R.I.P. Muhammad Ali (1/17/42 – 6/3/16)

On June 3, 2016, former Heavyweight champion of the world Muhammad Ali passed away in a Phoenix-area hospital at the age of 74. This marks the end of a 32 year battle with Parkinson’s disease.

Out of respect for the champ, I’d like to watch a good Muhammad Ali fight. Since I’m way too young to have seen “The Greatest” in his prime – I need some old school recommendations.

What are some of the best interviews, fights, TV clips etc to watch from the one many consider the G.O.A.T. of boxing?

Funeral services will take place in Ali’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky and will be open to the public.

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  1. For interview… One of the best was the one with him, Frazier, Foreman and Norton being interviewed by Jesse Jackson. One of my favorite interviews of all time.

  2. Someone asked me this week why boxing is dead. I told him to take a look at the 147 lb division. I said “look at all those good fighters, what do they all have in common?” Even he, a very casual fan, realized that none of them are fighting each other. The “big fights” we get are irrelevant trilogies like Bradley-Pac 3. Not Pac vs Brook, Thurman, Spence, Crawford, etc. No. Those fights are actually interesting. Can’t get Canelo in there with GGG. Can’t get GGG in there with Ward. Can’t get shit.

    1. Philly Keith Page To the casual fan, it is. It’s been since Tyson. To us die hards, yeah we still watch. But it’s clearly been surpassed in commercial culture by the UFC, which is the fast food version of combat sports, violent and decisive. And most importantly, the best all fight the best. That’s all fans really care about.

  3. I recently watched Ali vs Norton III and Ali vs Shavers. Both excellent fights. The Norton fight one of the most controversial decisions in heavyweight championship history.

    1. Of course Shavers, was one of the hardest punchers ever. His stamina was questionable. I think he was just a notch below the greats of that era Ali, Frazier, Forman, and Norton. He had the misfortune of fighting in the greatest heavyweight era, so he never got to win a title.

    2. By the way if you watch that Ali fight you should notice one of the reasons he was such a great champion, his chin. Shavers hit him with some monster shots.

  4. When We Were Kings is a very good documentary to watch. It has a lot of interviews, training footage and news clips. When Ali was leaving for Africa to fight Foreman there were cameras everywhere recording every word he said. One of my favorite lines of his was his response to Howard Cossell who said “You’re not the same man you were ten years ago.” Cossell was picking Foreman to destroy Ali. Ali speaking of Cossell said “I spoke to your wife and she said you’re not the same man you were 2 years ago. And that thing on your head is a phony and it comes from the tail of a pony.” Ali was of course referring to Cossell wearing a hair piece because he was bald.

  5. One of the most polarizing people in the history of the world and without question the most famous boxer of all time. He was a global icon as long as anybody and will never be forgotten.

    Greatest heavyweight of all time and one of the greatest fighters in history. Many of the biggest moments in boxing history involved him.

    Rest in peace.

  6. I first met Ali in 1973 in Center City Philly. He had just had his jaw broken in the first Norton fight. He was on a street with many people around him that I joined in. This elderly black man pointed to Ali and said “Next time you fight Norton be a man not a boy”. Ali replied “did you call me Roy?” We all laughed but the accuser. He repeated himself again and Ali replied “play with him like a toy?” Now we were al laughing. Ali had moved from 70th & Overbrook in Philly to Cherry Hill, NJ, by this time. 2 weeks later the Daily News showed pic’s of his old and new house. I went over and knocked on the door and his 2nd of 4 wives Belinda answered and I asked “can I speak to the champ?” She said she would be back and closed the door. She came back opened the door and invited me into the house. There was a Muslim flag, picture of a horse being from KY and a plaque from the Cherry Hill Little League thanking him for his contributions. Out of the corner of my eye I see Ali is approaching me and I knew if I didn’t talk first I would not get a word in. So, I said “why didn’t you give Doug Jones and Ron Lyle rematches? Didn’t your stable mate Louis Rodriguez teach you everything he new? He said “no, come on back here and sit down”. Next time was when he was back in training at Deer Lake, PA, and he was talking to a bus load of people preparing for the Norton rematch. He was stripped to the waist and I thought I saw something in his left hand and all of a sudden out comes a “majic wond” from his majic kit which was about a foot long. He said to the crowd “that’s how fast I am you Norton spies. You can’t say I had it up my sleeve for I don’t have a shirt on but you tell Norton what you saw”. Next time was sitting on sofa’s across from each other with him having a friend next to him. “What you doing up here boy?” I replied “I’m going up to Scranton tonight to see the fights are you going?” He replied “who’s fighting?” I said “Marty Capasso from outside of Philly against ALI Allen from NY”. He replied “Ali? Ali?’ like he was the only Ali. Then he asked “where you from boy?” I replied “Lafayette Hill”. The guy next to him whispered in his ear and Ali started to get up off the sofa toward me and said “hold me back, that’s where Frazier is from!” I couldn’t stop laughing nor could they. I did an article called “Laugh’s with Ali” that you can google.

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