Shannon Briggs says other champs are chopped liver


NEW YORK–America’s only world heavyweight champion, WBO belt holder Brooklyn Shannon Briggs, sat ringside as IBF champ Wladimir Klitschko easily disposed of unprepared Calvin Brock Saturday night at Madison Square Garden. To put it mildly, Briggs was unimpressed by the mismatch.

“I told everyone that Brock-oli was green as grass,” Briggs said. “He looked like a rank amateur. The guy was a total flop on the US Olympic team and he was a total flop in the Garden Is he animal, vegetable or mineral? After this showing, I think he can be stored in the vegetable section with the rest of the Brock-oli. I knew he was a pretender contender from Jump Street. That was an embarrassment to our whole country. You can stick a fork in Brock. Hush, hush, Sweet Charlotte and like that. No heavyweight from Brooklyn would perform like that in the Garden, that is for sure.

On the flip side, Briggs, who was behind on the three scorecards when he nearly decapitated WBO champ Sergei “White Wolf” Liakhovich November 4 in Phoenix, knocking Liakhovich out with seconds remaining of the 12th and final round at Chase Field, congratulated Klitschko.

“Larry Merchant’s pet retained his title and for that I congratulate him,” Briggs said. “But he did not look good in winning. Now you why Klitschko trainer Manny Steward feared having his guy fight me and why Shelly Finkel tired to screw me and my great manager, Scott Hirsch. We were rescued by our new promoter, Don King, and I made Don look prescient when I knocked Sergei completely out the ring.”

“Brock showed he will never be a world champ,” Hirsch said. “He folded up like a cheap umbrella in heavy rain. So let’s compare and contrast that with the dramatic, resounding victory Shannon had against Liakhovich.. You can say Brooklyn Briggs snatched victory from, the jaws of defeat but he did it with a Hollywood ending. Brock and Klitschko was dull from start to finish. I have no doubt that Shannon would crush Wladimir. I also have no doubt that Shannon is the real heavyweight champ.”

Naturally, Brooklyn Briggs agrees with his manager.

“Go with the best and forget the rest,” Briggs said. “I am the real world heavyweight champ,. not Klitschko, not the robotic Valuev and not Oleg Maskaev. I am the whole enchilada. These other guys are, well to use a Brooklyn expression, they are chopped liver.”

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