waged their own war in a bit of a sloppy yet very good 6 round back-and-forth rumble that Espinal won by 5th round TKO. Both fighters stood inside and traded hard, wining bombs.

Momentum shifted throughout but Espinal’s late assault led the referee to stop the fight against a dazed Pietrantonio’s protest.

DSC_0036 DSC_0074

Ossie Duran and Jamaal Davis went toe to toe for 4 hard rounds.  It was give and take but it was the accomplished veteran Duran who was giving that much more in this shortened fight.  Davis stayed game, took the best Duran had to offer and stood his ground. It went to the cards which read 40 – 36 across the board for Duran.

Jamaal Davis vs Ossie Duran (48) Jamaal Davis vs Ossie Duran (82) Jamaal Davis vs Ossie Duran (84)

We may have seen the final chapter in the career of ex champion Kendall Holt as he was surprisingly and soundly defeated by the anonymous Kaizer Mabuza via 6th round TKO.

Holt had a good first round but Mabuza applied non stop pressure and eventually wore down the big name from Paterson. Holt’s corner stopped the fight in between rounds 6 and 7.

DSC_0021 DSC_0020 DSC_0012 DSC_0031

Glen Tapia came out of the gate like a pit bull scoring an early 1st round stoppage against Ty Miles.

DSC_1073 DSC_1076