Follow the GGG vs. Wade & Chocolatito vs. McWilliams fights here

Is HBO Boxing feeding us some mismatches tonight or will we see a good fight on this card? I’m thinking two KO’s but who knows.Feel free to follow and leave comments as the night goes on…

30 thoughts on “Follow the GGG vs. Wade & Chocolatito vs. McWilliams fights here”

  1. I’m such a huge GGG fan. Just love watching him fight. Chocolita is awesome to. Gonna take a great fighter to beat GGG. He just punches so hard. U can hear the thud thru the TV when he lands punches.

  2. Lol!!! Well alrighty then. Jesus man, those punches were unreal.

    Say what you will about GGG, but he does EXACTLY what he always does. I was curious how he was going to handle the bigger and longer fighter, and he absolutely destroyed him.

    Who steps up, disregards record and consequences and say, “Enough is enough. It’s time to end this shit?”

    1. I do. Of course it depends on his oppenent. GGG vs. Canelo would be huge. GGG vs. Danny Jacobs would be big. Granted I don’t see him doing Floyd or Manny numbers though. U?

    2. I’m trying to get a gauge for his popularity. I personally saw him draw a good number of fans at Madison Square Garden. He seems to be drawing well in LA. I think the right fight could do good PPV numbers.

  3. Such a shame he was not fighting in the era with Bhop, Jermain, Kelly, Winky and a prime Sergio. Could u imagine how big a GGG fight would have been against any of them. I think Bhop would have beat him

  4. I don’t believe he can, himself carry a PPV card. I would venture to say He and Roman are not a “casual” boxing fans viewing experience.

    I do believe that if he is matched with an Alvarez and possibly a Khan that the card would do well.

    He does seem to have a good backing from the Mexican fanbase, which you have to have in boxing.

    He and Canelo would do big numbers.

    1. It does all depend on the opponent. GGG does seem to have a lot of people filling the stands though. I saw him in New York and the Garden was nearly full. LA looked like a good turn out tonight. I think he may be bigger internationally than he is here in the USA. Hopefully he fights Canelo sooner rather than later.

    2. I agree. He’s almost mid 30’s, but in boxing terms he’s a very young 34. He’s taken no real damage, and seems to have the psychological advantage in every fight.

  5. And you know, what I enjoy more than anything is how consistent and efficient his punches are. He doesn’t throw a bunch of junk. He throws and gets almost exactly what he wants, every time.

    They better check that boys jaw. I wouldn’t be surprised if he broke that damn thing with those two punches.

  6. Its one of the most interesting scenarios I can remember in boxing. A fighter like Golovkin and no one wants to step up and take that chance. 16 different world champions have swerved him in the last 6 years.

    A slick boxer with a solid chin would make for an amazing fight with him- someone with some speed that can take those punches and possibly take a fight into deeper rounds. Such a shame they’re all scared shitless. Well that and the consequences of a loss could possibly be a knock to anyones career.

  7. Saul Alvarez, GBP and the IBF all had to do their share to give us this pointless Wade match. Wade’s a decent boxer (may get into the universal top ten sometime) but between team Nelo’s BS with Khan and an eliminator that shouldn’t by any means have produced a mandatory opponent for Gennady Golovkin, we certainly know who was responsible for this.

    As far as Gonzalez, it was a lineal champion fighting a rightful top ten contender in his weight class, no matter how it played out. And there’s nothing wrong with that at all. What’s going on with Gonzalez is the right kind of matchmaking. Looking at Ring’s top ten, Gonzalez has wins over his number 1, 4, 6 and 8 contender. Three of them in his last three fights, two of them ranked higher when the fight happened. Even on paper, nothing was going on that wasn’t respectable there.

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