“Fast” Eddie Chambers and Max Alexander win decisions. Joey Abell flattens a guy at the Blue Horizon

Photos by Mike McGuigan

Promoter Veronca Michaels and matchmaker Don Elbaum opened the gates to Blue Horizon for the first time in the 2006 season and Philly Keith was firmly planted at ringside at Philly’s top boxing venue.

In the Main Event, top 50 Heavyweight contender Eddie Chambers stopped by for a tune up in preparation for bigger and better things against hand picked Louisiana peach Andrew Greeley. There were bigger names on the card, but it was up and coming prospect Max Alexander and tougher than spit Moses Matovu who stole the show in their 6 round clash of styles.

On the under card, a big white Heavyweight from Minnesota named Joey Abell came to the Blue seek refuge from Jesse Ventura’s oppression of pro boxing in his home state. The 6’4” former defensive end was an absolute monster and quickly exercised his God given right to put the bull rush on the jaw of an opponent.

The Junior Welterweight match up of Steve Upshur Chambers and Damon Antoine had all the makings of a classic and many fight fans took the hour drive from Trenton to watch 1996 Olympic Bronze metal winner Terrance Cauthan box the socks off of former title contender Vincent Thompson.

There was plenty of action and the Philly crowd was rockin’ as usual. To read the blow by blow report click here for more.

Max Alexander vs. Moses Matovu
Philadelphia, PA …..Las Vegas, NV
7 – 0 – 1 ………………2- 10 – 3

On the surface it looked like top New Jersey light heavyweight prospect Max Alexander was matched up against a cupcake to inflate his impressive record. But if you dig a little deeper you will see that the 2- 10 record of Moses Matovu does him no justice. The combined record of his competition is 42 – 3 – 5 and has lost the majority of these contests by a slim margin.

Max Alexander 3

Both fighters brought their A game and this turned out to be the fight of the night. There was no time wasted showing what they were about. While there were no clean exchanges in the 1st, Max played the role of boxer and Matovu showing that he prefers to brawl. Action really picks up in the second. Max is in control early, throwing a hard right jab. Matovu forces the action and ignites a mini brawl along the corner and ropes.

Moses Matovu big left

This trend continues and Max seals the round with a big right uppercut. Matovu starts off strong in the 3rd with hard body work. Max is landing his shots upstairs but Matovu keeps plugging away. Non stop action all round. Max is showing serious pop not seen before in prior fights but it doesn’t stop Matovu from working the ribs. The round ends with Matovu unloading on the ropes.

Max Alexander vs Moses Motavu 2006 (61)

In the 4th, Max avoids the brawl and mixes jabs and strong right uppercuts. Matovu keeps coming but eats a steady diet of jabs. As the end nears, Matovu gets back inside but Max returns the fire. The action dies down in the 5th, Matovu is winded and resorts to clowning around and throwing wild knockout punches. Max uses the jab effectively and avoids any major contact.

Max Alexander vs Moses Motavu 2006 (37)

In the final frame, Matovu gains a second wind and goes for broke. Max blocks most of this surge but a few punches do manage to land. Max takes control late as he becomes the aggressor working inside which sets up 2 big rights that land clean to his opponents head. Max puts on another surge that continues until the final bell sounds.

Winner: Max Alexander
Unanimous decision
All 3 judges score the fight 60 – 54
Saddo Boxing scores it 59 – 55 Alexander

Max Alexander improves to 8 – 0 – 1
Moses Matovu falls to 2 – 11 – 3

Max Alexander announced winner


Joey Abell …………vs. Dan Jambor
Minneapolis, MN ……Cleveland, OH
3 – 0 – 1 (2) …………..5 – 0 – 1 (5)

This was an intriguing match up of two young heavyweights that combined for 7 knockouts in 10 professional fights. The bout was scheduled for 4 rounds but Joey Abell needed only 1:15 to win over the notoriously tough Philly crowd and put the first blemish on Jambors’ record.

You knew from the outset that Abell meant business. The former South Dakota State Defensive End is built like a monster and inside the ring, hits like an 18 wheeler.

Joey Abell right

Jambor wasn’t intimidated coming out of the corner and made the grave mistake of standing in front of Abell. Abells’ first punch of the match was a straight right which would have given Jambor a front row seat if it weren’t for the ropes. Jambor whipped off the ropes and got his first taste of professional canvas. To his credit, he somehow beat the 10 count but was visibly shaken.

Joey Abell vs Dan Jambor 2006 (27)

Abell immediately went in for the kill, ducking a lame lab and put every ounce of his 250 lbs behind a left uppercut square into Jambors’ jaw. No ten count was needed for this one as referee Gary Rosato waved off the fight and called in the medical personnel.

Winner: Joey Abell via 1st round Knockout

Joey Abell improves to 4 – 0 – 1 (4)
Dan Jambor falls to 5 – 1 -1 (5)

Joey Abell vs Dan Jambor 2006 (35)

Terrance Cauthan vs. Vincent Thompson
Trenton, NJ ……………..Washington, DC
28 – 3 (7) …………………22 – 7 (9)

In the co- Main Event, former Olympian Terrance Cauthan used his surgical approach to pick apart former IBC Light Middleweight Title contender Vincent Thompson. The 1st round starts off slow as both fighters feel each other out. Both boxers trade light jabs and Cauthan shows the ability to slip away from punches.

Terrance Cautha ready to bang

Action picks up in the 2nd as Cauthan begins to flash serious speed. He doubles the right jab and follows with a straight left. Cauthan then turns up the heat and fires off 6 consecutive shots to the head and body which all find the mark. Cauthan finishes the round circling Thompson and throwing single jabs. Thompson tries to fire back but he is Cauthan is too quick.

Terrance Cauthan again

In the 4th Cauthan concentrates more on the body, going in for the attack behind a left jab. The round ends with Cauthan once again circling his opponent landing the single shot at will. Cauthan is proving he is way too much for Thompson. The 5th is highlighted by a Cauthan right hook to the body followed by double left hooks up top. Same thing in the 6th. In the 7th, Thompson changes up and rushes and finally lands a few punches but pays the price.

Cauthan is firing away all round and hurts his opponent courtesy of a big flurry at the end of the round. Thompson comes out of the corner obviously feeling the effects of the beating he took in the prior frame. Cauthan wastes no time a lands about 20 straight punches before referee Shawn Clark steps in and stops the butchery.

Cauthan scores the TKO and leaves the ring to the crowd chanting “Heat, Heat”

Winner: Terrance Cauthan via 8th round TKO

Terrance Cauthan improves to 29 – 3 (8)
Vincent Thompson falls to 22 – 8 (9)

Terrance Cauthan left

Eddie Chambers vs. Andrew Greeley
Philadelphia, PA ……Monroe, LA
24 – 0 (13) ……………10 – 10 – 2 (6)

The Main Event of the evening featured Heavyweight contender Eddie Chambers going up against Andrew Greeley. From the looks of things Greeley hasn’t missed many meals in preparation for his chance to beat a rising contender. To his credit, Greeley showed loads on punching power although not many of his shots connected. The fight started off with the boxers trading jabs and both showing the willingness to go inside.

Eddie Chambers vs Andrew Greeley 2006 (4)

Not much landed in the 1st. Greeley does get Chambers attention with a haymaker that might have decapitated him if it connected. Chambers is much more active in the 2nd, working the jab and avoiding the threats posed by Greeley. In the 3rd Chambers becomes the hunter and cuts off the ring while working in with left – right combo’s.

Eddie Chambers vs Andrew Greeley 2006 (2)

The action comes to a stretching halt in the 4th with the highlight being the few left jabs landed by Chambers. In the 5th, Chambers steps it up and scores all round throwing the jabs and landing his combinations.

In the 6th it looks like one of the tires in Greenley’s stomach goes flat as he throws about 2 punches all round. Chambers does a lot of work in the corner, landing at a high percentage. Chambers goes back to work in the 7th and scores a knockdown with a body shot. Greeley beats the count but takes more punishment.

Eddie Chambers vs Andrew Greeley 2006 (21)

Greeley manages to answer the bell for the 8th, it might have been a better idea for him just to call it a night because Chambers was all over him from beginning to end.

Winner: Eddie Chambers
Unanimous decision
All 3 judges score the fight 80 – 71

Eddie Chambers improves to 25 – 0 – (13)
Andrew Greeley falls to 10 – 11 – 2


Steve Upshur Chamber vs. Damon Antoine
Philadelphia, PA ………………..Akron, OH
11 – 1 – 1 (3) …………………….3 – 8 – 1 (2)

It looked like top Philly prospect Steve Upshur Chamber and Akron’s Damon Antoine were going to put on a real thriller. Upshur is known for his boxing ability and in Antoine was certified tough by PA Athletic Commissioner Greg Serb as he walked to the ring.

The action started right away with both fighters trading jabs at a fast pace, Antoine has some pop in his gloves. This went on for the first 1:30 of the fight until Upshur caught an accidental head butt which caused a deep cut over his right eye which brought the fight to a pre mature end.

Fight declared a No ContestSteve Chambers landing clean Steve Chambers misses


William Brown vs. Joey DeMalavez
Akron, OH ………….Philadelphia, PA
3- 1 (2) ……………….5 – 1 (3)

Bill Brown was pegged with the monikor “The School Teacher” and he came the Blue with intentions of giving Manayunk tough guy Joey DeMalavez a boxing lesson. His elementary approach of avoiding the brawl and sticking the jab was enough to demonstrate that when the street corner technique brought into a professional ring, it typically results in a loss.

Brown vs DeMalavez

Things started off shaky early. DeMalavez, who is built like a baby bull, was eyeing the quick knockout. He tried to initiate a slugfest but all that came out of it was holding, wrestling and lots of missed punches. This approach did win DeMalavez the first round as he scored on two overhand rights as time ran out.

DiMalavez has him on the ropes

From the second round on, Brown, who I later learned broke his hand in the fight, made the most of limited opportunities and showed the ability to throw a solid left jab and followed it with short hooks to the body as DeMalavez fought like he was trying to escape a rowdy bar.

Winner: Bill Brown
Majority Decision
Judge Richard Hopkins 38 – 38, Dewey LaRosa 39 – 37 Brown,
Judge Robert Grasso 39 – 37 Saddo Boxing 39 – 37 Brown

Bill Brown improves to 4 – 1 (2)
Joey DeMalavez falls to 5 – 2 (3)


Brown gets the win

William Boggs vs. Larry Brothers
Philadelphia, PA ..Baltimore. MD
1- 0 ……………………6-17-3 (4)

In the opener, the fans that waited outside in the freezing weather were quickly warmed up by the glove heat of William Boggs who used his left jab to perfection for 4 rounds against journeyman fighter Larry Brothers.

It was only Boggs second professional contest but he showed heart and the ability to learn on the fly brought about by a broken right hand sustained in the first. Boggs started the round working the left jab upstairs and added the occasional three punch combo.

Just when Brothers thought he figured the new comer out, Boggs would throw the jab to the body. In the second, Boggs starts off throwing 10 straight left jabs and Brothers can do nothing to stop it.

Round 3 starts just as the 2nd ended with Boggs being the aggressor and scoring with the left jab. Boggs begins to effectively mix in left and right hooks to the body. Brothers’ looks to be running out of steam and Boggs fires away with power shots but can not score the knockdown. In the final frame, Boggs again works the left jab. He follows one of those jabs with a straight right which lands a flush on the jaw.

This seems to wake Brothers up and he responds with big overhand right which buckled the rookies knees. Boggs quickly regroups and used the left jab to complete the shutout.

Winner: William Boggs
Unanimous decision
All 3 judges score the bout 40- 36

William Boggs improves to 2 – 0
Larry Brother plummets to 6 – 18 – 4

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Max Alexander vs Moses Motavu 2006 (57)

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