Nakash blows out Carrol in 2, Shmouel wins return bout at The Blue!

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On February 6, 2009 – the local boxing fans flocked to the Legendary Blue Horizon for a solid 6 fight card which was highlighted by undefeated Israeli heavyweight / cruiserweight Ran Nakash continuing his knockout streak when he dismissed the light challenge of Delaware, Ohio Ryan Carroll in less than 2 rounds.

Ran Nakash vs. Ryan Carroll 2

Nakash, a hand to hand combat instructor in the Israeli Army, used a body assault to pave the way to victory as Carroll’s flabby midsection wasn’t built to withstand the power punches downstairs. During this short fight, Carroll was dropped to his knees twice from shots to the bread basket.

Midway through the 2nd, referee Steve Smoger saw enough and call a halt to the contest as it became apparent that Carroll was ready to gas out at any moment.

Ran Nakash vs. Ryan Carroll 5

Now at 17 – 0, Nakash should be on the doorstep of a good fight against someone capable of presenting a stiff challenge.

Ran Nakash vs. Ryan Carroll 6

In the co-feature, Pittsburgh Jr. Welterweight Khristian Geraci had a rough night. Not only did he get bombarded with boo’s as he entered the ring due to wearing a Steelers jersey (a first class football organization), he was also bombarded with rights and lefts from his opponent, Elad Shmouel who wasted no time in his return to the ring after a 14 month layoff.

Elad Shmouel vs. Khristian Goraci 3

Shmouel, who also serves in the Israeli Army, showed he was still explosive and in this one, didn’t waste much time finishing the job late in the 2nd round. Geraci tried but he was no match for the “Kosher Pitbull” who vows to get back on track and put together another winning streak.

Elad Shmouel vs. Khristian Goraci 1

Elad Shmouel vs. Khristian Goraci 2




In a 6 rounder, Julius Edmounds of Philly’s Frankford section pounded out a unanimous decision win over the previously undefeated Lindwood Herd of Atlantic City.

Julius Edmonds vs. Linwood Hurd 1

The majority of the contest was spent in the wheel house as both men traded shots at close quarters. A lot of the rounds were tightly contested but Edmounds was the one who stepped it up at the end of every round to clearly take the advantage.

Julius Edmonds vs. Linwood Hurd 2

I wouldn’t mind seeing an Edmounds – Victor Vasquez dust-up sometime….


Julius Edmonds vs. Linwood Hurd 3 Julius Edmonds vs. Linwood Hurd 4 Julius Edmonds vs. Linwood Hurd 5


Southwest Philly’s Ardrick Butler earned his first win as a pro with a split decision over Anthony Abrams in a good Jr. Middleweight match.

Ardrick Butler vs Anthony Abrams 2009 (13)

Butler showed flashes of the tools which made him an amateur champion back in 2005 and Abrams didn’t lay down in his return from a three year layoff. Butler worked primarily behind a quick double & triple jab and also threw some nice combinations to the body.

At times he was too active, other times he laid back and took pictures. Nothing a little experience won’t cure.

Ardrick Butler vs Anthony Abrams 2009 (14)

Abrams knew one direction and that was forward which left little time for relaxation. The when the Philadelphian landed, he landed hard. A little patience could have suited Abrams but regardless, he gave a good account of himself.

Ardrick Butler vs Anthony Abrams 2009 (15)

In the end it went to the scorecards which read 39 – 37 for Abrams but that judge was over ruled by a 39 – 38 & 39 – 37 tally for Butler.

Ardrick Butler vs Anthony Abrams 2009 (12)   

In the fight of the night, South Philly’s John Turner had New York’s Marcus Bianconi in trouble early but the Gleason’s Gym representative sucked up the early beating and fought back to score a 2nd round TKO. The fight that was stopped on the advise of the ringside physician due to trouble with Turner’s leaky nose.

John Turner vs Marcus Bianconi 2009 (3)

There have been reports that Turner also broke his hand in 3 places in the 1st round though that hasn’t been verified.

John Turner vs Marcus Bianconi 2009 (19)

In this short slugfest, both threw and landed some bombs, Turner got caught late, let’s see a rematch!

John Turner vs Marcus Bianconi 2009 (21)


John Turner vs Marcus Bianconi 2009 (22)


In the opening bout, Bethlehem, PA native Ronald Cruz scored a 3rd round knockout over the pro debuting Adam Duncan. Cruz started out fast, scoring 2 knockdowns in the opening round but Duncan toughed it out and was competitive through 2. In the 3rd, Cruz landed a lot of heavy shots to cause the ref to step in and end it.

Ronald Cruz vs Adam Duncan 2009 (47)

Cruz is a little crude, but boy can he pop. With some dedicated work with trainer Jimmy Deoria – I wouldn’t be surprised if he made a decent run as a professional. Ronald Cruz vs Adam Duncan 2009 (49) Ronald Cruz vs Adam Duncan 2009



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Anthony Gargano & Frank Cappucinno Frank Cappaccino awarded John DiSanto presents Elad Schmuel with Brisco Award 2009

PK at the pre-fight press conference with Elad Shmuel who was awarded the first ever “Briscoe Award” for 2007 Philly Fight of the Year.

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