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Canelo vs. Khan on HBO PPV – Follow the action here

On May 7, 2016 – HBO Boxing PPV is offering four fights in exchange for $65 of your hard-earned dollars. A lot of star power at the top of the bill with a couple competitive under card bouts.

Vegas lists Canelo Alvarez in the neighborhood of a 5-to-1 favorite over London’s Amir Khan. I see this as a competitive mismatch  (if there ever was such a thing)in favor of the red-headed Mexican fighter though some out there insist Khan has a legit shot to win.

In an interesting side note – known spoiler Mauricio Herrera is listed as a 2.5-to-1 underdog to prospect Frankie Gomez.

Power punching Curtis Stevens of Brooklyn is also listed in the neighborhood of a 2-to-1 underdog against undefeated prospect Patrick Teixeira of Brazil.

Are you buying  or passing on this Golden Boy Boxing card? Share your thoughts on the show.

Contest Time! Pick the winner of Canelo vs. Cotto to win tickets to see Creed

Contest Time! Pick the winner of tonight’s Canelo Alvarez vs. Miguel Cotto fight for a chance to win two tickets to see Creed next weekend. Anyone in the USA can enter as the tickets are good for any AMC Theatres in the country.

Canelo is currently listed by Vegas as roughly a 3-to-1 favorite with the money leaning towards a decision. The rules are simple – leave a comment choosing your predicted winner AND the method of victory. If you think there will be a knockout you must include the round the other man goes down for the count. If going decision, you must leave a score prediction- if your score matches any one of the three judges final tallies, you win granted that your chosen fighter is declared victorious. Simply saying “Cotto or Canelo by decision” does not cut it!

One entry per person. You can enter until this HBO PPV main event opening bell sounds around 11 EST televised from Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Winners will be announced after the fight – multiple sets of tickets are available if multiple people make the correct pick.

NOTE – the tickets are ONLY good for next weekend Nov 28 & 29.

Mike Jones gets the nod in a war with Soto-Karass

In the final preliminary fight on the November 13, 2010 Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito HBO pay-per-view from Cowboy Stadium – Philly welterweight contender Mike Jones (23-0, 18ko’s) was scheduled to take on registered ruffian Jesus Soto-Karass (24-5-3, 16 ko’s). It was a prime opportunity with literally millions of people tuned in from around the globe. Many felt that Soto- Karass was tailor made for Jones style and a full scale showcase would be the result. It turned out to be a 10-round war that could have gone either way.

This match had it all. It offered a strong candidate for round of the year (round 2), a strong comeback from a fighter who seemed to be out of his feet and will also dubiously be nominated for robbery of the year in some other  publications. The Philly fight fans also got to see another thing – how Mike Jones would hold up when given a stiff challenge.

For the opening five minutes, everything was going according to the script. Jones was clearly out boxing and out banging his more experienced foe. Midway through round 2, Jones wobbled Soto-Karass and like a vulture – he swooped in to unleash something along the lines of 40 consecutive non-stop power punches on his stunned opponent. Karass covered for dear life on the ropes but still absorbed tremendous punishment. It was truly amazing display of killer instinct.

But – like the boxing lifer once told me “You can hit a Mexican boxers head all day and they will keep coming. You need to hit the body for them to fall”. Unfortunately for the Philadelphian – Karass did not go down. Somehow he weathered the storm and Jones was absolutely spent. Karass, marked with two leaky eyes, would go on to hammer a tired Jones in the middle rounds. To Jones credit – there was no quit in him – even though there were times when it looked like his legs were going to fail him.

The long awaited second wind came back somewhere near round 7 and Jones began to get himself back into the contest against an ever pressuring Karass. With the fight hanging in to balance – with trainer Vaughn Jackson in his ear telling him to “Come on man!” Jones responded like a champion – convincingly winning the final two rounds as he stood on steady legs – getting the better of hard two way exchanges with Karass.

The bout went to the scorecards which first read draw at 94-94 but was overruled by scores of 95-94 & 97 – 93 in favor of Jones. Over all it was a very good, very close fight that could have gone either way. I personally scored it a draw.

While many will argue what they thought of the decision and what they think of these guys against top fighters – it must be mentioned that this is what a pay-per-view fight should be like. The opening two bouts were a shade short of stinkers – this match had the fans (and many crowds at home) yelling and cheering at the TV. We also learned a lot about Mike Jones. He took some very hard shots, he was behind in a fight, he was dead tired at one point yet still found a way to win. I am sure he will learn from his mistake in round two – he likely won’t be let off the hook for an error like this when facing a top opponent.

With the win, Jones retains his two regional titles and picks up a third in the process. He is widely expected to compete for the WBO title in his next bout against England’s Kell Brook.


In the main event, Manny Pacquiao laid a whoppin’ for the ages of Margarito. Instead of cement gloves, I think he wore cement shoes as he couldn’t touch – or get out of the way – from anything Pac Man offered.

Enough is enough, we want Mayweather vs. Pacquiao!

MJ to open the show for Pacquiao vs. Margarito PPV at Cowboy Stadium

Mike Jones / Philly Keith Sports

On November 13th, 2010 North Philly’s Mike Jones (22-0, 18ko’s) will get the long awaited opportunity to showcase his skills to millions of boxing fans around the globe. The assignment is to open the televised portion of the highly anticipated Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito pay-per-view which will be broadcast live from Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas. His challenger is Jesus Soto Karass (24-4-3, 16ko’s) of Los Mochis, Mexico – a streaky yet dangerous foe who holds wins over a list of notable fringe contenders in the 147 lb division. Continue reading MJ to open the show for Pacquiao vs. Margarito PPV at Cowboy Stadium

Hopkins wins a foul filled rematch over Roy Jones in Vegas…

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After a 17 year wait, Bernard Hopkins finally evens the score against Roy Jones by way of a 12 round unanimous decision win in Las Vegas. Hopkins won virtually every round as a very washed up looking Jones was unable to surmount any consistent offense. The pace was slow for most of the match but it did have a few wild moments. Jones was warned twice for rabbit punching – both of which put Hopkins down on the canvas for an extended time. After the first one a fired up B-Hop took it to Germantown Ave, rushing at Jones and swinging away until long after the bell rang. Good work by referee Tony Weeks who stopped this one from getting out of control. It eventually went to the scorecards which read 117-110, 117-110, 118-109 for Hopkins. After the match B Hop said he wants a crack at David Haye and the Heavyweight championship of the world…

Hopkins vs. Jones II on HBO PPV April 3, 2010!

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Bernard%20Hopkins%20IBO%20title.jpgphoto by Mike “Teek” McGuigan – The time for talk is almost over. On Saturday April 3 – Germantown’s Bernard Hopkins gets his long awaited chance to avenge an early career loss to Roy Jones Jr. This fight will headline an HBO PPV card that is going to take place at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The odds makers say you need to drop $500 on B-Hop to win $325. I place the odds to more around 4 – 1 for The Executioner. Hopkins is coming off a hard fought unanimous decision win in his hometown while Jones is coming off a surprising 1st round TKO loss – a fight that left many to conclude that he is finished as a prize fighter. Continue reading Hopkins vs. Jones II on HBO PPV April 3, 2010!

Winky Wright interview 2007

photos by Mike McGuigan

On July 21, 2007 – Philadelphia’s champion Bernard Hopkins (47-4-1, 32 KOs) comes out of the shortest retirement in boxing history to face known spoiler Ronald “Winky” Wright (51-3-1, 25 KOs)in a 12-round HBO pay-per-view bout at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The Light Heavyweight Ring Magazine title will be on the line.

I was able to attend the Philadelphia leg of the promotional tour which was held at the The Legendary Blue Horizon in North Philadelphia on May 19, 2007.  While B-Hop was busy schmoozing it up with the television media (they gave this fight three seconds of publicity) I was able to talk to crafty southpaw Winky Wright for an interview that will stand the test of time. There is a lot of public chatter about this fight.

The 35-year-old Wright of St. Petersburg, FL hasn’t lost a boxing match in almost eight years. On the other hand, the 42-year-old “Executioner” is fresh off of the biggest upset in recent memory when he defeated Antonio Tarver.

Here are Wright’s thoughts on a couple burning questions that surround a bout the Golden Boy Promotions is charging $49.95 to watch.

Bernard Hopkins vs Winky Wright press conference

Philly Keith: Winky what do you have to say to  those who think this fight won’t be very entertaining?

Winky Wright: For those who want to say all I got defense but defense don’t win fights. Look at my fights, all the fighters faces are all swollen up. On the 21st it is gonna happen. You haven’t seen Bernard swollen up ….yet. You haven’t seen Bernard beaten up… yet.

Maybe he should have stayed retired. I am putting an exclamation point at the end of his career. He was the great champ but he is going down. He gotta do what he gotta do; I gotta do what I gotta do. Get PPV cause its going down.

PK: What are your thoughts on Hopkins and being in his backyard right now? 

WW: This is Philly, Bernard’s home, I have no problem with that. Cherish your champion because he stood up for Philly and is respected for the kind of fights he gave and won. He made history in a respectable fight town.

All that said but he still hasn’t fought Winky Wright. He beat southpaws but not Winky Wright. He beat Tarver but Tarver is not Winky Wright.

I am here because I earned my way here, no one gave me nothing. I traveled the world and beat everyone in my way. The only ones I didn’t win was because they guys didn’t fight.

PK: Where does this fight rank among the biggest fights of your career:

WW: This is definitely not the biggest fight. My biggest fights came against Felix Trinidad and Shane Mosely. With that being said, this definitely is a big fight.

PK: How are you preparing for this fight?

WW: I have been training out in Vegas, I have a lot of different sparring partners and I am going to do what I gotta do to win like I always do.

PK: What is your prediction in this fight? 

WW: A win, Winky Wright will win this fight. I take nothing away from him he was a great champion, been here for a long time but he took one fight too many.

PK: Thanks for your time, Winky!

Bernard Hopkins Winky Wright press conference Blue Horizon 2007 (2)

Richard Shaffer Podium 2007

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Bernard Hopkins defeats Tarver in an Atlantic City classic.

photos by Mike “Teek” McGuigan

June 10, 2006 – Hopefully by now people in boxing have learned the lesson to never count Bernard Hopkins out. With heavy odds against him –  “The Executioner” put a 12-round clinic on former Olympian Antonio Tarver to win the IBO portion of the Light Heavyweight title at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. It was a fight that none of the “experts” were giving him a shot in hell to win.  But when the bell sounded, we saw that Hopkins is the master of chess while Tarver simply plays checkers.

In the lead up to this event, Las Vegas labeled this bout a 3-to-1 betting mismatch. All of the talk was centered around an “old” Hopkins ready to be put to pasture by the reigning champ.

A crowd of 10,200 paid fans turned out to the AC Boardwalk.   Throughout the crowd, big names such as Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, Vince Carter, Edgerrine James and Floyd Mayweather were seen in the front row. Many others ranging from the pugilistic enthusiasts to the casual fan made the ride from Philly, New York and Maryland to witness this HBO pay-per-view event.

Philly Keith and Vince Carter 2006

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Antonio Tarver speaks out on his upcoming fight against Bernard Hopkins

The countdown is on and the premier light heavyweight in the world, Antonio ‘Magic Man’ Tarver is now a little over a month away from one of the biggest fight of his career on June 10th at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey against middleweight legend Bernard Hopkins. A little over a month, or as Tarver said last week from his training camp in Vero Beach, Florida, “36 days, 11 hours, and 25 minutes for another victory.” For the pride of Tampa, Florida, this fight isn’t just about another payday or another victory to add to his stellar 24-3 (18 KO’s) record; it’s about legacy, and that’s very important to Tarver.

“For everything I’ve accomplished in my career, there’s always someone trying to chip away at it,” said Tarver. “But when I beat Bernard Hopkins on June 10th, no one can ever take that away from me. For 100 years, people will look at Antonio Tarver and say, ‘There’s the legend killer.’ First Roy Jones and now Bernard Hopkins. This win will cement my place in Canastota.”
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