Danny Garcia defeated Lamont Peterson

Danny Garcia wins a majority decision over Lamont Peterson. Did Swift get a gift?

…and STILL undefeated. Danny Swift Garcia walks out of the Barclays Center with a razor-thin 12 round majority decision victory over Lamont Peterson. Swift started fast chasing down an unwilling opponent. The tide turned late when Peterson decided to fight on the inside. The D.C. native pepperedĀ Garcia with everything he had for the final three rounds.

There is a lot of chatter swirling around the decision. Some are saying Peterson ran too much, others are saying that Swift got a gift. What did you think of the fight and final outcome?

60 thoughts on “Danny Garcia wins a majority decision over Lamont Peterson. Did Swift get a gift?”

  1. Peterson should of implemented his plan a few rounds earlier ! Danny won more rounds,so he won the fight. I expected it to be a better fight . Danny looks like he took a beating though !

  2. I like Danny but I just didn’t see him land anything meaningful early and especially not later. He is the champ and I guess you have to beat the champ a little worse than that. Garcia got a gift last night.

  3. Garcia lost by a land slide. like it or not using the ring is part of boxing and Peterson did a superb job of making Danny miss and scoring points with his jab. he had a game plan and when he thought it was time he stood in front of Garcia winning that battle also. Peterson schooled Garcia and its ashame they ripped him off!

  4. He wasn’t running he was usinf lateral movement. Damb shame when wake asses like rios, Alverado, Maidana, Provodkinov are more resoected then what peterson did in that ring yesturday. Peterson boxed beautifully.

  5. Who ever told petterson to run should get the blame petterson is good on the inside why did they tell him to run bad that was i can’t beleave that he told petterson to boxes like that as you can see how well petterson did in the end of the fight he should of did that from the start don’t blame the out come of the fiught yet

  6. Yeah Tim, Peterson waited too long to start fighting, but Garcia can punch, I know that was on Peterson mind those first four or five rounds, that would have been a championship fight but Garcia can’t make a hundred forty anymore, but he needs to learn to box a little better, because when he goes in at 147 division, he’s going to find out that those guys can box and punch way harder than Peterson, I have nothing against Garcia’s father, but I think they need some help in that corner

  7. Peterson deserved the win. He won the early rounds (what were you thinking, Farhood?) the late rounds, and some of the middle rounds. And this is coming from a guy who wanted Garcia to win.

  8. Even though there was no belt involved, Danny Garcia is the champ. Boxing would be awful if you could when a fight without much risk. It should be, to be the champ you have to soundly beat the champ. In the wilderness a young lion has to soundly beat the leader of the pride, to become a leader.
    He had a safe approach to the fight. Left without a mark because he f aught safe. Danny Garcia took all the risk.
    Lamont gambled with a late push and lost.

  9. Without risk you get no reward.
    Fans have nothing to lose because they will never enter the ring. They only taste admiration. They will never know triumph nor the flavor of defeat. A fighter must take risks! Canelo vs Lara. Same outcome.
    You want the crown, you want it all. You must be willing to give it alll!

  10. Amir Khan, they said was luck, Mathysse, that was luck, Zab, Judah,. When will they except it. Those guys he not only won, beat the shit out of them. Look at Lamont past fights, how he did Holt, Amir Khan,, the list goes on. But Danny Garcia he didn’t even try.

  11. Peterson boxed the first 6 rounds… Danny couldn’t even hit him so what are y’all talking about. Did you not see the jab pumping and solid footwork. And Danny admitted himself that he lost… you guys are biased

  12. There’s a difference between running and effective ring general ship. And Garcia face sure didn’t look like he fought a guy that ran for 6 rounds….. y’all are insane and DKSAB

  13. Well I guess you didn’t watch the first 6 rds when Peterson was on his huffy pedaling away from Danny and Danny was cutting the ring off and hitting him with whatever he could land! Dude didn’t even engage!

  14. I like the dudes saying ” hit and not get hit” in the defense of Lamont. They all forgot Garcia wasn’t getting hit in the 1st 7 rounds and was the aggressor and ring general.

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