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The Legendary Blue Horizon undercard 10-13-07

Photos by Zack Radel

This good night of boxing at The Legendary Blue Horizon on Friday night headlined by the rematch between Harry Joe Yorgey and Martinus Clay which was documented in an earlier article.

Here is a recap of the under card that was pretty good in its own right.

Lightweight Action

Hank Lundy …vs…Starr Johnson
South Philly…………Kileen, TX
8-0, 5ko’s…………3 – 16 – 1, 2ko’s

It was Hammer time at the Blue and Hank Lundy turned the muther out finishing things near the end of round one. Midway through the first, Lundy scored a knockdown with what appeared to be a body shot. Johnson got up but that was a bad idea as Lundy switched to southpaw and landed three consecutive left hands to finish the job. Lundy jumped on the turnbuckles in celebration as Johnson as stars.

Winner by TKO: Hank Lundy who improves to 9 – 0, 6ko’s

Hank Lundy vs Starr Johnson 2007 (7)  Hank Lundy vs Starr Johnson 2007 (13) Hank Lundy vs Starr Johnson 2007 Hank Lundy vs Starr Johnson 2007 (1) Hank Lundy vs Starr Johnson 2007 (5)

Welterweight Action

Tommy Rainone …vs…Jaime Morales
Long Island, NY……….North Philly
8-0, 2ko’s…………………4 – 4, 2ko’s

This was an interesting matchup as Tommy “Razor” Rainone put his undefeated record against Jaime Morales, the fighter also known as AAA. This means he will fight anybody, anytime, anywhere and more than once Morales has stolen the show with his guns blazing style.

The southpaw Rainone is more of a boxer than a slugger but will fight when the time is right. In this one, things started out slowly as there was a lot of tangling along with Rainone looking to pace himself in his first trip to the 6 rounders. Morales came out swinging and scored the most when he worked the body. The body work looked to be effective at first but in the long run cost him because he would be deducted two points during the fight for low blows.

Tommy Rainone vs Jaime Morales 2007 (5)

From the middle rounds, Rainone circled and used his jab and picked spots to move in and out against the aggressive Morales. This is when the action started to pick up as both fighters began to land good some clean punches. Morales would lunge forward throwing a big right hand which sometimes landed, the best one came in round three where it landed to Rainone’s head as the bell sounded.


Tommy Rainone vs Jaime Morales 2007 (10)

There were some nice exchange as the fight finished up, Morales continued in attack mode while Rainone circled and began to slip in a straight left counters in return. Smart fight for Rainone who didn’t get taken out of his element by a known brawler.

Tommy Rainone vs Jaime Morales 2007 (8)

The fight went to the cards and they read 59 – 54, and 58 – 54 x2 for Tommy Rainone.

Winner by unanimous decision: Tommy “Razor” Rainone who improves to 9 – 0 , 2ko’s

Tommy Rainone vs Jaime Morales 2007 (14) Tommy Rainone vs Jaime Morales 2007 (1) Tommy Rainone vs Jaime Morales 2007 (4)

Featherweight Action

Jules Blackwell …vs…Arthur Parker
Phoenixville, PA……..Lancaster, PA
5-0, 2ko’s……………1-3, 1ko

Two featherweights still in the rookie season of their career squared off and this one was a pleasant surprise. With Terry Nye on assignment in Baltimore, Joey Eye and Mike McCarney were hired to work the corner of Lancaster’s Arthur Parker and they must have put a good spark under his backside because Parker came to fight. Not to be outdone, Jimmy Deoria Jr and John Mulvenna were able to get their man refocused after a rough start to earn a hard fought majority decision win.

Arthur Parker vs Jules Blackwell 2007 (2)

In the first round, Parker came out blazing and was able to get inside of the much taller Blackwell, landing a sneaky right hand on multiple occasions. Jules tried to fend him off with a big left but Parker managed to slip them go back to work. After a close second round where Parker continued to get inside early but Jules began to use a jab to fend off his opponent.

Arthur Parker vs Jules Blackwell 2007 (10)

Blackwell had a big round three where he threw multiple combinations to the body which set up some straight lefts upstairs as the round progressed. Parker was worn down by the 4th but by no means was he ready to quit. The tank looked to be approaching E, and Jules capitalized, throwing big flurries of punches on Parker. The Lancaster native took these shots and signaled for Jules to “come on” with his arm which led to both men exchanging rights and lefts until the final bell sounded.

Arthur Parker vs Jules Blackwell 2007 (19)

This one was competitive throughout and much closer than initially expected. Cheers to both warriors. It went to the cards and they read 38 – 38 draw, 39 – 37 for Blackwell and a ridiculous 40 – 36 for Blackwell.

Winner by majority decision: Jules Blackwell who improves to 6 – 0, 2ko’s

Arthur Parker vs Jules Blackwell 2007 (21) Arthur Parker vs Jules Blackwell 2007 (22)

Jr. Middleweight Women’s Action

Olivia Fonseca …vs…Kimberly Harris
Philly…………………Tampa, FL
1-0, 1ko….…………4 – 9

The ladies were in action on this night as well and this was anything but ladylike as these two went toe to toe in four rounds of very good action.

Olivia Fonseca vs Cimberly Harris 2007 (2)It basically went like this, half of the fight was spend at a fast pace with both ladies exchanging big rights and lefts upstairs. Along with the ability to throw down, both women showed very good chins.

Olivia Fonseca vs Cimberly Harris 2007 (4)

Olivia Fonseca vs Cimberly Harris 2007 (11)

The often exchanges kept the crowd on their feet. The difference was during the slower points where Harris was able to get off first with the jab and then slip in a counter right when Fonseca would return fire.

Olivia Fonseca vs Cimberly Harris 2007 (6)

Overall it was a good fight that had many good moments. It went to the cards and they read 40 – 36 & 39 – 37 x2 for Harris.

Winner by unanimous decision: Kimberly Harris who improves to 5 – 9

Olivia Fonseca vs Cimberly Harris 2007 (20) Olivia Fonseca vs Cimberly Harris 2007 (16)

Heavyweight Action

Faruq Saleem …vs…Sedrick Fields
Newark, NJ…………Augusta, GA
36-0, 32ko’s………….22-34-2, 16ko’s

A long long time ago, a bloody Englishman named Charles Dickens penned a classic novel called “A Tale of Two Cities” It has nothing to do with professional boxing but in a nut shell it revolves around two guys who look the same yet are very different. There are all kinds of twists and turns with wild subplots going on. Let’s call this match “A Tale of Two Fighters” and it revolves around two boxers, one who has plowed through a long line of nobodies, while the other has lost to a laundry list of champions.

Faruq Saleem vs Sedreck Big Buck Fields 2007 (1)

On paper, it looked like a king with a large jaw would be taking on a queen with a plane face. But in boxing, the only numbers that really count are the ones in the paycheck and once these two got into the ring, undefeated heavyweight Faruq Salem and journeyman Sedrick “Big Buck” Fields had a close, evenly contested match-up that could have gone either way.

Faruq Saleem vs Sedreck Big Buck Fields 2007 (3)

In the blue corner stood the 6’7” Saleem, who carries a 36-0 record. Most fighters with this resume are usually getting a good whiff of a world title shot, not fighting as the co feature at the Blue Horizon. Maybe the Saleem team is content with this approach, getting steady work for a steady paycheck, nothing wrong with that. Something has gotta give because Saleem does seem to have talent and definitely has punching power. At 33 years old, there doesn’t seem to be much time left to cash in.

In the other corner you had Sedrick Fields who has fought just about every brand name heavyweight fighter in the book. He has lost to the likes of Oleg Maskaev, Jameel McCline, Michael Moorer, Chris Arreola, Sergei Lykovich just to name a few. For those who don’t know, these men are bona-fide world class opposition. He even stole a win from Shannon Briggs back in 2000. He could have stolen a win on this night as well.

Faruq Saleem vs Sedreck Big Buck Fields 2007 (7)

In Saleem’s last fight, he showed some heavy hands in dispatching an outgunned Wallace McDaniel in less than 1 round. Tonight he had some trouble against the more experienced fighter and at one point did stun Big Buck with a few overhand rights. Fields was able to recover and fought in spurts, doing his best work when pinning Saleem on the ropes and throwing punches in flurries.

Faruq Saleem vs Sedreck Big Buck Fields 2007 (16)

It wasn’t very entertaining and there were plenty of rounds that could have been stolen here but instead of going for broke, but Buck played to the crowd which did win over the fans who chanted “Buck, Buck, Buck”. In the end it went to the cards where one judge saw it dead even at 57 – 57 but the other two over ruled with scored of 58 – 56.

So is it better to fluff your record up against nobodies or get knocked around by every tough guy in the sport? I am sure Fields has made some good money in his day and his silly ring antics aside, seems to not have any negative effects of taking some of the sports heaviest hands.

On the other hand, with one or two wins over legitimate prospects, Saleem could likely secure a meaningful fight in a lackluster heavyweight division. A fight against Joey Abell could be a good way to start.  Sedrick “Big Buck” Fields clowned his way out of a victory but in the meantime won over most of the crowd with his antics.

The winner by majority decision: Faruq Saleem who improves to 37 – 0 ,32ko’s

Faruq Saleem vs Sedreck Big Buck Fields 2007 (17)

Aaron Torres …vs…Manuel Guzman
Philly…………………Lancaster, PA
14 – 6, 6ko’s…..…3 – 4, 2ko’s

Just before this fight started the Yorgey – Clay rematched ended. The corwd emptied and the lights were dimmed. Those who remained got to see a fight between former contestant of The Contender II series and the always improving Manuel Guzman looked like a bad blood match from the start. Not much technical maneuvering in this one, more / less heavy right hands which tried to knock the other guy out. Guzman was cut above the eye early but continued to fight on as Torres would look to get inside and dish out some more punishment. It stayed like this for 6 rounds and when it went to the cards, they all read 59 – 55 for Torres

With the win, Aaron Torres improves to 15 – 6, 6ko’s

Lightweight Action

Luis Castro …vs…Elias Castillo
Philly……………….New York
Pro debut……… 0 -2

Poor Elias Castillo, man has he been put in tough since turning pro. His first assignment was against Teon Kennedy which lasted four one sided rounds before he got knocked out.

His last fight was in Baltimore against another former amateur standout Darrell Martin which went the distance. On this night he went in against Luis Castro as lasted a whole: 52 seconds before referee Art Bayless did the right thing and called off the fight. Castro was on him from the opening bell and firing off some big rights and lefts, many of which found their mark.

Winner by knockout in the 1st round: Luis Castro who improves to 1-0, 1ko

Luis Castro vs Elias Castillo 2007 (3) Luis Castro vs Elias Castillo 2007 (5) Luis Castro vs Elias Castillo 2007 (6) Luis Castro vs Elias Castillo 2007 (7)

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Chris Gray stuns Gabriel Rosado, Brunelli grinds out a win at The Blue Horizon on10-20-06

While Mike Tyson was boring the national boxing scene with his pay per view exhibition, Greg Robinson of Power Promotions came through with a very entertaining Philly style club show at the Blue Horizon in Philadelphia.

At first glance it looked like a bunch of steady busy fights for the local up-and-comers – but there was a big a shocker in the co-feature when journeyman boxer “Classy” Chris Gray of Louisiana pulled a surprise upset win over hometown favorite “King” Gabriel Rosado.

Jamie Morales of Camden New Jersey once again was in the fight that produced the most explosive fireworks, but this time he found himself on the losing end of his six round barn burner against a well schooled Tyric Robinson.

The main event of the evening featured Dave Brunelli of Philadelphia and he the guy many people in attendance came to see. Brunelli is a former tough man but his opponent Adam Smith was softer than a pair of pink bunny slippers. While the action didn’t exactly set the ring on fire, Brunelli did what he had to do and made easy work of his opponent.

There was some good action to start the night as well and Isaac Suarez, Tommie Speller and John Solomon were successful in their pro debuts. All of this and much more.

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Joey Abell chops down “Oaktree” Brown inside of two rounds, Chris Plebani and Jaime Morales have a four round war at The Legendary Blue Horizon

Photos by Jay McGuigan

The Blue Horizon was open for hurt business once again, this time featuring young hopefuls on a card consisting of five – four round fights and a six round main event.

Out-of-town heavyweight “Minnesota Ice” Joey Abell is a newcomer to Philly, but on the strength of recent performances he was promoted to headline status. On this night he was matched up for good an ol’ fashioned rumble with Salem, NJ’s Mark “Oaktree” Brown in a battle of undefeated heavyweights. An “0” had to go.

On the under card – fight game newbies Jamie Morales and Chris Plebani went the distance in a 4 round barn burner that exemplified what the Blue Horizon is all about.

Tel Aviv transplant Elad Shmouel has been cake walking through competition that is softer than two-ply Charmin since he began fighting the in USA. No more in Philly is what PA boxing commish Greg Sirb told the Shmouel camp after his last fight, demanding that he step up the competition. Tonight he found himself opposite Marcus Luck whose style gave “The Kosher Pit Bull” trouble in the early going.

Rounding out the night was another Minnesota import Dave Peterson who tried to stay perfect coming into the night with three knockouts in three tries. A lot of Philly middleweights think he is faking the funk, but his record says otherwise.

Former two-time Heavyweight champion “Terrible” Tim Witherspoon worked the corner of his new trainee Jesse Blunt, a young fighter who opened the show again Ohio native William Prieto in a four rounder.

Here is the blow-by-blow report.

Chris Plebani vs Jaime Morales 2006 (45)

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