“Hardcore” Mansour takes a Hard Luck loss in Los Angeles

Live at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, it seemed like local favorite Amir “Hardcore” Mansour was finally about to break through to the next level of a crowded-yet-open Heavyweight division in front of a large national audience.

Fighting as the co-feature for the Danny Garcia vs. Robert Guerrero, Premier Boxing Champions main event on FOX Sports, Mansour dropped sledge hammers on his opponent Dominic Breazeale for four long rounds in a bout that was scheduled for ten.

To the shock of everyone tuned in – this two-way war concluded with Breazeale getting off the canvas to snatch a 5th round stoppage win as Mansour could not answer the bell for round 6. Breazeale was well behind on all score cards at the time of stoppage.

Amir Mansour vs Dominic Breazeale 1

There was plenty of tough talk in the lead up to this fight which led to lot of drama inside of the ropes. Coming into the fight, Breazele was looked at by some as a bit of a fraudulent prospect despite his qualification as an Olympic boxer in 2012.  Mansour was touted by his cheerleaders as a fighter avoided by the upper end of the division. The narrative was playing out in front of an estimated 2.5 million viewers across the globe.

The 43-year-old Mansour of Penns Grove, New Jersey fought out of his customary southpaw stance and offered a fiercely balanced head-and-body battering. The best shot of the night was a right handed bomb in the fourth round which put Breazeale flat on his back. The former college football QB who turned to boxing late in life was unquestionably stunned, but to his credit, he barely beat the 10-count, survived the round, and then put on a effort that will live in the memory of Philly Boxing fans forever.

Just when it looked like the show was about to close – that Philly big stage bad luck struck again. A huge barrage of punches by Breazeale (17-0, 15 KOs) left Mansour woozy at the end of round five.


The 43-year-old Mansour (22-2-1, 16 KOs) never hit the canvas in the 5th, but to the surprise of everyone watching – he did not answer the bell for the 6th round, saying between rounds “I can’t close my mouth,” and signaled he couldn’t continue. Trainer Calvin Davis replied, “Don’t do this to me.” He proceeded to give one of the biggest hat spikes in the history of professional boxing.  Call it passion in the heat of the moment.

It was later revealed that Mansour nearly bite his tongue in half due to a faulty mouthpiece. The blood flow made it hard to breathe. X-Rays also revealed that the damage included a jaw fractured in three places.

Trainer Calvin Davis goes into detail on the stoppage.

A week later, I’d like to ask how the boxing public is feeling about the Heavyweight fight between Breazeale and Amir Mansour? Is Breazeale a real prospect? Will we ever see Mansour in the ring again? We hope he gets well soon. Share your thoughts in the comments.


40 thoughts on ““Hardcore” Mansour takes a Hard Luck loss in Los Angeles”

  1. I loved it other than the fact that Mansour was on his way to a win and chance at a title shot and lost. I hope he gets a title shot before he calls it a day. If he doesn’t that’ll be a total shame. He deserves it.

  2. Tough way to lose for Amir…Breaeazaele stood in there and started moving his hands and was coming on when the fight was stopped. He was able to follow his corner’s command to throw uppercuts, and it was an uppercut that set up the right hand that ultimately ended the fight. It was a great old-time heavyweight rumble, and both guys deserve big props.

  3. Amir could have boxed from the outside and never had gotten hit because of the speed difference his tongue has 65 stitches in it but he definitely deserves a rematch the audience was very intoned to the action of the fight definitely a bad break but I would love to see it again

  4. Amir had a legitimate reason to stop look I have 60 pro fights fought everyone and there mother only got stopped one time against Hatton I have never been in a situation like that so I can’t say what I would do but I definitely can’t fault him we will see if Breazeale takes the rematch then u will see if he really feels he won

  5. I don’t want a rematch, Amir does. Those 6-foot-7 guys are too big for him. I’d love to fight Artur Szpilka better or even consider getting one fight at cruiserweight, then fighting for the title there. Also would love to fight Arreola.

  6. Amir was owning Breazeale. Dude needs a legit mouth guard and he cruises to an easy decision or TKO. People say Amir was gassed. That’s because he could not breath for 3 consecutive rounds.

  7. Spoken like a true promoter Mr. J.J Russell Peltz he’s to small for those guys I would like to see Amir get down to cruiserweight and bounce some of those cruiserweights around but, your the master mind you know best sir best of luck sir

  8. Amir Mansour dominated the first 5 rounds but was caught to a powerful punch that did enough damage for him to receive 36 stitches in his tongue which brought about the ending at the end of the 5th round. The 43 year-old Mansour doesn’t seem to be able to get a match with a contender so he continues to fight these young giant in height prospects. He should be back and I don’t see his opponent as any more than a prospect. If it wasn’t for bad luck Mansour would have no luck at all. He was robbed of a victory in his previous fight receiving only a draw decision.

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