66 thoughts on “Deontay Wilder vs. Chris Arreola coming up on FOX – Your thoughts please…”

  1. Lmao are u serious Philly Keith Page I like Chris heart but outside of that it’s a shut up wilder …… really need to make the Joshua vs wilder fight happen

  2. I agree with Dee Nice, Philly Keith I think that Joshua won the title over seas in London at the O2 Arena and that Joshua needs to make his American debut here to get the America audience and what other or better American heavyweight with the title to make your American debut with then Deontay Wilder I think it’s perfect I think it’s the perfect unification bout I think that gives the American audience a chance 2 see Joshua and I think that gives Josh to the crossover audience that he needs for the Americans the same way the klitschkos did it

  3. Gerry Cooney had an interview he did up on his page where he said Arreola is a little worn for a power-puncher like Wilder. Deontay can end the fight anytime he wants to with that right hand. I tend to agree. Arreola hasn’t looked good, even against journeyman lately, but I wish him well. He’s a pretty cool guy.

  4. I’m not as sure as everyone else is Philly Keith Page I think wilder definitely has the edge but areolla can definitely take a punch and has very legit power I think deontay has evolved as a boxer and is using his range a lot better but again Chris is no pushover and this is for a title so there’s legit motivation

  5. I think we all know who the obvious favorite is but just to play devils advocate here, both fighters are big punchers. Wilder obviously has advantages at almost every point, BUT, anything can happen in a heavyweight fight.
    Who really has the best chin?

  6. Great posts gents. I’d much rather be watching Wilder in Moscow but for a late sub this isn’t the worst. Arreola always swing for the fences and goes out on his shield. Should be a decent fight until Chris starts huffing like a tired roofer…

  7. Arreola a few yrs ago may have had a shot. This version is shopworn and showing a chin that’s been checked too many times. He’s looked truly awful lately against club fighter level competition.

  8. The only thing Arreola kisses tonight is the canvas. I would be shocked if if last 6 rounds because Arreola opens up too much with those wild shots. I really liked him coming up but he could never get over the top.

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