27 thoughts on “Ruslan Provodnikov vs. John Molina Jr. has the makings of a war”

  1. Provo is the favorite for sure but he might not be the same either. Could be a mini Moorer-Cooper. Fun while it lasts. I’m confident my guy has a good shot here

  2. For sure. John John Molina Jr. Is a class act kid who reminds me of the hard nosed LA fighters of the old days. He would’ve been perfect at the old Olympic

    1. John, I was going to say earlier, John can crack. He should try to lay something on him early and often. Once Ruslan gets his rhythm, he’s really tough to beat. Good luck!

  3. Molina can be outboxed but he can punch. He struggles with movers. Provo doesn’t move. But I’ve yet to see someone beat Provo standing in front of him. Dude has bricks in his chin and his gloves. Provo is not a guy you get in a firefight with. That’s all Molina knows.

  4. It looks public opinion is leaning toward the Russian as a slight favorite, all are expecting it to be a slug fest. I was invited to join the John Molina Jr. vs. Ruslan Provodnikov media call tomorrow. Feel free to add any specific questions you might have. I’ll make sure they get relayed.

  5. Congrats to John Molina Jr., John Molina Sr and the rest of Team Molina for the big win this weekend. Vegas had them listed as 11-to-1 underdogs. It wasn’t the mini riot I expected but I enjoyed watching Molina jab and box. Ruslan applied enough pressure to keep it interesting. Scorecards read scores of 117-111, 116-112 and 115-113, I thought it 115-113 was more accurate though John was the clear winner. On to the next one…

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