What is the best fight of James Toney’s career?

Let me know your favorite moments from the career of  James “Lights Out” Toney –  the 3x world champion, 2x Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year.

This miracle against Vassiliy Jirov in 2003 Cruiserweight classic has to be near the top. Do yourself a favor, hit the video to full screen and kick back for 4 minutes. Old HBO Boxing at its finest right here…


49 thoughts on “What is the best fight of James Toney’s career?”

    1. through four rounds – I have to say that I’m most impressed with Toney in this fight. Not particularly because of the action – but because of he was a natural middleweight who went up so far to trade blows with a guy who knocked out Tyson, Dougals and many others. JT was in there smelling his breath and at times getting the better of the exchanged.

  1. Philly Keith Page i remember this fight.i have it somewhere on dvd. But this was a classic. Jirov was a tough dude though. He was hurt bad but he still kept coming forward throwing punches. Both of them are some tough dudes

  2. Diddy – that’s another good call. Delaware’s been talking about that decision since the 80’s. I never actually watched the fight. Right now I’m a round into Holyfield – Toney. Might try to find that next. I have a feeling it has been scrubbed off the face of the internet.

  3. I just finished the Toney vs. Tiberi fight. Turned the announcers off after round 2 cause I don’t want to hear Dan Dierdorff talk about anything but football. Very close fight – Delaware Dave was in that ass every round but I’ve also seen much worse decisions. Toney was skinny as shit. I’m sure it was no picnic making that weight. Is there a middleweight today who you could see winning a Heavyweight title in 10 years?

  4. Phily keith Page….If you want Meldrick Taylor book, I have the address of person I bought from…at the time I bought he said he had a couple of copies..This was September 15. Will pm you.

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