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Seriously – Creed was a good movie.

This past weekend I was invited to watch a private viewing of “Creed”  at the Riverview Plaza on Delaware Avenue courtesy during a cast and international media only event hosted by our friends at Warner Brothers. 

Creeed 1As most know, Creed is the latest in the Rocky series – this time featuring Michael B. Jordan (aka Wallace from The Wire) who plays the son of Apollo Creed.

In the movie – the young Creed, who goes by the name of Adonis Johnson, leaves a well-to-do life in Los Angeles in hopes of following the footsteps of a father he never had a chance to meet.

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Yusaf Mack & Derek Ennis win PA State titles at The Armory

Photos by Zach Radel /
Joey Eye Promotions came to the National Guard Armory this past weekend and once again the Philly fight scene legend delivered a night full off knockdowns and drag-outs. In the Main Event, the world rated Light Heavyweight Yusef Mack returned home to take on another Philly fighter in Omar Pittman who was looking to score an upset. The PA State and NABA Light Heavyweight titles were on the line as well as a possible top ranking in the WBA.

In the co-feature, Derek Ennis looked to put his name back a top the list of young Philly junior middleweights and his assignment was no slouch as he took on the 41 year old day time trash man Troy Browning in a 10 round State title fight.

The under card was patch worked together but it did produce two entertaining heavyweight fights when Anthony Gatt took on Jonathan Felton and also when Lamont Barnes took on Tyaab Beale in 4 rounders. Jules Blackwell looked to get a bounce back win and Joel De La Paz returned from North Jersey to once again lace them up in our town.

Mack attacks Pittman!

Yusef Mack vs Omar Pittman 2008The nights main event featured two local fighters with separate skill sets but one common attribute, they both could fight. Yusef Mack (26-2, 16ko’s) was a one time anointed prodigy of the worlds 168 lb division, only to see his shot at the big time go up in smoke due to losses against world rated opponents. This is a new ear for Mack as he moved up a division in order not to kill his body to make weight.

So far so good at 175 lbs for Mack as he most recently won the NABA title in an ESPN carried fight against Daniel Judah in Brooklyn. Coming into this fight ranked #9 by the WBA, an impressive win is sure to position Mack for another run towards the more meaningful gold.

Pittman (14-5, 8ko’s) on the other hand has only faced a world rated opponent once which was in his last fight which came in Montreal against Jean Pashall. Pittman didn’t win the fight but did expose Pashall as more of a pretender than an actual contender, rocking his opponent and almost putting him away in the later rounds. With a win here, Pittman still probably wouldn’t be considered “world class” but would have a lot of power at the bargaining table when it came to negotiating future fights.

Inside of the ring, Mack played the role of boxer and Pittman looked to slug. In this case, the boxer eluded the puncher’s bombs but was able to return fire with pinpoint accuracy. Though Mack was clearly winning every round, Pittman kept on coming, throwing heavy rights in hopes of landing that one shot knockout punch. The drama unfolded late in the 6th round when Mack cleanly connected with an overhand right which sent Pittman staggering into the corner. Mack wasted no time in following up with a bevy of punches which put Pittman down hard. Pittman did beat the 10 count but was visibly wozy which left the referee no choice but to stop it with a second remaining in the round.

Winner – 2:59 in the 6th round Yusef Mack


Ennis shuts down Browning!

The co-feature was also an interested match-up which featured two fighters from our area, both of whom desperately needed to make a big statement after recent slip-up’s in the ring.

Germantown’s Derek “Pooh” Ennis (16-2, 12ko’s) is considered to be one of the most well rounded fighters in our area. He was born into the sport and has continued to learn and improve well into his adult life. When he fights, you are almost assured it will be entertaining regardless of if he wins or loses. After suffering a surprise loss last year at the unknown Alphonso Williams, Ennis returned to reel off three straight knockout victories, albeit against low level of fighters. On this night he would take on an experienced veteran with a good record, the type of fighter who he has yet to face as a pro.

Troy Browning (20-3, 8ko’s) on the other hand unexpectedly made a name for himself a year ago when he won a decision over the then highly regarded Babyface Garcia live on ESPN. Feeling he was not getting the respect he deserved, the Browning team followed up by taking on two more well regarded prospects in Delvin Rodriguez and Pawel Wolak, losing 10 round unanimous decisions in both fights but showing he could hang in there with younger, fast fighters.

In the ring, Derek Ennis played the matador and Browning played the bull with Pooh leaving the 41 year old phenom swinging at air for more of the night. Browning kept on coming and Ennis kept of boxing. He would bait Browning in, slip away and fire off two, three and four punch combo’s almost at will.

Browning was most effective when he went after the body. A strategy he didn’t use nearly enough. Neither man was ever in serious trouble or truly hurt but it was still a very solid 10 rounds worth of boxing from Ennis, who on this night, showed he is worthy of making the jump into the next level and capable of winning there too. The fight went to the cards which read 100 – 90 x2 & 98- 92 all in favor of Derek Pooh “Ennis”.

Photos by Zach Radel /

Gatt outbombs Felton in a sloppy slugfest!

West Chester’s Anthony Gatt (7-1, 4ko’s) was sent to the canvas in the 2nd round, courtesy of a Jonathan Felton (5-12, 5ko’s) left hook but pulled himself off the deck to win a 4 round unanimous decision over the Carolina based fighter. This one wasn;t pretty but it sure was entertaining as these two fired away and looked to basically knock the other guys head off.

Felton hung in their early but ran out of gas mid way through. Unfortunately for him, Gatt came with a full tank and did his best work in rounds 3 and 4 with hard body shots and right hooks to the head.

It went to the cards which read 39 – 37 & 38-37 x 2 for Gatt

Photos by Zach Radel /

Blackwell blows through Dennis!

Phoenixville’s Jules “The Ghost” Blackwell (8-1-2, 3ko’s) was given a duck in his return to the ring and handled his business very quickly as he battered Javier Dennis (1-2) around the ring until referee Gary Rosato mercifully stopped it at the 2:33 mark of round 1.

If anyone earned an easy fight it is Jules who went on a run earlier this year taking on tough fight after tough fight. It will be interesting to see how he bounces back after suffering his first career loss. Tonight was a good start.

Beale stops Barnes in 2!

Heavyweight Tyaab Beale (1-1, 1ko) scored two knockdowns en route to a 2nd round stoppage over Lamont Barnes (0-1)to earn his first win as a pro. These two big guys traded some heavy shots early and often. A quick 3 punch combo from Beale put Barnes down late in the second. Barnes seemed stunned at first but possibly able to continue although the referee didn’t seem to agree and called a halt to the battle.

De La Paz blows out Hord!

Joel De La Paz (2-0, 1ko) needed only :35 to dispose of Indiana’s Ryan Hord (0-3, 3ko losses), nailing him with a left hook that put Hord down well past the needed 10 count. No disrespect to De La Paz but Hord should never be allowed to fight again, he might get seriously hurt in there.

De La Paz improves to 2-0 after this starching.

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Front Street Gym Thanksgiving Turkey Brawl 11-17-07

The Front Street Gym had a reunion of sorts this past Saturday night bringing together past and current members for a benefit to help keep one of Philly’s oldest and most storied gyms strong.

People from all over came to show their support and also have a fun night talking about the good old days. A few of the Front Street Gym’s legends stepped into the ring for one last fight for the boys. From Joey Eye starting off the night showing he still has a lot of scrap left in him to former champion Buster Drayton needing his best sparring moves to avoid ol’ Franky O’Neal’s heavy rights, everyone seemed to really enjoy the night. It got pretty tough in there but Mike McCarney was in charge as the referee and kept order all night long.

The gym is best known for it’s boxing but it also has a small yet, very nice memorabilia stand in the corner. For $15 you can get framed pictures of warriors like James J. Braddock, John O’Sullivan & Tito Trinidad to name a few along with T-Shirts and other boxing items.

Overall, it was a very good night where the old came back to help keep the young strong. The night was put together by Front Street Gym mainstay Frank Cubek and many others who call Clearfield street their headquarters. Enjoy these few pictures I took. For professional shots, try emailing who was also there taking pictures.

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William “Bobcat” Boggs delivers a birthday beating to McFail, Cauthen slips and slides to a decision win at the Blue Horizon

The Blue Horizon was back in business this past Friday as promoter Veronca Michaels and Don Elbaum put together one of the best cards in recent memory at Philly’s legendary fight house.

The six bout card was led by up and comer Max Alexander who made the jump to co-main event status and turned in a performance that tosses his name into the debate of the best light heavyweight on the Philly circuit.

Headliner Terrance Cauthen took a slight step up in competition against the hard hitting Joshua Onyango and flashed the speed that makes him one of the toughest men in the business to catch on camera.

Also on the card was hometown heavyweight Chazz Witherspoon who stepped in for a 6 rounder against Akron gym rat David Polk.

Once again Joey Abell said to hell with Minnesota’s sorry state of professional boxing and caught the red eye to Philly to see if he is really tough enough to make the transition from the gridiron to the squared circle. His last appearance at the Blue was one to remember and the crowd hoped to see his murderous right make quick work of Doug Robertson.

Elad Shmouel was set to make his debut on American soil and faced off against Rasheen Daniels.

It was also Baltimore Middleweight Mike McFail’s birthday and William Boggs gave his best wishes Philly style by punching him more than the allowed 33 times to the arm, face and ribs. The fighters were swinging and the crowd was roaring, a perfect way to kick off the Philly spring boxing season. Here is the recap.

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Joey Eye Boxing at the Sovereign Bank Arena 10-21-05

Friday Night Fights II
Joey Eye Boxing & NIT Management
Sovereign Bank Arena 10-21-05

There was a bit of last minute shuffling but Joey Eye still managed to pull of a crowd pleaser at the Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton New Jersey. The main event between unbeaten prospect Chucky Cavallo and knockout artist Berry Butler had to be canceled due to an injury sustained to Cavallo’s left hand during a sparring session late in the week. Some are calling BS on the injury…

Instead the numerous fans in attendance were treated to a boxing clinic by Terrance Cauthen, an impressive bounce back victory by Jon Gaddis, a hard fought battle by Doel Caraquillo and Rami Ibrahim, the professional debut of Sean Bullock who made quick work of his opponent, and some of the finest ring girls on the East Coast provided by Rix Mag. Click here for the blow by blow details.

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Joey Eye Boxing results from the Diablo Fight Club in the heart of Kensington

My first two boxing assignments couldn’t have gone better. I broke in at Lagoon Night Club on the waterfront of the Philadelphia suburbs. Next trip was Atlantic City to see a world title fight.

Now it was time to roll up the sleeves and see if I’m really cut out for this racket. was sending me inside of city limits – and the assignment took me across the street from “Needle”Park in the notorious Kensington section of Philadelphia. They could film a horror movie in place officially known as McPherson Park.

Despite the obvious potential hazards that could happen in this part of town, I watched a very good night of  professional boxing put together by Joey Eye Boxing & N.I.T. Management. The venue was called “The Diablo Fight Club” yet there were no signs outside and information on the internet was non-existent. It looked like a closed down roller skating shop.

Just the type of setting to host a bunch of fights! On this night I was introduced to some local talent who probably made just enough money from these fights to buy a sandwich and a pack of smokes.

Regardless of pay scale, I want to see Jose Medina, Clarence Taylor, Joe Christy, & Carlos Vinas fight again. These guys wasted no time winning over the tough crowd in attendance. Later, Joey Eye would say this was the greatest night of fights that nobody ever saw. There were about 200 people in the crown.

The fights go as follows:

Doel Carrasquillo (3-2) vs. Ivan Korotkovich (0-0-1)
Lancaster, PA …………………..Russia

The night kicked off with international welterweight action putting PA native Doel Carrasquillo against Russian attacker Ivan Korotkovich.


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