Brunelli vs Oaktree press conference

Phase One of Dave Brunelli vs Mark “Oaktree” Brown showdown is in the books as Greg Robinson of Power Productions invited members of the boxing community to the The Wachovia Spectrum for a press conference to spread the word of his upcoming card on October 19th. There were some heavy hitters in attendance including former Light Heavyweight Champion Matthew Saad Muhammed, Daily News boxing columnist Bernard Fernandez, along with Power Productions fighters Tyric Robinson, Tommie “Big Poppa” Speller to go along with the panel which seated Dave Brunelli, Chucky Cavallo, Simon “One Punch” Carr, Greg Robinson, Jackie Frazier Lyde, former World Heavyweight Champ Terrible Tim Witherspoon & Mark “Oaktree” Brown. The 45 minute presser went something like this.

– Chucky Cavallo said how he is thankful for the opportunity to be on the card, to fight 10 rounds for the PA State Title against Richard Stewart and also gave a shout to his manager Nedal & trainer Muggsey Episcopo.


– Greg Robinson promised to bring a card that will entertain all of the fans in attendance. He also told us this card will be held to celebrate 40 years of boxing at The Spectrum which started with Smokin Joe Frazier and also spoke about he he once fought at the Spectrum back in his days as a pro.

– Dave Brunelli told everyone he “wasn’t one for a whole lot of hootin’ and hollerin'” but assured us he was going to bring his A game and come out on top October 19th.

– Oaktree thanked God, thanked his manager Howard Shomo, told us he got his nickname from punching trees as a kid, guaranteed victory and then ripped his shirt off. He also assured everyone that he is in shape and Team Brunelli better not be banking on him gassing out after a few rounds.

– Terrible Tim talked about how we will see a new and improved Mark Brown in this fight which sparked off a spirited debate with Team Brunelli manager Mike Murphy on who has beaten the better opposition.

– Mike Murphy pointed out that Brunelli has been the under dog in the past and came out on top and how they recently beat Aaron Lyons, the fighter who beat the guy that gave Oaktree his only career loss. Oaktree yelled out “man, that guy had titties”.

Overall it was a good start with both sides still convinced that victory will be theirs. Joining Power Productions in the promotion of this card are KO Fightz and Sports Extreme. Tickets are on sale at, 1-800-298-4200, the Wachovia Complex Box Office, select ACME locations, and the Virtua Health Flyers Skate Zone at Voorhees.

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68 thoughts on “Brunelli vs Oaktree press conference”

  1. its easy to talk shit when ur not in the ring people can say what ever they want these 2 fighters deserve lots of resect for taking this fight. I think its a even fight it will be good! god bless you two!

  2. I agree Chris with the whole jitters thing with the first fight – but then you say that you wouldn’t put him in there with someone with alot of experience! Then why did you try? I guess it was a good thing that Ruiz backed out of the fight after yesterday at Harrowgate!!! HAHA!

  3. bottom line is oak trees dont punch back. brunelli wins and Brown is back to his old opponents. i hear there is a nice up and coming coconut tree.


  5. Wait a minute. Brunelli has like 6 inches on Brown. They made them look almost the same height in the poster. I didn’t realize he was that tall. How tall are Brunelli and Brown?

  6. that would be a great fight if it was on the card make it hap greg robinson. the only prb is one punch would want $25,000 plus 95% of tic sales. big poppa by ko

  7. Wow!!!! I’ll AMEN to that….Your right. Dead on the money!. I train myself now since I turned Pro. When I fought amatuer I fought Lt Heavy and Heavy(200). I’m trying like hell to get down to Crusier…but with me being active duty and limited time to train…..its kind of hard. Thanks for the Honesty!!! The weight does take away alot from me. I’m losing to guys that shouldn’t touch me. I have Self Motivation…..I’ll get down or somewhere that I’m comfortable…..210 ..215…and When I do….. it will open up new doors…..Thanks again.

  8. Oaktrees don’t fight back when you hit them. Brunelli does, and he’s the winner! Brown will be looking to fight some tumbleweed after this one!


  10. The only way Oaktree wins is by being the more active fighter! That is if it goes to decision! Nobody can hurt Brunelli – the guy is a machine, nothing affects him! He can take a punch and throw some too. He has a great chin, and Brown has no stamina! Dont forget he may look stiff at times but he is huge – how many huge guys look smooth! It is defintely going to be a good fight – i predict that Brunelli gets mad at one point and catches Brown with one good overhand right! Brunelli in 3!!What’s up Chris Rotella? – get on your guy more in between rounds – get him hyped up!Murphy is not gay! And a good manager who is looking out for his boxer’s best interest! Yo Murph — Superstar Ruiz VS Boom-Boom FaranteIS THIS GOING TO HAPPEN! GO TEAM BRUNELLI !!!!The Pride of Kensington Gym~~~Sean McDermott~~~

  11. Buddy, you knew it was me — haha! yo we got to get together and catch up on some years sometime! Whats it been like 10 years! I Just missed the match but saw Tony coming out of the gym holding his nose with a towel over his head! And you and him leaving. I hope he does do good – i wish him all the best! Come on he is yours and Murphs guy so then i am all for him! But then again he kept talking that he and Murph kept saying that he would kill Ruiz – and it didnt happen! Now head gear! Come on Chris! Hey he is young so he does still have a good future ahead of him!

  12. my name is jack and i was at the press conference. every time i see this kid shomo(brown’s manager) he is wearing a white jacket.dude do you need a couple of dollar’s.. what is with mark brown alway’s taking his shrit off. dude you are very big,but this is boxing.good luck to both of you guy’s..philly need’s more people like you guy’s.jack(north jersey)

  13. That’s it!!! No more Ray Ruiz!!!! The dude fuckin’ sucks!!! He’s your boy, so I applaud the effort, but the dude is an absolute nobody, and he can’t fight. Keith, please don’t post anymore comments after this one with the mention of “SuperJoke – Ray Ruiz”Get on somebody else’s dick!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!

  14. As far as Chazz embarrassing Brunelli, when/where? They fought? Somebody obviously doesn’t like Team Brunelli very much – LOL. I think Brunelli is gonna beat Oaktree. Probably by decision.

  15. Dave doesn’t know how to fight backing up? You didn’t see the Lyons fight did you? Sorry, but you are wrong there. Dave stepped off nice against Lyons, and was very effective against a pressure fighter. He kept it nice a controlled on the outside, and when Lyons backed him into a corner, Dave damn near broke his neck with an uppercut.Chris – Brunelli’s Trainer, aka (Groupie, Don’t Know Shit About Boxing)


  17. i see a couple of people saying dave cant punch….when you watch the klitchkos it dont look like they hit hard either, but when a man is that big its like dropping a rock off a building…its gion to hurt. late 4th round, brown goes down. early 5th brunelli finishes him.

  18. I think Oaktree should challenge Aaron Lyons, or Mike Jones from Michigan since his manager considers them bums. After he loses to Brunelli and Cudjoe. He’ll be 9-3 at that point, and have nothing to lose. Witherspoon will probably ditch him after this fight, and Oaktree will be back to training himself again. The guy puts on a good show outside of the ring, but I don’t think that’s gonna help him inside the ring. I don’t know why people even think this will be close. Brunelli has this fight. Late KO, or Dec win for Brunelli.

  19. I sall this dude Brunelli fight twice you people are nuts this guy sucks for air after the first rd and cant punch a little bit. easy win for brown,and any other H.W in philly! south philly pete

  20. Sorry, I’m not with the Gatt team, so I can’t make any deals on his behalf. You definetly looked trimmer is your last fight, but is there anyway you could get to a weight where you actually look in shape? I don’t mean this in a bad way either. I think you might be fighting a bit over your natural weight, and think you’d be very comfortable/dominant in the Cruiser/Lt Heavy Division. Your boxing skills are evident, but natural heavys seem to be too much for you strength wise. When are you leaving for Iraq, and when you do make sure to give us your APO so we can send some care packages.

  21. One Punch wins hands down — Speller will be knocked out cold! You wont put Speller in the ring against 40 year-old Ray Ruiz, but you’ll throw him in there against Carr! Hey why dont you throw another one of your guys in how about Khalid Farrah VS Ray Ruiz! After that night you will only have 3 fighters Brunelli, Tyric Robinson, & Gabriel Rosado!

  22. hahahahhahahahahahaha anthony gatts 4 opponents have a combined record of 2-20-2his next opponent is a real whopper…… 0-0……TONY GAZZO

  23. Brunelli and Brown looks like a really even matchup. But are they really good enough to be considered the top heavyweights in pa.? for the title? (they seem to tire after 3-4 rounds) Also, for the press conference we had the greatest light-heavy ever Saad Muhammad and there’s a need to mention Speller? Please just go away!! Don’t put them in the same story!!

  24. keith when are you going to talk to brown& brunelli about what they think about this fight????????? KEITH WE WANT TO HEAR FROM THERE CAMP’S!!!!!!

  25. What happened to all the talk??? I’m switching my prediction from a Brunelli decision to a Brunelli KO. I think Dave is gonna bring it to Oaktree. I love how Tim Witherspoon is so full of himself. At the press conference he only stated how it would be a great example of what a good trainer he is if Oaktree wins. How he could take a guy who knows nothing, and make him a better fighter. Like it’s all about him. How good would Brunelli’s trainer look when Oaktree loses? Maybe at least he won’t be considered a groupie that don’t know shit about boxing anymore. LOL!!! I love that line!!

  26. Sean – the last thing a fighter wants is some guy in his face all hyped up. If you’re yellin’ and screamin’ the guy won’t remember anything you said. If Dave needs a push I give it, but if he’s doing the right things already, there’s no need to get all loud. If you’re trying to keep your fighter composed, then it’s in the trainer’s best interest to be composed as well. This is going to be a great fight. It looks like it’s pretty even on who’s pickin who, and that makes it even better. It only goes to show that this is a great matchup. Instead of flying in some stiff, these 2 choose to fight each other. I think both Dave and Mark deserve a great deal of respect for steppin up to each other. May the best man win!!!Chris

  27. oaktree makes mike tyson sound like a master of linguistics…..he says brunelli never saw anything like him before…well folks actually he has. he seen oaktree in the toughman competition and won a unanimous decision…..legend has it oaktree walked into that fight with 6 teeth and walked out with 3 he now has……maybe hes looking to get the rest banked this time around…….??? who knows……

  28. It’s his first pro fight. Your not really gonna give me a hard time over this fight, are you? I could see if he was 5-0 and fighting a guy 1-5, but this is his pro debut. 2 other local guys already turn down the fight, and I would be a fool to throw him in there with anyone who’s already gotten the beginner gitters out of them. The first few fights in a professional career are more psychological then anything. Harris just went the distance with a guy who had a very good amateur background, and even dropped him in the first round of that fight. By no means are we looking past Heath. This is an excellent debut fight for Tony.Chris

  29. keith,all this talk why don’t you sit down with brown-brunelli and talk to them about this fight? that would be great. like go to brunelli’s camp one day and brown’s gym. I think’s that is what we need’s.

  30. I noticed that this Boom Boom Farante guy is fighting a bum! I heard of looking out for your fighter but how is he ever going to make a name for himself, at least put him in the ring against someone who can fight!

  31. SSG Brown just so you know I made that comment, and I’m the trainer for Dave Brunelli. I think I see very good boxing skills with you, but that extra weight has sapped your timing and rhythm. I wish you all the best in whatever you do. Remember “Stay Alert!!!Stay Alive!!!” over there. I’ve also had the honor of going over there too. Remeber you’ll only get what you put into PT, and diet is the second half of the equation.Keith, let’s set something up. We definitely need to get together before this fight. Drop me an email, and let me know what days are good for you.Chris – Brunelli’s Trainer

  32. You’ll(Grant Cudjoe) have 18 fights in about a month. Why not call out somebody with 16-18 fights like you? I love it when people call out guys with half the experience as them. Call out John Poore, Chazz Witherspoon, or Joey Abell. God forbid anyone fight someone with a similar record. Let’s see, if either took the fight it would be their 11th fight. Who did you fight in your 11th fight, oh, a guy 7-26!!!!! I think I’ve made my point.

  33. i was there it was great. Mark brown is a funny man, but this is boxing and by the look of brunelli it look’s like he is all about it.good luck to the both of them.i think brunelli beat’s him.

  34. This is a rematch of a fight they did about five years ago in the ametuers. Brunelli won that one, and I think he wins this one too.

  35. Philly Keith ~ what is your prediction on the Brunelli VS Oaktree fight? And Troy said what’s up and there really isnt any machine that he can’t fix!

  36. At least now we know who is making up all this stuff about Dave. Jack from North Jersey, I’m sure that’s your real name, and if you were from N Jersey, what do you care about the Philly boxing scene? I guess there will always be haters, so I’ll take it with a grain of salt. Probably the same guy who heard/saw Dave get embarrassed by Chazz. I love how people make shit up like it will affect the outcome of this fight.There are conspirators among us.

  37. I love it. 17-0 vs 2-5 on this card. How do you get on the special treatment list? The Indian should fight John Poore. I am so sick of seeing this shit!!! Who the hell would let a guy 17-0 fight a guy 2-5??? I guess we’ll get the same every angle response from the promotor of this fight too. Boooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

  38. Unfortunately I grabbed the wrong headgear, and Tony’s face didn’t approve. Tony was looking good, and wasn’t taking anything all that earth shattering. When his face looks better, we’ll go back down with a good headgear. Sean, don’t believe everything you hear. I love how you pass on this secondhand BS. If you were there, you’d know what really happened.Chris

  39. Someone asked me who did I think would when the Brown vs Brunelli fight. I think Brown is to strong for Brunelli. So the first 2 rounds will be very important for Brunelli to weather the storm. If he can weather the storm and keep Brown off balance he should be able to box him. So if it goes the distance I say Brunelli 59-55. If it end short by KO….I say Brown in 3. OAKTREE MAKE SURE YOUR DOIN YOUR ROAD WORK AND KEEP YOUR HANDS UP!!

  40. As of right now I don’t have any word of the fight being televised. If I hear any different I will let everyone know where they can tune in. Also, the only other fight signed is Cavallo vs Richard Stewart for the PA Light Heavy Title. A big wig from Comcast Spectacor sent out a release saying that Chris Pyfer, Dan “Bad Bing” Biddle, Tim Carpenter, Brian Cohen, and Tommy Pyfer will be appearing in action.

  41. I dispute the tomato can theory but if the fight holds true, thanks for the heads up and I have to say Damn that is an interesting fight! 4 or 6 rnds? Who wins?

  42. Right now all I can predict is that it will be a good fight. I will make a pick after I do interviews and hopefully catch workout sessions. The early betting line still looks to be about 50 / 50. We will see if it tilts.

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