Anthony Joshua blew out the paper champ in London to win his first major title…

The young London based Heavyweight won his first major belt this afternoon with a 2nd round knockout over Charles Martin. It wasn’t even close. The industry hacks say he is the second coming of Lennox Lewis. What do you think? Is the kid legit? Take a look at the video and let me know your thoughts…

20 thoughts on “Anthony Joshua blew out the paper champ in London to win his first major title…”

    1. After he directed Joshua he started at like 6 or 7 lol I think it was slightly premature but I still think it woulda been same outcome Joshua just looked all around sharper

  1. Larry Willis I also enjoy how the heavyweights are relevant again. Makes me wonder if the new boost is because the Klitschko’s were so dominant and boring in the last era or because these new guys are so talented???

  2. Can’t wait to see Fury “fight” AJ. And by “fight” I mean get on his bicycle, pop jabs and hold for 12 rounds. Ya know, the same crap Fury did against Wlad, and bashed Wlad for doing for a decade. Take the fight out of the fight.

  3. Keith I’ve been watching this guy i think we is the next big thing in the division!!! Really excited about his future fight. I really think he’s going to bring the division back in a big way

    1. I think we’ve just seen only the tip of the Iceberg. I say that because I’ve seen this guy do some things in his fights already, and i dont see ANYONE DOING the little things that he does as far as the movement, the great jab, the way he goes to the body to set up the knockout really good things to come from this guy. Haaaaa, the James Brown song I walked out to that song my last fight at yhe Blue!

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