Joe Fraziers Gym 2016

Remembering Joe Frazier’s Gym

So I was driving today and passed the old Joe Frazier‘s gym. I had to pull over and take a photo. Unfortunately the gym closed down before my time. Who trained here back in the day?

The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2013. Today it operates as a furniture outlet. Maybe one day it will be restored to its previous glory.

These old structures on North Broad street are still amazing…

84 thoughts on “Remembering Joe Frazier’s Gym”

  1. Sometimes we would go there for sparring. Great gym,with great trainers like this man, Val Colbert,who always made you feel welcome. ( Met back up with him years later at Joe Hand Gym. )

  2. Got my start there , in 1978 I lived 5min away from there and would go every day after school .. Watched some great sparring with the likes of Benny Briscoe , Ugene Hart , Willie Monroe , the Spinks brothers & jimmy Young

  3. I use to get sparring and fought in the tournament’s they had won all and Everytime I fought there sir Philly Keith Page need to talk to you on Monday night in box you my number call me sir thank you very much!!!!

  4. Most of the great fighters would train at the gym. Would come from other cities and be based out of Philly. Spinks brother, Randall Cobb. Was the boxing capital of the world. Philadelphia boxing was big.

  5. Many many times,sparred with Bernard Hopkins hundreds if rounds there or at least a 100 also sparred many other fighters there,those were the days,if you want to be a great fighter you have to do alot of sparring in alot of places were the sparring is tuff and hard,the only way to learn how to fight the best is to fight-spar

  6. Tex went to Abelinen Christian playing on the same football team as Montgomery. He finished at Temple. He went to state of WA and whether he came back or not I don’t know. His sister-in-law was ill so he and his wife moved out there. I did a story on Tex but of course not with him because when Sports Illustrated accused him of being in a fixed fight he said he would not talk to the press again. Shame because Tex had so many stories to tell. Tex and his “is’ms”. I remember Ronnie Harris at the gym visiting and Joe sparring with Jimmy Young and what a war that was. Also with “Scrap Iron” Johnson and a boxer from Vineland that I forgot his name. Near the end it was not much without Joe and they had so many small kids it looked like a nursery school. No boxing. Marvis ran it.

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