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#TBT – Derek Ennis vs. Gabriel Rosado – one of the last great Philly vs. Philly fights

Five years ago today, one of the last All-Philly boxing classics took place when Derek Ennis and King Gabriel Rosado met at the old ECW Arena to fight for the USBA 154 lb title. When the bout was first signed by J Russell Peltz, it was viewed as a high stakes fight for the two standouts in a deep local Jr. Middleweight talent pool. Some felt that it could be a career ender for the loser.

Germantown’s Ennis was fresh off of back-to-back local fight of the year candidates at The Blue Horizon while Rosado of North Philly was in this midst of a winning streak built at Bally’s Casino and Hotel. On fight night, the crowd had electricity and the boxers did not disappoint. In the end – Pooh Ennis won a close 12 round majority decision, staking his claim as the best 154 pounder in the area. To date this win remains the highlight of his resume. Not all was lost for Rosado, as he rebounded and went on to make it to the top-level of the sport, competing across the country on all major networks against elite talent for World titles.

Thanks again to all for making it happen. Maybe one day – before it is all said and done – we will get to see a rematch! You can read the original recap of the fight here

— with Derek Ennis, J Russell Peltz and King Gabriel Rosado.

Derek Ennis retains his USBA title with win over Gabriel Rosado

Without risk there is no reward. Without sacrifice there is no glory. Germantown’s 154 lb USBA champion Derek “Pooh” Ennis walked the high steel in his hometown Derek Ennis vs. Gabriel Rosado - USBA Title Fightagainst a talented local peer in “King” Gabriel Rosado of North Philly. He was putting his name, legacy and title on the line against someone who lives less than 15 minutes away – for everyone in town to witness. It was a match that meant a lot to everyone involved – the way a main event should be.

After 12 hard rounds in front of a rabid crowd – Ennis goes into the history Philly boxing history books as one of the best locals of this era. At the same time, he earned contender status on a world level after winning a tight but clear majority decision over “King” Gabriel Rosado in the highly anticipated feature attraction at The Arena in South Philly.

The all Philly showdown was a two sided tale. Rosado started the fight fast and finished the bout strong – but it was Pooh’s dominance from rounds 4 – 10 that was the deciding factor in this match that was a very good two way action that caused some of the loudest cheers and chants heard on Swanson & Ritner since the days of the now defunct ECW Arena.

In the beginning it looked like Rosado was going to simple overpower his smaller opponeDerek Ennis vs. Gabriel Rosado - USBA Title Fightnt and put an emphatic early end to this much ballyhooed fight. ThiDerek Ennis vs. Gabriel Rosado - USBA Title Fightngs got really hairy in round two for Ennis as Rosado connected with strong rights on the inside that backed the champ up.

Everything changed in round four as something clicked for Ennis who was no longer squaring up with Rosado but worked from a 45 degree angle as Rosado pressed forward. This gave the challenger fits as Ennis was now slipping, catching, moving and countering with a high degree of effectiveness.

Rounds four through ten were all competitive but clear – Ennis had turned the tables and was now the one in control of the fight due to his speed and saavy.

Then came the championship rounds. Rosado came back with a strong 11th as he decided to get extDerek Ennis vs. Gabriel Rosado - USBA Title Fightremely physical. The 12th round was a classic as both fighters met in the middle of the ring and fired away for the first :30. To everyone’s surprise Ennis staggered Rosado with a hard body shot which almost caused a knockdown. Later in the round Rosado almost pulled the rug from under the champ with a single thudding straight right which had Ennis in trouble. Neither fighter was willing to give in and both traded leather until the final bell rang.

It went to the scorecards which read even at 114-114 but
overruled by scores of 116 – 112 & 117 – 111 in favor of Ennis who now sits comfortably at #2 in the IBF’s ratings.

Great fight, great crowd reaction and Derek Ennis earns the praise as the best Junior Middleweight in the area. Next up is a shot on the world stage. Rosado has nothing to hang his head about as he gave a great account of himself.

The Ennis Brothers rank high among the top Philly brother boxing tandums

Thanks to promoter J. Russell Peltz – July 30, 2010 will go down in the books as one of those great nights for anyone who loves Philly boxing. Maybe not for what it is today, but for giving the old timers a reminder of what it once was and showing everyone what it still have the potential to be.

While there is the ever raging debate on whether two local guys should or should not fight each other – on thing remains perfectly clear. When the match is Philly vs. Philly – it always ends up to be a great fight. The fans are the real winners and they are the ones who everyone on the business end of things need to realize are who really matter…

On the under card:

Bryant Jennings won a unanimous decision

Dennis Hasson won a hard fought 6 rounder

Andre Hemphill won a unanimous decision

Angel Occasio, Garrett Wilson, Farah Ennis & Anthony Flores all scored explosive knockout wins.



Derek Ennis, Gabriel Rosado, Peltz Boxing take it back to the Philly Golden Era on July 30th!

J. Russell Peltz is a busy man in July – and he may have saved his best work for last as he will close the month with the best local attraction fight that the city has seen in a looooooong time.

On July 30th at The Arena, Derek “Pooh” Ennis (21-2-1, 13ko’s) of Germantown will put his 154lb USBA title on the line against “King” Gabriel Rosado (14-4, 8ko’s) of North Philly in a scheduled 12 round main event. When two Philly fighters go at it – there are usually fireworks. I expect this to be no different.

Ennis, the reigning champ, has been on fire in the ring. His title winning performance in 2009 against Eromosele Albert won him the IBF’s fight of the year award. His effort against Jose Gonzalez in April will garner a strong argument for a local Briscoe Award in 2010. If he wins this fight he becomes the #2 contender in the IBF ratings. The days of missing weight and surprise losses are now a distant memory. There seems to be a renewed energy and focus from the multi tooled Ennis.

While Rosado is the challenger, he has faced and beaten much tougher competition than Ennis. Whether it is going to New York to take James Moore’s 0, winning the last two rounds of a tough fight against former world champ Kassim Ouma in Newark or losing a tough decision to Maryland to fight Fernando Guerrero in front of 5,000 screaming Guerrero fans – there isn’t too much Rosado hasn’t seen in his young career. Overall, Rosado has won 4 of his last 5 bouts with the only exception being an early stoppage at the hands of the world rated Alfredo Angulo. His latest win came by way of split decision over leather tough Mexican Saul Roman.

It is extremely rare these days to see two Philly fighters go against each other. In this case both teams are saying it only happened because of opportunity. Team Ennis saying because no one else in the USBA top 15 would fight him. Rosado team basically saying the title shot presented itself and they took it. My take is that both sides quietly feel that the other is tailor made for their style. That is all fine and good – but there can only be one winner. Get a ticket because this one promises to be a rumble. Philly Boxing – the way my uncles tell me it used to be.

Derek Ennis wins a classic at The Blue Horizon!

April 2, 2010 – It’s been an interesting week in the City that Loves you Back.  Nationally, Philly was put on the hot seat – again. This time the city was in focus due to internet phenomenon branded as a “flash mob”. In a nut shell, a flash mob is when a group of people get together, usually kids planning through social media, and wild out in public. A couple days ago a bunch of kids blew through South Street like a batch of wild turkeys, knocking people over, disrupting stores and such. No one was seriously hurt, probably because I wasn’t there. If someone would knocked into me they would have gotten hit with a Nikita Koloff style Russian sickle! There were also more peaceful, but still as odd, flash mobs at 30th street station. This one involved a bunch of random people joining together to stand still for a whole three minutes, kind of acting as if time were frozen. All of this was taped and posted on YouTube – people from all spectrums of the arena couldn’t wait to chime in on what they thought were the possible reasons behind these pointless acts.

Locally, Mayor Nutter and city technology head Allan Frank officially entered the city into the running as a potential testing grounds for Google’s upcoming high-speed gigabit network project.  In an attempt to lure the internet giant to our turf – Philly has been temporarily rebranded as “The City of Googley Love”.  If selected, Philadelphia would take on a unique project that intended to offer unheard of bandwidth capabilities that in theory could make Philly the Silicon valley of the east coast. This would attract businesses, create jobs, improve schools and give unprecedented internet access to anyone with a laptop.

Derek Ennis vs Jose Adelaydo Gonzalez 2010 (20)Under the radar of mainstream media, Germantown native Derek “Pooh” Ennis (21-2-1, 13ko’s) turned in another Fight of the Year candidate at The Legendary Blue Horizon.  Coming into the night, just about everyone in the know thought that the he reigning 154 lb USBA Jr. Middleweight champion would be involved in a “stay busy” fight – one that would keep him fresh until his first official defense of the title that he won in this same building in November of last year.

Friday nights main event was originally scheduled to be the night of this first defense. But USBA rules state that a certified opponent must be ranked within that organizations top 15 fighters. While the Blue Horizon has a legendary reputation – it is no secret that the fighters purses are usually small change in the grand scope of things. With no TV exposure,  little money to offer and other top 15 fighters already locked into to previous engagements – no quality opponent worthy of a USBA approval could be found for this evening.

So with about 72 hours until bell time, Ennis managerial team of Moz Gonzalez & Eddie Woods found the unheralded Jose Adelaydo Gonzalez (13-7, 11ko’s) of Kansas to fill in a late sub instead of cancelling the fight. This would be a non-title fight but would be scheduled for 10 rounds of action. The die-hard fans and industry business know-it-alls were very disappointed in this turn of events, believing that it would be a uncompetitve night for a fighter who should be ready to test himself against the best in the world.
Even during the pre-fight entrances  – it had all the makings of a blow out. Ennis was escorted to the ring with an entourage of around 10 people. His stable mates were in front holding up his local and regional title belts. His promoter Mike Fingerman and other associates were not far behind. It was a flash mob of its own right on Broad and Thompson!

In the other corner, Jose Gonzalez had the look of a grizzled journeyman loner. Shipped in on short notice – his corner consisted of one person from his camp and a local cut-man for hire who probably earned something in the neighborhood of $10 per round.

Derek Ennis vs Jose Adelaydo Gonzalez 2010 (11)But like the wise man once said ” that’s why they fight the fights!” Instead of a lopsided blowout – the fans were pleasantly surprised by a very game late replacement as Jose Gonzalez came out of his corner like a man on fire in the early going – bringing the fight right to the local favorite – in his own ring – in his hometown – in front of all his fans!

While the Kansas filled in admirably – Ennis responded in part and willingly waged a 10 round war where both fighters gave it everything they had. The slick moving Ennis I know was nowhere to be found on this night – this one was a grittier version. The two men fought like they were locked in a freezer, huddled closely together on the inside to trade short and effective rights and lefts to every organ of the body.

Derek Ennis vs Jose Adelaydo Gonzalez 2010 (12)Notable moments from the fight include Ennis looked to be buzzed by a solid Gonzalez early in the 2nd round – only to shake it off and fire back with a three punch combo upstairs. Pooh suffered a cut over the left eye somewhere around round 5 – a cut that was kept reasonably under control but did leak from time to time. Ennis became more authoritative as the match wore on – not budging an inch as Gonzalez tried to bully his way forward. Pooh would usually take a good shot to land a three or four punch combo. The crowd was extremely vocal for this one – usually on their feet cheer at the end of every round in a building where they won;t think twice about booing you out the front door.

Derek Ennis vs Jose Adelaydo Gonzalez 2010 (5)In the end – conditioning proved to be the deciding factor as Ennis kept his fast pace down the stretch while Gonzalez was getting by on pure heart. It went to the scorecards which read 98 – 92 x2 with a third judge seeing it a draw at 95-95, giving the majority decision win to Ennis.

Derek Ennis vs Jose Adelaydo Gonzalez 2010 (6)Good win for Ennis – but in typical Pooh fashion this fight leaves some question remaining to be answered. Some were left wondering why he was in a life-or-death war with an anonymous journeyman? After the fight his manager Moz Gonzalez was impressed – stating that “this fight showed me that Pooh has the cojones to be world champion”. Some were concerned that Ennis weighed in at 157 lbs (the contracted weight was a limit of 156 1/2 lbs, in turn costing his purse to be docked a few bucks for being over). Others were saying that they are very interested to see how Ennis performs in a fight out-of-town and away from the pressures of having to please his local fan base with war after war.  After a few false starts in his career, one thing is for certain – Derek “Pooh” Ennis has earned the rite to complete against the best 154 lb fighters in the world.

In a division loaded with mid level prospects but short on championship caliber material – Ennis has a very good shot of making some noise and ending up on a prime TV broadcast in the near future.

Farah Ennis vs Frankie Santos 2010 (3)In the co-feature, Pooh’s brother – rising Super Middleweight prospect Farah Ennis (13-0, 7ko’s) put a 2 round pounding on Puerto Rico’s Frankie Santos (17-9-4, 8ko’s). Originally, Santos was scheduled to take on Derek in the main event but weight issues and inability to find an opponent led Santos to taking this match two weight classes higher.

Big mistake on his part. From the first punch of the opening bell it was evident that Farah’s punching power would be way too much. The first solid jab of the night pushed the veteran a quarter of the way across the ring.

Ennis probably could have ended things :30 into the fight but instead he opted to be patient with the old veteran, taking his time with hard three and four punch combos before sealing the deal with a vicious upper cut at the very end of round 2.

A Philly vs Camden Junior Welterweight bout between two newbies to the pro ranks turned out to be a pleasant surprise.  Clement Bethea (2-0) grinded out a clear decision win over Jason Sia (0-2) in a four round preliminary. Sia had a very good first round and put Bethea down to the canvas with a three punch body combo. Bethea got up, eventually returned the favor with a straight right hand upstairs and simply applied non stop pressure to Sia. Both men fought to win but in the end all three judges scored it 38-36 for Bethea.
Bryant Jennings vs Jon Boldin 2010 (5)North Philly Heavyweight Bryant Jennings (2-0, 1ko) chalk lined John Boldin (1-1, 1ko) at the end of round 3 with a thunderous upper cut. Jennings is a work in progress but he did a nice job of figuring out his opponent and turning the tide – going from boxer / mover to all out aggressor before putting his foe away. Boldin was on the canvas for close to five-minute until being able to leave under his own power.


Jose Ortiz vs Luis Esquillen 2010In the opener – Jersey City’s Jose Ortiz (2-2) won a unanimous decision over Luis “Smurf” Esquillan (1-3). The fight had some good moments which riled up the crowd early on. Ortiz pressure seemed to dictate the direction of the fight and Smurf was a little too slick for his own good. There were times where both hung on the inside to trade flurries. There were times where Ortiz called for Smurf to stay inside and fight. There were times where Smurf was able to spin Ortiz around in circles. In the end it went to the cards which read 40 – 36×2 & 39 – 37 for Ortiz.


Philly Keith & Hank Lundy 2010

Fights Return to The Blue Horizon April 2, 2010…

Boxing returns to the Legendary Blue Horizon this Friday night but I must say – this card was very poorly constructed. Step it up Elbaum – these tickets are expensive!

In the main event – Philly’s lone headliner Derek “Pooh” Ennis (20-2-1, 13ko’s) will face last minute sub Jose Adelaydo Gonzalez (13-6-1, 11ko’s) of Garden City, Kansas in a 10 round non-title bout. Ennis is the USBA 154 lb champ and many are anxiously awaiting for him to defend the title. Manager Moz Gonzales says that multiple attempts were made to attract a USBA top 15 opponent but were unsuccessful due to issues with purse request, IBF approval or previous obligation.

Team Ennis hopes to get back at it in about 6 weeks after this match. Gonzales has pulled off some last minute trouble in the past. Two years ago he stepped in on short notice to give the then undefeated Jason LeHoullier fits. For his effort he received a draw in a match everyone said he won.

In the co-feature, undefeated Light Heavyweight Farah Ennis (12-0, 6ko’s) will take on Frankie Santos (17-8-4, 8ko’s) of Puerto Rico for an 8 rounder. Santos was originally scheduled to box Derek Ennis but will now jump up two weight classes to face the rising prospect.

Bryant Jennings takes on John Bolden in a four rounder Heavyweight contest.

A lot of fall outs, a lot of changes on this card. Then again – these are the times when you get surprised with s good card so who knows what to expect…

Derek Ennis Highlights a Night of Knockouts at The Blue!

On February 5 2010 – The Philly fight faithful snubbed their nose at certified blizzard to witness a classic night at The Legendary Blue on Friday. In the main event Derek “Pooh” Ennis sharpened up to the tune of a 5th round TKO over game journeyman Edwin Vasquez. Pooh pounded his head to no avail, but once he began to hit the body, the rock crumbled as Vasquez took two knees at the end, knowing it would take a miracle from Jesus to get a W.

In other action, it took Joey DaWejko longer to put on his socks than it did to dispatch his opponent, scoring a KO :47 intp the 1st round of his homecoming fight.

Ronald Cruz made a big statement when he bombed out Martinus Clay midway through the 3rd round of their scheduled 6 rounder.

Eric “Outlaw” Hunter and Andres Gustafson both scored some nice early KO wins.

Jackie Davis again pumps out the fight of the night in a 4 round rumble that had the crowd on their feet throughout.

Clement Bethea and Henry Northam fought like they were competing for a spot in Maximus Roman empire.


Boxing Returns to The Blue Horizon Feb 5th, 2010!

The Legendary Blue Horizon opens their doors for the first time in 2010 on February 5th as Ms. Veronca Michael and her tag team partner Don Elbaum bring a seven fight card to North Broad street. On top of the bill is USBA 154lb champ Derek Ennis (19-2-1, 12ko’s) of Gernamtown taking on Puerto Rico’s Edwin Vasquez (22-14-2, 8ko’s) in an 8 round non-title bout. This will serve as a precursor to Ennis first title defense which is expected to come in April in Atlantic City. In addition to the main event, people are buzzing about the home coming of Northeast Philly’s Joey DaWejko – the former top rated US amateur heavyweight who turned pro in September. He is scheduled for four rounds.

Also expect to see Eric “Outlaw” Hunter & Ronald Cruz compete in separate bouts – both have yet to find a suitable opponents. Jackie Davis looks to go 4-0 when she takes on the pro debuting Tanya Martinez. Tim Johnson is back in action for a 4 rounder.

There are rumors of a co-feature where grizzled vets Israel “Pito” Cardona and  Martinus Clay will fight an  8 rounder at Middleweight! Could be true, could be a load of BS, we will see….More info to come soon…

Derek Ennis Tunes up for takeoff!

photo by Tony Gargano

On January 15, 2010, USBA Jr. Middleweight champion, Derek “Pooh” Ennis (19-2-1, 12ko’s) of Germantown will sharpen up before the first mandatory defense of his title when he takes on fading vet Edwin Vasquez (22-14-2, 8ko’s) at the Arena for a scheduled 8 rounder. Ennis is said to have changed his training ways and appears to again be in tip top shape. This is a retry of a scheduled 2007 match where Ennis failed to make weight, sparking off a debate on his dedication to the sport. All of that seems to be put to bed now, as he weighed a career low 151 lbs in his last match, when he turned in the Philly 2009 Fight of the Year in a 12 round win over Eromosele Albert at The Blue Horizon. With Ennis on point and Vasquez being a loser of his last 5, don’t bet on this going the distance.  Ennis is tentatively scheduled to defend his USBA belt in April in Atlantic City. Win that, and you are ranked in the top 5 of the IBF Pooh!

The undercard will feature undefeated North East Philly prospect Tony “Boom Boom” Ferrante (8-0, 4ko’s) taking on Andre Hemphill (8-13-2, 5ko’s) in a 6 rounder. Ferrante seems to be on a quest to clean out the local Light Heavyweights around town. Hemphill has lost four of his last five but is known to be a spoiler when fighting in this area, most recently blasting out Richard Stewart in 3 rounds. We will see if he can pull the rug out this time around…

The Boxing Barber Victor Vasquez (10-3, 5ko’s) and Gustavo Dailey (4-7, 1ko) square off for a potential 6 round riot.

Also scheduled for action are Coy Evans and  Big Poppa Speller

Derek Ennis is the USBA Champ! Victor Vasquez turns in his best performance yet

Before we talk about the local boxing happenings of today, October 16, 2009, take a walk with me I take a flash back to Philadelphia, circa 1999. It was a year of change for this great city with many tall tasks and lots of uncertainty ahead. One of the all time Philly greats, Ed Rendell, was stepping down from his big office at room 215 in City Hall wrapping up one of the most successful runs in the history of the country as mayor of a big city.

The people chose a 19 year veteran of City Council, John Street to lead the charge into the new millennium. The big building across from the street from the clothespin hasn’t been the same since. It was also a new day in Eagles country as 1999 marked the beginning of the Andy Reid- Donovan McNabb era whose goal was to give a fresh breath of life into a franchise that hit the bottom of the barrel. Say what you want about Big Red and his adopted son’s reign but five NFC Championship games later, the Birds as a well-respected and very lucrative franchise.

The Phillies were still light years away from becoming World F. Champions and Overbrook’s Will Smith was just putting down the mic to hit Hollywood for a career that saw him become one of the highest grossing actors of all-time.

Flying below the radar was Greg Robinson, a young ex-boxer with ambitions to stay in the game he loved. With family roots that ran deep into the heart of Philly boxing, he gave birth to his Power Productions promotional outfit in late 1999. In the one sport that is truly here today, gone tomorrow, Robinson has survived and even thrived in this landscape where only the strong, smart and crazy survive.

Ten years later, Power Productions has become a Philly boxing club show main stay, producing some of the best action fights this town has seen in the 21st century. For that I tip my cap to the man. Like Greg said at the press conference, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that make this a very tough business at times, but this is the sport we choose. For that we continue on doing what we love.

To celebrate 10 years behind the scenes, Robinson and Power Productions returned to the place where it all started – The Legendary Blue Horizon on North Broad Street with a seven fight card featuring some of the young and hungry fighters that help make this city the number one fight town on earth.

On top of the bill was a young Philly fighter currently taking the proper steps in a quest to become recognized as World F. Champion. One who has many tools but also few questions, which regularly lead to, heated discussions about if he can truly compete and succeed at the top-level of boxing.

The fighter is Derek “Pooh” Ennis, a 28-year-old Junior Middleweight from the Germantown section of Philly. Ennis, a six-year pro, also comes from a family with deep roots in the Philly boxing scene. Ennis father and trainer Bozy was competed as a pro during this city’s golden era of the 70’s. Derek’s brother Farah is an undefeated rising Super Middleweight who is worth keeping an eye on.

Ennis has been well-regarded for some time now but his career has been on the roller coaster at times. His skills and undeniable as he is one of the most well-rounded boxers living in this town. He has put on masterful performances against good competition but also has lost to opponents he should have easily handled.

He has missed out on opportunities due to freak occurrences such as opponents getting into car accidents before the fight and has also shot himself in the toe by not making weight for significant fights.

For a while, it seemed like he was getting by on talent alone without putting in the work of a true professional. But potential is an amazing thing and through out it all his management team of Moz Gonzalez, Eddie Woods and Mike Fingerman have stuck by his side, continuing to push for a break to come along.

Finally, after all the highs and lows, Ennis was to the opportunity of a lifetime on this card. In this evening’s main event, Pooh signed to fight a 12 round bout against two-time Olympian from Nigeria Eromosele Albert for the vacant USBA title. Though the USBA is not a world-recognized crown, but it will get your foot in the door as the title holder automatically receives a top 15 rating in the world and with a successful defense, become a mandatory challenger to the world champ.

Albert has faced world-class competition and has name value as he turned in many good performances on the ESPN Friday Night Fights Series over the past few years. In a nutshell, it was do or die for Pooh who has been itching for a chance to take on the big names and big money.

The co-feature also had significance, this time it was in true Power Productions fashion. This bout pitted the promoters nephew, Tyric “Too Sweet” Robinson against the boxing barber from North Philly Victor Vasquez for a scheduled 8 rounder. Robinson at one time ranked as high as number five on my Philly local top 10 pound for pound fighter list but since then has lost two in a row and was searching to get back the glory of when he was turning in fight of the year candidates.

Vasquez is the Arturo Gatti of our local scene. Win or lose, he is always in the fight of the night. Caution goes to the wind and defense goes out the window leading to two-way action brawls.

Robinson was the natural Junior Welterweight but Vasquez brings the heat, it was the fight that could possibly steal the show. These two matches plus the return of Tommie “Big Poppa” Speller and more. Scroll down to see how it all went down at The Blue on Greg Robinson’s 10th anniversary card!

Overall the show was a winner as the main event turned out to be one of the years most competitive two-way fights. Derek “Pooh” Ennis boxed and countered the extremely aggressive Eromosele Albert over 12 rounds to win a close but clear unanimous decision to become the 154 lb USBA champion.

It was a see-saw battle that had a lot of tight rounds with Albert winning most of the rounds early with his pressure and brute strength but Ennis was able to turn the tide mid way through as he consistently fought his way out of trouble with multiple flurries in the middle of the ring and swift movement when pressed into a corner.

Take nothing away from Albert, he was in Ennis face all night and fought desperately to win, he just didn’t have enough down the stretch as Ennis came in tip-top shape (151.5 lbs) and had plenty of gas left in the championship rounds. It went to the scorecards which read 116 – 112 & 115 – 113 x 2 for Ennis who stamps his ticket into the top 15 of the IBF ratings. I also had it scored 115 – 113 for Ennis

In the co-feature “The Boxing Barber” Victor Vasquez put together the most complete performance of his young career scoring two hard knockdowns en route to a unanimous decision win over Tyric “Too Sweet” Robinson in their 6 round Jr. Welterweight bout. As always the case with Vasquez, it was high intensity from the start, but this time it wasn’t balls to the wall.

He showed patience, poise and actually slipped a few punches! Robinson, to his credit got off the floor and continued to fight hard after going down early in the 2nd and late in the 6th from big right hands. Very good fight as is usually the case when two Philly guys meet in the ring.

Super Middleweights Mario Mina and Tommie “Big Poppa” Speller were put together in an impromptu matchup after both had opponents fall out at the last second. Poppa vowed “to send his ass back to Ecuador” at the weigh in. Mina fought like it was personal in the 1st, hammering Poppa early who was more than willing to stand and trade.

The 2nd round was close then out of nowhere Speller almost delivered on his pre-fight promise early in the 3rd round after a good body took all of the steam out of Mina. Speller followed up with a hard right that jellied Mina’s legs. If Speller had more gas it might have been curtains. But this was not the case and Mina was able to survive the round.

The fight slowed a bit in the final round as both seemed to tire in their first fight in over a year. It went to the card which somehow read 40 – 36 for Mina. Maybe I need new contacts, but I saw it a draw.

South Philly Heavyweight John Mercurio did it Passyunk Ave. style as he mauled, tossed and battered James North for a little over :90 seconds before finishing the job with a huge right that flattened his out gunned opponent.

Nice turn out in the crowd for the big heavyweight as there were a good number of black Team Mercurio T-Shirts scattered across the arena. Expect to see him again soon.

Super Middleweight Derek Webster wasted little time dispatching a severely overmatched guy from West Virigina. At 6’4″, Webster could become a problem for fighters at this weight.

Super Featherweight Coy Evans turned in a very solid 4 round performance winning a unanimous decision over grizzled veteran Carlos Diaz. Evans showed good speed and surprising ring generalship against a 31 fight vet.

He doesn’t knock down walls but his pop is not to be under estimated either. Good, fan friendly fight as both were willing to sit in the pocket and exchange shots at time. In other spots Evans would box and create openings on his slower foe.

In woman’s action Rachel Clark was clearly the better fighter in her 4 rounder. Out of her southpaw stance, she landed a lot of straight lefts upstairs. After 2 rounds, her opponent made the right choice not to answer the bell. for the latest on the Philly Boxing Scene.  Email me

Power Productions 10th Anniversary Press Conference


On October 14, 2009 Greg Robinson held a press conference at The Fox & Hound in Center City Philly to introduce he fighters on his upcoming 10th anniversary card. He plans to celebrate in style on October 16th at The Legendary Blue Horizon with Philly Jr. Middleweight Derek “Pooh” Ennis on top of the bill. After weeks of shuffling and searching for opponents, Eromosele Albert (22-3, 10ko’s) has been selected and approved by the IBF as this match will be over 12 rounds for the USBA Jr. Middleweight title.

Ennis has looked strong in his last few bouts, most recently on ESPN with a W over John Mackey. People have been calling for Pooh and his team to make a move, and here it is. Albert is a two time Olympian from Nigeria and overall solid competitor in his own right with some good showings on ESPN. Very solid match-up that should produce a lot of two way action.

On the undercard, look for an all out Philly rumble between the Boxing Barber Victor Vasquez and Tyric “Too Sweet” Robinson. Excellent matchmaking and should be a delight for the crowd. Vasquez hasn’t fought since March so you know he is itching for a fight. Robinson has lost two in a row and it itching for a win, especially on his uncles 10th anniversary card where I am sure the whole family will be in the house. Grab a beer and enjoy!

The night will also mark the return of Tommie “Big Poppa” Speller

Watch the video to hear from Promoter Greg Robinson, Derek Ennis, Coy Evans, Tyric Robinson & more.

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