Joey Eye Boxing at the Sovereign Bank Arena 10-21-05

Friday Night Fights II
Joey Eye Boxing & NIT Management
Sovereign Bank Arena 10-21-05

There was a bit of last minute shuffling but Joey Eye still managed to pull of a crowd pleaser at the Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton New Jersey. The main event between unbeaten prospect Chucky Cavallo and knockout artist Berry Butler had to be canceled due to an injury sustained to Cavallo’s left hand during a sparring session late in the week. Some are calling BS on the injury…

Instead the numerous fans in attendance were treated to a boxing clinic by Terrance Cauthen, an impressive bounce back victory by Jon Gaddis, a hard fought battle by Doel Caraquillo and Rami Ibrahim, the professional debut of Sean Bullock who made quick work of his opponent, and some of the finest ring girls on the East Coast provided by Rix Mag. Click here for the blow by blow details.


Doel Carrasquillo – Rami Ibraham

The night started with two regulars from the Joey Eye stable looking to move up the ranks and eventually face off against more experienced competition in the near future. Doel Carrasquillo, the newest protégé of Terry Nye, entered the fight with a different style than seen in other bouts. Rami Ibraham was coming fresh off of an impressive win at the World Gym in Philadelphia two months ago.

Round one: a solid start to the night as Ibraham initiated action, while Doel spent lots of time counter-punching and moving. Both fighters scored with flurries on separate occasions and toward the end of the round Carrasquillo used nice defensive mechanisms to avoid the incoming punches of Ibraham.

round: 10-9 Carrasquillo

Round two: a lot like the first round, but Ibraham seems to throw smarter punches, not leaving himself open to counters, as was the case in the first frame. Carrasquillo goes on the attack late in the round putting in work to the body but also taking as much as he gives.

round: 10-9 Carrasquillo
fight: 20-18 Carrasquillo

Round three: the third starts off slow but Ibraham puts together three big combinations which were set up by his effective jab. Rami tried to build on this momentum, but ate a big right by Doel, which keeps him at bay for the rest of the round.

round: 10-9 Ibarham
fight: 29-28 Carrasquillo


Round four: Carrasquillo looked like he was going to end the fight early in round four, when for a full minute he outworked Ibraham, landing solid shots to the head and body and leaving Rami visibly stunned. To Ibraham’s credit he absorbed the punishment and did not go down.

round: Carrasquillo 10-9
fight: Carrasquillo 39-37

Round five: Ibraham comes out of the corner blazing in the fifth. He displays excellent hand speed and thwarted any offensive attempts by Doel for the entire round. Rami also started to throw more power punches, though not many landed.

round: Ibraham 10-9
fight: Carrasquillo 48-47

Round six: Both fighters seem to know it is a close one and give it their all in the final frame. Carrasquillo starts off strong in the beginning, mixing it up to the head and body. Ibraham manages to bounce back and land hard shots of his own and both fighters battle it out until the final bell sounds.

round: Carrasquillo 10-9
fight: Carrasquillo 58-56

The scorecards are read and Doel Caraquillo is declared the winner by split decision

An excellent curtain jerker, which set the tone for a night of solid, clean fighting. Ibraham once again was close but got no cigar. Doel showed he has what it takes to hang in there for more than four rounds and displayed good defensive instincts as well as the ability to punch.
Doel Carrasquillo improves to 3-2-1 (1)
Rami Ibraham falls to 2-5


John Gaddis vs Eugene Parker

Both fighters entered the match with something to prove. Eugene Parker was making his profession debut and John Gaddis is coming off of a lack luster performance at the Diablo Fight Club last month. From the opening round until the final bell sounded, the boxers kept the crowd of their feet with the fast paced action.

Round 1 – Parker wastes no time getting his feet wet by taking Gaddis into the corner and working the mid section. Gaddis punches with way out and takes the action back to the center of the ring. Both fighters throw jabs until Gaddis follows one up with a stiff right that gave the rookie his first ever taste of canvas. Parker rises to his feet and shows no effects from the knockdown as he manages to avoid Gaddis attempt to end the fight and finishes the round with a nice upper cut of his own which catch the attention of Gaddis.

Saddo scorecard
10 -8 Gaddis

Round 2 – Parker’s corner must have warned him about being over anxious as he took a different approach in the second. Gaddis once again tried to close the door but Parker sticks to the jab and shows a bit of footwork. Parker steps it up and gets the best of an exchange along the ropes. The action dies down a bit as the fighters take it to the middle where Gaddis effectively works the jab. Gaddis follows with an uppercut which lands flush sparking off another exchange where both men land a few clean shots. Parker gets a slight edge at the end with a late flurry as the bell rang.

Saddo scorecard
10 -9 Parker

Round 3 – Gaddis comes out again applying the pressure and Parker shows he is game. As both fighters stand toe to toe trading heavy shots, Gaddis connects with a left hook that floors Parker. Parker rises again and gets right back into it leading to a very good exchange that busts open Gaddis eye. The match has reached fever pitch and Gaddis comes back strong, muscling Parker into the corner, where he unloads and connected with another big left which puts Parker on his back again. To Parker’s credit, he gets up again and manages to finish out the round.

Saddo scorecard
10-7 Gaddis

Round 4 – Parker comes out looking tired but there is no questioning his heart as he goes into another exchange with Gaddis. Parker’s legs are jellied and wisely avoids anymore brawling. He goes back to the jab and it is effective. In the final minute Gaddis turns up the heat at the end of the round where both men fire away in the corner until the bell sounds.

Saddo scorecard
10-9 Parker

Winner Jon Gaddis – Unanimous Decision

Fight roundup – Gaddis showed a mean left, solid chin and willingness to brawl. Parker showed flashes when he stuck to the basics and also showed lots of heart getting up 3 times in the fight but took the bait every time Gaddis wanted to exchange and paid the price.

Gaddis improves to 9 -4 2ko’s
Parker is now 0 -1


Sean Bullock vs Drew Gizzi

This was the profession debut for both fighters. It was a short but exciting fight as both fighters came out throwing bombs. Bullock came out on top courtesy of a devastating left which set up more punches leaving the referee no choice but to stop the fight.

Round 1 – You could tell it was the moment both men have been waiting their whole life for. There was nothing technical about this fight as both fighters ran out of the corner to the middle of the ring and fired away. Most of these punches were big overhand rights which put the crowd on its feet. During this brawl Bullock lands a left leaves Gizzi in a daze. He follows up with more hard rights and left knocking Gizzi down and out as the ref calls the fight at 1:42 in the 1st. Probably a premature stoppage, but live to fight another day.

Winner Sean Bullock TKO 1:42 1ST round

Sean Bullock is now 1-0
Drew Gizzi falls to 0-1

Bryant Brannon vs. Darmel Castillo

This was the return of once upon a time contender Bryant Brannon who came back after a long lay off to take on slugger Darmel Castillo. Brannon showed a bit of ring rust but came on strong towards the end showing flashes of the boxer who once graced the squared circle with Roy Jones Jr.

Round 1 – Not much to report in the first as both fighters circled the ring and threw jabs. Castillo would try to initiate action but Brannon would back out at any sign of action. The boo birds start to come out.

Saddo scorecard

Round 2 – Castillo starts off fast landing a good body flurry. Brannon is looking rusty throwing light punches and avoiding any real action. The boo birds come out again and Castillo tries to quiet them down connecting with a few light taps. Brannon finally puts in enough work to break a sweat and finishes the round landing a few shots to the mid section of Castillo.

Saddo scorecard
Castillo 10-9

Round 3 – The round starts off physical as Castillo forces the action to the ropes and goes to the body. Brannon is able to maneuver out of the corner and take it to the middle where an actual boxing match breaks out. Castillo tries to jab but Brannon is showing good head work making his opponent miss the target. Brannon shows nice counter punching ability. Brannon establishes that he is the strong of the two and muscled the action to the ropes where he put together a few strings of body shots.

Saddo scorecard
Brannon 10-9

Round 4 – Brannon shows his strength and forces Castillo in the corner. Brannon works the body bit Castillo responds with solid shots to Brannon’s head. This is the beginning of a good exchange along the ropes. The action goes back to the middle and Castillo is snapping the left which keeps Brannon at bay. Castillo starts to throw punches with authority but most don’t land due to Brannon’s head movement. Brannon finishes the round with a solid left which seems to hurt Castillo but not finish him off.

Saddo scorecard
Castillo 10-9

Round 5 – both fighters are active again with Brannon staying to the body and Castillo responding with punches to the head. Castillo’s right hand obviously packs power. Castillo then works the jab most of the round avoid the bull rush of Brannon. Towards the end, Brannon lands a flush right. Castillo backs off any major action until the end.

Saddo scorecard
Brannon 10-9

Round 6 – Brannon tries to set the tone for the final round popping the left jab and following with the right. The action goes to the ropes for a bit where Castillo lands a hard right upstairs. Brannon responds with a right of his own and then both fighters slow it down which takes the fight to the scorecards.

Saddo scorecard
Brannon 10-9

Winner Bryant Brannon Majority decision

Fight Roundup –

Bryant Brannon improves to 22- 2 14ko’s
Darmel Castillo falls to 10-9-2 6ko’s

Terrance Cauthen vs. Frans “Rambo” Hantindi

Round 1 – The fight started off as a slow feel out round. Cauthen put in the most work connecting with flurries then backing away. Any offense Rambo tried to mount was stymied by the elusiveness of Cauthen.

Saddo scorecard
Cauthen 10-9

Round 2 – this round starts off a little fast than the last as both fighters throw jabs from a distance although not many land. Cauthan gets in a little closer and begins to connect with the left jab. With the left jab established, Cauthen starts to get aggressive following the jab with quick rights. Rambo goes on the defensive then out of no where lands a solid right which sparks an exchange in the corner as the round nears the end.

Saddo scorecard
10-9 Cauthen

Round 3 – Rambo tries to apply the pressure but Cauthen is just too fast. Cauthen’s fast footwork and stiff jab has Rambo obviously frustrated. The theme of round 3 is Cauthen ducking Rambo’s right and throwing a steady diet of 1-2 combo’s

Saddo scorecard
Cauthen 10-9

Round 4 – Cauthen goes on the offensive this round and is landing the right at will. Cauthen then starts to work the body with success. After a slight exchange, the action goes to the corner where Cauthen lands more hard body shots.

Saddo scorecard
Cauthen 10-9

Round 5 – Cauthen was a defensive specialist in the 5th and Rambo tried to force the action but came up empty on all accounts. Cauthen threw and landed a steady diet of jabs.

Saddo scorecard
10-9 Cauthen

Round 6 – Another effective round by Cauthen where he is barely touched. In the 6th he consistently throws 2 punch body combos then backs away. Towards the end of the round Cauthen flashes lighting speed connecting with a 5 piece combo.

Saddo scorecard
Cauthen 10-9

Round 7 – Cauthen turns on the speed again throwing precision punches to Rambo’s head and ducking out at any sign of trouble. Rambo does mount his first bit of significant action as he smothers Cauthen along the ropes and lands a few punches of his own.

Saddo scorecard
Cauthen 10- 9

Round 8 – Cauthen once again fires off punchs at a high volume and Rambo’s chin is paying the price. Rambo tries the smother technique again but the veteran Cauthen eludes the rush and lands a right flush to the chin sending Rambo to the mat. Rambo gets up but absors another load of punishment as Cauthen closes the show with a big flurry of rights and lefts until the final bell sounds.

Saddo scorecard
Cauthen 10-8

Winner Terrance Cauthen unanimous decision

Fight Roundup – Forget a shut out, Cauthen pitched a no hitter. He showed the ability to box, punch with power and great footwork while avoiding any sign of trouble in the bout.

Terrance Cauthen improves to 28 -3 7ko’s
Frans “Rambo” Hantindi falls to 10 -6 -2 7ko’s

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