Rosado & Jennings head into their Dec 19th fights with new trainers. Will it help?

As we near bell time for the December 19, 2015 HBO show in Verona New York, two long-time Philly fighters head into critical career bouts with new trainers. Local Middleweight “King” Gabriel Rosado has enlisted the services of former world champion boxer Fernando Vargas to conduct training camp in Arizona in preparations for Joshua Clottey while Heavyweight contender Bryant “By By” Jennings recently replaced long-time trainer Fred Jenkins in favor of taking camp to Miami to train with John David Jackson.

Both men have a lot riding on this bout – a victory is extremely important in each situation.

This sparks the great debate on the relationship between fighter and trainer. Both of the mentioned boxers had long runs with the trainers they first started out with in this sport. Now that they are near boxing’s top-level – new voices are brought in to the mix.

The subject can be a touchy topic when you factor in loyalty, money and determining when a duo has peaked. I’ve heard it all from a new team can help get a stuck fighter over the hump to you can’t teach an old dog new tricks when they are finished products who are stuck in their ways.

I’d like to get your thoughts on how effective a switch in coaching can be for a fighter this deep into their career.
Bryant Jennings and John David Jackson 2015

5 thoughts on “Rosado & Jennings head into their Dec 19th fights with new trainers. Will it help?”

  1. I think it was time for Gab to try something different and John David Jackson is good for BY as he can get some rounds in with Kovalev but he should still keep Fred around so maybe use them both

  2. I agree with Gabe change as nothing was happening to change his status , but the Jury is out on By By. I mean I felt he was a bit to cautious in the Klitschko fight, but I do not think it was reason to change trainers ……yet. I am chose Kong to beat him based solely on the way he fought in his last gift.

    1. D ! This dude is a Cuban National with a lot of Amateur back ground. I feel the same time way you do, touch to soon ( Greasy Gary Shaw ) his Promoter could care less, and the fact that ( John David Jackson ) is unproven at Hvy. Wt. and new to Him. Let’s see if it has any impact for or against!!!!

    2. Thanks your input. You usually only hear from people talk abut a trainer switch after a fighter has lost. Jennings will be under the microscope in this one. I’m interested to see if there is a noticeable difference under DJD. I’m also interested to see Ortiz perform post failed steroid test.

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