Jonathan Maicelo and Jaron “Boots” Ennis Win in Philly on Saturday night

By Ken Hissner

Hard Hitting Promotions Presented “Live Boxing” Saturday night at the Sheet Metal Workers Hall in South Philadelphia. It was an outstanding show! Promoters Manny Rivera and Will Ruiz (also matchmaker) did a great job with such a solid night of boxing.

In the main event Peruvian lightweight Jonathan “The Last Incan” Maicelo, 24-2 (12), of N. Bergin, NJ, scored a knockdown and defeated Ramesis Gil, 10-15-5 (7), of Santo Domingo, DR, over 8 rounds.

Maicelo countered the oncoming Gil throughout the fight, finally dropping him in the seventh round. Gil could not deal with the hand and foot speed of Maicelo.

Judges Steve Weisfeld and Gail Jasper had it 79-72 while Judge Alan Rubenstein and this writer had it 80-71.

Philadelphia amateur sensation 18 year-old welterweight Jaron “Boots” Ennis, 2-0 (2), wowed the fans stopping Louis Ramos, 0-2, PR, at 0:23 of the first round. The fans went crazy!

“Boots” rocked him with a right hand making Ramos grab him until Ennis got loose turning southpaw and breaking the nose of Ramos with a wicked right hook forcing Ramos to turn his back heading back to his corner.

The referee Hurley McCall wasn’t stopping the fight so Boxing Director Greg Sirb jumped into the ring stopping the fight and preventing Ramos from absorbing anymore punishment,” said Bozy Ennis (Father & trainer).

Young Ennis is the best prospect this writer has seen since 1984 when Olympic Gold Medalist Meldrick Taylor turned professional. “Boots” also has a pleasing personality and much confidence in his skills. He was an alternate Olympian with a 58-3 amateur record.

Super lightweight Cuban Yordan Frometa, 9-0 (6), of Miami, defeated   Dominican Ken Alvarez, 7-4-2 (3), of PR, over 6 rounds.

Coming out of Cuba with a 128-8 amateur record Frometa did everything he could to knock out Ken Alvares. It was a good fight with Frometa moving forward and Alvarez moving and countering best he could. The scores at the end do not reflect on the closest of the rounds.

Judges had it 58-56 twice and 60-54 which this writer also had it. The referee was Hurley McCall.

Welterweight southpaw Anthony Miller, 3-2 (3), of Wilmington, DE, lost to Gledwin Ortiz, 4-1 (3), of the Bronx, NY, over 6 rounds.

Ortiz lost on the last show Hard Hitting put on losing a split decision to Greg Jackson who was scheduled to be on the show but his opponent never showed. Miller found himself on the canvas in the first round only to come back in the second round dropping Ortiz. Ortiz took 3 of the last 4 rounds defeating Miller in a very good fight.

All 3 judges had it 58-54 while this writer had it 57-55.

Fan favorite light heavyweight David “One Two” Murray, 4-1 (3), of Newark, DE, defeated Kentrell “Beast” Claiborne, 4-12 (3), Ft. Worth, TX, over 6 rounds.

Murray came out strong in the first round but ran into a straight lead right to the jaw in the second round from Claiborne dropping him on the seat of his trunks. He got up and took it to Clairborne the rest of the round. In a most interesting fight the rest of the way it was Murray finishing stronger but couldn’t finish Clairborne who held his own throughout making it an interesting bout.

Judges had it 39-37 twice and 38-37. This writer had it 39-37.

Lightweight southpaw Alex Barbosa, 5-2-1 (1), Philadelphia returned to action after 18 months to defeat Marquis Pierce 1-9 (0), Newark, NJ, over 4 rounds in a close fight.

In the final round Barbosa did some showboating as if knowing he was a winner. Pierce hasn’t won a fight since his debut defeating the grandson of Larry Holmes in Bethlehem. Barbosa started fast and ended fast with Pierce looking good in the middle rounds. Normally doing the ring announcing Barbosa a Temple University graduate was quite pleased with his performance. Former IBF super welterweight champion Rob “Bam Bam” Hines worked the corner of Barbosa.

All 3 judges had it 39-37 while this writer had it 38-38.

Featherweight Raul Lopez, 10-2-1 (5), of the Bronx, NY, stopped southpaw Edgar Cortez, 2-2 (1), of Vineland, NJ, at 2:52 of the first round.

It was an action first round up until the stoppage. Cortez wanted to go on but referee Clark had seen enough and waved it off.

Light heavyweight, Italy’s Daniele Scardina, 5-0 (5), out of Miami Beach, FL, stopped Steven Crowfield, 2-4 (0), of Oklahoma City, OK, at 0:31 of the third round.

Scardina scored a knockdown in the first round and a pair of knockdowns in the second round. In the third round he scored his fourth knockdown causing referee McCall to call a halt. Crowfield did his best in a slugfest but he was overpowered.

The Ring announcer was Pat Michael Fattore who normally does MMA work. He kept the fans on their feet pumping them up.




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  1. Ennis is sensational BUT like Emmanuel Folly I want them to fight someone with a “winning record”. I know Teon Kennedy must of had 7 fights before he did. I look forward to their next show.

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