What was funnier – Sergei Kovalev’s K-Mart style hat or him calling out Adonis “Chickenson”?

Fresh off another knock-out win over Jean Pascal – Russian bear Sergei Kovalev wants to clean out this division once and for all.  Check out the post fight interview where he calls out Adonis “Chickenson”.

Not bad for a guy who shameless rocks a K-Mart logo on his hat and shirt.  I think he needs a new marketing team ASAP.

10 thoughts on “What was funnier – Sergei Kovalev’s K-Mart style hat or him calling out Adonis “Chickenson”?”

  1. Kovalev is a monster. He could have possibly have killed Pascal (who has like the best chin and biggest heart I’ve ever seen) had Freddie not stopped it. Ward and Stevenson I feel def have a 50/50 chance to beat Kovalev. Enuff of the nonsense, those fights need to be made. Honestly without Floyd, boxing needs big fights to be made. We got Thurman/Porter, that’s a start. There is no reason GGG/Canelo should not be made. They don’t need interim bouts. Kell Brook/Amir Khan need to stop the stall tactics and make that fight happen at wembley stadium ASAP. Wilder needs to be fighting David Haye or Tyson Fury ASAP. Lomachenko and Rigo need to fight, no stall tactics, and why not Danny Garcia vs. Miguel Cotto at a catch weight of 150. So many unbelievable fights could be made, but they seem to never happen. It’s truly amazing how much Floyd and to a lesser extent Manny have meant to boxing. They carried the sport, they were true global crossover superstars.

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