Omar Douglas scores a knockout, Milton Santiago wins a decision at Sands in Bethlehem – June 28 2016

by Ken Hissner

Kings Promotion (Marshall Kauffman & David Feldman) with Premier Boxing Championship returned to the Sands Casino & Hotel, in Bethlehem, PA on June 28, 2016 with a nine fight card. The top bouts were televised around the country as part of the Fox Sports One “Toe-to-Toe Tuesdays” series.

In the evening co-feature which also served as the TV opening bout – Super featherweight prospect Omar “Super O” Douglas, 17-0 (12), Wilmington, DE, scored a sensational knockout over Cuban Alexei “The Hurricane” Collado, 19-2 (17), Miami, FL, at 2:51 of the seventh round.

This bout was the fight of the night, and in the opening round, it was a duel of jabs with Douglas showing more power. Douglas also landed good left hooks which commanded attention, making Collado hold on.

In the second round Douglas continued to stalk and land punches having quite an effect on Collado who was frustrated enough to take both boxers to the canvas with an illegal tackle.

In the third round Collado was landing punches in 3’s while Douglas was more content to setting him up with the jab and left hook. Good round of action. In the fourth round Douglas was landing some viscous body shots. His jab continues to control the fight.

In the fifth round Douglas continued with the jab and left hooks to the body. Collado finished strong in the last 15 seconds. In the sixth round Douglas turned southpaw for about 20 seconds. Douglas was ripping body shots with Collado warned by referee Clark for complaining. Douglas was chasing Collado at the bell. In the seventh round Douglas was pouring it on with Collado near collapsing and finally dropping from a left hook to the chin. He took the count on a knee from referee Clark.

All 3 judges had it 58-56 with this writer having it 59-55. It was scheduled for 10. Douglas put on a show and had the fan’s cheering him and the fans following him as far as they could get to the dressing room Collado has never run into the fighter Douglas was tonight.

Omar Douglas defeats Collado June 2016

“It was a tough fight but I had a great camp and it showed. I think I need one or two of these kinds of fights and I will be ready for a world title bout. I noticed he had his head in the middle and that is unusual for a tall guy so I was focusing a right hand up the middle. I was able to finish him with a hard right, left and right combination,” said Douglas. His opponent said “He hit be with a good hook and broke my nose. I thought it was a close fight and that I was in the fight up until he got me. He is a good fighter,” said Collado.


Super lightweight 19 year-old Milton “El Santo” Santiago, 14-0 (2), Philadelphia, after a slow start came on strong to defeat Osumanu Adaba, 32-11-1 (25), Ghana/AL, over 8 rounds.

In the opening round southpaw Adaba was landing more punches in a close round. In round two Santiago’s timing seems to be a bit off with his punches falling short as the stronger Adaba uses his experience to take the round. In the third round Adaba continues to land more than Santiago who on occasion turns southpaw. In the fourth round Santiago starts connecting especially with body shots.

In the fifth round Santiago starts with a right and follows with a solid left hook to the chin of Adaba. Santiago seems to be on his game while Adaba may be tiring. In the sixth round Adaba seems to have gotten his second wind. Santiago keeps switching back and four with the orthodox style more effective.

He had his moments in this a very close round. In the seventh round both landed punches at the same time with Santiago’s left hook having more effect. Out of southpaw Santiago’s lands a nice double right hook. Adaba has slowed down again. In the eighth and final round Santiago seems to have gotten stronger landing nice combinations.

It was like two fights in one with Adaba starting fast and Santiago controlling from the fourth on.

Judges Poturaj scored it 78-74, Weisfeld 79-73 and Morgan 77-75 same as this writer. Rosato was the referee. This was Santiago’s first fight without Philly’s finest Bozy Ennis in the corner.

In the swing bout featherweight Chris “Be Hop” Colbert, 5-0 (2), Brooklyn, NY, defeated Antonio Dubose, 8-1-1 (2), Philadelphia, over 6 rounds.

In the opening round southpaw Colbert switches back and forth controlling the round. In the second round Dubose got in some good punches but Colbert has good hand speed in countering. In the third round Colbert landed a good overhand left to the chin of Dubose. Colbert’s too fast for Dubose who stalks Colbert trying to get a good punch in.

In the fourth round Dubose got close to taking the round trying to force Colbert into a war. In the fifth round Dubose drove Colbert into the ropes. Dubose chased Colbert to the other side of the ring putting him halfway thru the ropes. In the sixth and last round Colbert was show boating with Dubose chasing him all over the ring.

All 3 judges had it 59-55. Referee was Clark. This writer had it 58-56.

Super lightweight Mykal “The Professor” Fox, 10-0 (2), Forestville, MD, easily defeated over Jose M Valderrama  5-14 (3), PR, over six rounds.

In the opening round Fox is pin pointing his punches with effectiveness having Valderrama on the defense throughout the round. In the second round it was more of the same with Valderrama doing a bit better but not enough to take the round. In the third round the jab of Fox caused swelling under the left eye of Valderrama.

In the fourth round Valderrama finally got inside landing punches to the body of Fox. Fox kept up countering well. In the fifth round it was more of the same with Fox outmaneuvering and jabbing at will. In the sixth and final round Valderrama never stops coming forth showing a lot of guts but frustration trying to avoid the jab and combinations from Fox.

All 3 judges Morgan, Bruni and Weisfeld along with this writer had it 60-54. The referee was Rosato.

In the evenings opening bout, lightweight Victor Vasquez, 5-2 (2), Yonkers, NY, won a lopsided decision over Seifullah Jihad Wise, 3-2 (1), of Philadelphia over six action packed rounds.

In the first round both boxers are connecting. There is no feeling out round here. Wise turned southpaw halfway thru the round. In the second round Vasquez the much taller of the two was out landing Wise. In the final seconds of the round Wise was holding the right hand of Vasquez while he was getting tagged with half a dozen left hooks. In the third round Vasquez continued to be the aggressor and would land punch after punch with Wise landing a good shot too sparingly.

In the fourth round Vasquez continued to drive Wise against the ropes. Suddenly Wise rocked Vasquez and started throwing round house rights to the head of Vasquez who was holding on. Near the end of the round Vasquez was back in control. In the fifth round Wise may have punched himself out as he’s doing more posing than throwing punches. Both fighters were teeing off with Wise landing lefts to the head and Vasquez doing the same with rights. In the sixth and final round Wise was out of gas but still trying. Vasquez was trying for the knockout that didn’t come.

Judges Weisfeld and Morgan had it 58-56 while Bruni scored it 59-55 same as this writer. Referee was Clark.

In the main event, Lightweight Edner “Cherry Bomb” Cherry, 35-7-2 (19), Wanchula, FL,  won a lopsided foul filled decision over Lydell “Hackman” Rhodes, 23-2-1 (11), Las Vegas, NV, over 10 rounds.

In the opening round Rhodes was facing his corner and at the bell raced to Cherry landing a good chopping right to the chin. The round was very close with Rhodes holding an edge over Cherry who was the aggressor. In the second round a left hook to the chin by Cherry had Rhodes holding on. At the bell it was Rhodes scoring several punches. In the third round it became foul filled by both boxers giving referee Rosato plenty of warnings. The fans let the boxers know they didn’t like seeing a wrestling match.

In the fourth round Rhodes goes in low and grabs with or without an exchange. Cherry finished strong with some clean shots. In the fifth round Cherry was landing with upper cuts when Rhodes came in. Rhodes started moving around the ring throwing a jab and then tying Cherry up. Rhodes could be on the way to a DQ. In the sixth it was more of Rhodes charging in throwing a punch and holding.

In the seventh round the fans were yelling for points to be taken from Rhodes for so much holding but referee Gary Rosato doesn’t seem to see it that way. In the eighth round it was more of the same with rough tactics by Rhodes. In the ninth round referee Rosato warned Rhodes for using his elbow. Cherry is doing his best to contain the rough tactics putting a head lock when Rhodes comes in low and grabbing. In the tenth and final round to everyone’s relief knowing it’s the last round of a dreadful fight. The fans cheered it was over.

Judges Weisfeld and Potoraj had it 97-93 with Morgan having it 98-92. This writer had it 99-91.


Super bantamweight Antonio Russell, 7-0 (5), D.C. pitched a shutout over Rudolph Hedge, 10-4-3 (4), Jamaica, over 6 rounds.

Judge Morgan had it 60-54 while judges Bruni and Poturaj had it 59-55. This writer had it 60-54 in a good bout with Russell showing many skills. The referee was Rosato.

In the opening round the southpaw Russell dominated hurting Hedge after Hedge landed a good shot to the head. The ring physician entered the ring checking the nose of Hedge but allowing it to go on. In the second round both fighters scored well with Russell holding the edge. In the third round it was both boxers landing well with Russell suffering a bloody nose.

In the fourth round it was all Russell in spite of the nose running with blood. Hedge is hanging in there with little in return. In the fifth round the many skills of Russell had the fans into the fight while Hedge seemed like the perfect opponent. In the sixth round Russell is out for the knockout.

He controlled it from bell to bell with Hedge running at the end in order to finish on his feet.

Heavyweight Eric Newell, 8-3-3 (5), Bethlehem, PA, and Randy Easton, 3-9-2 (3), Sunbury, PA, fought to a majority draw over 4 rounds.

In the opening round Newell landed the first punch a right to the head of Easton forcing him to hold on. Newell is landing lead rights and finishing up with body shots having Easton against the ropes. At the bell it was Easton landing a good uppercut to the chin of Newell. In the third round Easton started working the body of Newell. He landed and overhand right that could be heard throughout the arena. It was the least active round. In the fourth and final round Easton opened up landing solid left hooks and overhand rights. Newell is out of gas with little left. Easton lands good uppercuts finally getting the crowd into it.

Judge Bruni had it 40-36 for Newell while judges Weisfeld and Poturaj scored it 38-38. This writer had it for Easton 37-35. Referee was Clark.


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