Betting odds, Quotes and weights from Verona. All three Philly fighters betting underdogs.

We are hours away from bell-time and the Las Vegas book makers has released betting odds for the upcoming HBO Boxing bouts tonight in Verona, New York. All fighters with Philadelphia connections have been deemed underdogs in the bouts.

The lines are likely to fluctuate a bit as more money is put on the table.  Who – if anyone – will pull off an “upset” tonight?

Scroll down to get the official weights, quotes and lines in regards to the fights with a Philly connection.

Luis Ortiz is a slight favorite over Bryant Jennings – coming in just under 1.5-to-1.


Weights: Jennings 229.5, Ortiz 239


Jennings counters by questioning Ortiz heart. “He [Ortiz] has issues,” Jennings said via “I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. He lacks confidence. He has chin issues. His conditioning needs to be questioned. He’s going to have to fight, and he’s someone that’s not used to being touched. He doesn’t have dog in him.”


Joshua Clottey is nearly a 2-to-1 favorite over Gabriel Rosado


“This fight means a new beginning,” Rosado said to “It’s the second chapter of my career, and I believe it’s truly my time to shine. I know that Clottey is a defensive-minded fighter and will be looking to counter. But I believe that I have the advantage. I’m younger, faster, stronger, and I believe my ring IQ is better.”

Clottey said:

“I know Gabe is very tough and always comes to fight so I expect a hard fight from him. I just will need to stay focused and I do what I need to in order to win,”

“I want to be a world champion again, and I believe my experience will help me be one again and know I can do that by winning this fight.”

Rosado weighed in at 158 lbs while Clottey scaled in at 157 lbs.

Jason Sosa’s odds are near astronomical with Nicholas Walters nearly a 15-to-1 favorite. 


Walters weighed in at 129.5lbs on Friday. His opponent Sosa weighed in at 130lbs.

Nicholas Walters: “I look at boxing in a big way. I want to be the best there is and leave a mark on the sport. Sosa is in my way.”

Jason Sosa: “Walters is in for the shock of his life. It’s a different world coming up to 130 pounds. This is my territory, not his.”


32 thoughts on “Betting odds, Quotes and weights from Verona. All three Philly fighters betting underdogs.”

      1. Sosa is going to be a name brand in boxing after tonight he will shock the world. B Jennings will continue to have a successful career. Gabe is just a better fighter than clottey. Bottom line Philly run this

    1. Philly Keith Page u see the pic u got up this mofo sweating in his dress shirt and he look big as hell but unless By is gone take the chance to land some shots this will be Jennings vs klitscko part 2

    2. Philly Keith Page True and we all know By can take a punch..he ate some muderous shots from Wlad and he became very brave..I feel he will get hit with some shots and become brave again and pay for it. Ortiz has more skill s than By. Ortiz just keeps coming with hella shots

  1. I’m all for local fighters but I’m real and that was not a draw at all even tho Sosa was definitely game Walters showed he was the better fighter and Ima tell u what tells me I know what I’m talking about Sosa was happy with the draw Walters was not

    1. When I heard that first card 96 to 94 Sosa way I knew some bullshit was liable to happen and given the judges one of them has Algieri beating providnokov I knew it

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