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Fred Jenkins and Tyrone Brunson win the June 2016 Nike+ roadwork challenge

Shout out to Fred Jenkins and TY Escobar Brunson as the two locals out distanced me in the June 2016 Nike+ road work challenge.

Young Herk literally ran away with the title this past month. Recent career events had Fred asking himself “how bad do I want it”? He responded with a record of 70.7 miles of roadwork over the last four weeks.

A late Brunson surge put him in the winners circle with a strong 41 miles. Keep up the great work!

Thanks to everyone who ran and motivated me to get off the couch. Lots of great names made this list. The Nike+ challenge is open to everyone. Beat me in any given month and get a feature story about you. Simple as that. Find me at Philly Keith or Keith Mc

Nike+ - July 2016 - Fred Jenkins and Tyrone Brunson

Jerome Conquest logs the most miles in May. Join my Nike+ run list

Shout out to “The Conqueror” Jerome Conquest who put in serious roadwork in the month of May in preparation for his upcoming fight on June 3, 2016 at the 2300 Arena. His 36+ miles topped my Nike+ monthly leader board, outpacing some top very recognizable names over the course of 31 days.

The 30-year-old super lightweight from North Philly is “feeling good and been on weight for two weeks” as he goes for his 5th consecutive victory when he takes on fellow Philadelphian Korey Sloane.

Thanks to everyone in my feed who consistently push me to get off my ass and out on the road! Feel free to add me on Nike+ (search Philly Keith or Keith Mc). It is open to everyone. I’ll be giving shouts out at the end of every month to those who out run me.

Jerome Conquest may 2016 nike+