Hank Lundy to face Bud Crawford at MSG on February 27, 2016

On February 27, 2016 –  Bob Arum’s Top Rank Inc and HBO Boxing return to the Mecca of Boxing with a show designed to introduce 140 pound WBO Champion Terence Crawford (27-0, 19 ko’s) to the East Coast fight fans. This is a big step in catapulting the popular fighters into PPV status. Standing in his way is long-time prospect / contender Hank Lundy (26-5-1, 13 ko’s) of Philadelphia. Many experts around the country feel that this will be easy work for the fighter known as “Bud”.  To put it in perspective – Vegas odds makers list Crawford a whopping 34-to-1 favorite.

Someone forgot to send Lundy the memo that he is the opponent. The 32-year-old switch hitter couldn’t care less about what the public thinks. He is on the record saying how he fully intends to leave New York City with Crawford’s title, rankings and manhood.

Hank Lundy vs Terence Crawford HBO promo 2016

At a recent press conference, Lundy took the stage and told everyone in attendance that is going to “break his will” and flat out predicted a KO in a fight the could fulfill his lifelong quest of becoming a world champion. Love him or hate him – there aren’t many who can hype up a fight like this guy can.

Nebraska’s Crawford was up for the verbal challenge, saying he is going to “take Lundy to the streets” and “shut this dude up once and for all”. The 28-year-old ranks as #6 overall pound-for-pound fighter according to Ring Magazine.

Who’s telling the truth? Will Bud the Stud take over New York City or is Hammerin’ Hank going to turn the Garden out ?

For this fight Lundy reunited with his original trainer Charles Ramey who practices out of the Marion Anderson Gym in South Philadelphia.

Hank Lundy vs Terence Crawford MSG promo 2016


51 thoughts on “Hank Lundy to face Bud Crawford at MSG on February 27, 2016”

    1. 99% of the best fighters ever have been beaten, half the time by fighters who had “no chance.” I think Crawford will win, but as always I just want to see a great fight, everyone have a chance. And if Hank wins, I will be very happy for him.

  1. Ctfu… Did y’all see the press conference I don’t think Hank Lundy believes the shit he was saying…. Crawford hands down… #TEAMCRAWFORD#DOWNINSIX#NEBRASKACORNHUSTLERS#OMAHANEBLASTYA

  2. All the people that think this Hank dude stand a chance, you need to watch the champs last fight and see what he did to that dude for disrespecting him!!! Did you get what you was looking for?CRAWFORD in 4

  3. Ima be honest as I can and I promise y’all can come back to my post and quote me I’ve watched Hank since he was a amateur and he will come to fight so all those thinking he will get knocked out in 6 I doubt that but I think it will be interesting and action packed goin both ways but after 6 bud will probably take over just because he is more technically sound and Hank seems to get a lil sloppy but goin straight back and dropping his hands and bud will capitalize but with that being said I’m still rooting for Hank cuz he from philly but bud still one of my favorites…. This gone be a exciting fight so all y’all that think Hank can’t fight trust me he can but he probably won’t win

    1. Robert Mccurry if he think like u as it’s just a workout Hank will win u can never underestimate no fighter bruh it’s gone be a entertaining fight mark my words I could even see both of them getting knocked down

  4. Hard for me b/c I know Hank, so gotta roll with him. If he can figure out how to box and brawl when necessary. That’s actually his style, so don’t be surprised if Hank does some special things. NO lapses ever, hands up and don’t cross that line. If Hank has good movement like he is capable of, he can and will cause problems and a threat to anyone. Great fight for Hank to show the world, so many against him. I love it! Lets go Hank!

  5. Hank doesn’t have what it takes, this is a promo fight, strictly for publicity. Lundy is a “decent” fighter but his mouth is way bigger than his skill!!! Bud will knock this clown out by the 8th round!!!

  6. Hank Lundy & Terence Crawford 2 very good fighters who have a passionate dislike for each other. Goodluck to both of you. I know you’ll both prepare for this fight like no other. This potentially could be the fight of the year.

  7. It seems like Hank and Bud have some history. Lundy can punch, but Crawford, while hittable, takes a heckuva shot. I see Hank going the distance, but Crawford taking a workmanlike decision. I’m rooting for Philly though!

  8. I like this fight. Lundy always entertains and Crawford keeps getting better. Even if Crawford blows Lundy away, it will be spactaular. And if Lundy fights his best fight ever–something like what Mike Rossman did one night to Victor Galindez–it could get interesting. Nothing wrong with this fight at all.

  9. The public must not ignore or dismiss the reality that Mr. Terence Crawford is without a doubt the best pound for pound boxer in the current era.
    Hes what some of us recognize as a vetted pugilis He has been blessed with the ability to adapt to any boxers style. Hes fast, strong, amadexerous, and ring smart. You dont have to look for him. If invited he is there. If uninvited he is there.

    Yes Lundy would be considered a tuff opponent for some. But Terrence Crawford isn’t some. Hes one. One man keenly focused on a destination and Lundy is a yield sign that Crawford , by “boxing law” has to momentarily pause at.
    Yes, Hammerin Hank is tuff but Terrence Crawford isnt a nail.

    What’s in question here is not whether Crawford will make it hot in the square circle for Lundy but HOW MUCH he will turn up the heat.

    Prediction- Crawford wins by KO.

  10. It’s really serious this time! Two guys having words! Oh man! I’ve never heard of this unless two guys were really serious! This is serious! This means it’s going to be a great, serious fight! It’s never not meant that! Because of the words!

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