Keith Thurman decisions Shawn Porter 2016

Keith Thurman wins a close decision over Shawn Porter in a Barclays Center “instant classic”

For once, a great fight delivers action as advertised. On June 25, 2016, an estimated 3.1 million viewers tuned into CBS in prime time to watch Florida’s Keith Thurman Jr take a narrow 12 round decision victory over a determined “Showtime” Shawn Porter of Akron, Ohio.

Labels of “instant classic”, “2016 Fight of the Year” and “robbery” are being hurled around to describe “One Time” Thurman’s close unanimous decision win. All three judges scored the fight 115-113.

The CBS network is issuing an immediate rebroadcast of Saturday night’s Welterweight title fight.  

What did you think of the fight and can you see an immediate rematch taking place?

— with Keith “One Time” Thurman, Keith Thurman Jr and Shawn Porter.

25 thoughts on “Keith Thurman wins a close decision over Shawn Porter in a Barclays Center “instant classic””

  1. A draw isn’t a stretch at all. One of those fights where you wouldn’t be surprised to see either guy win. Some people prefer the aggressor, the guy who’s coming forward. Other people prefer the guy landing the hardest shots. One guy was coming forward and pressing. The other guy was countering with the harder shots. Compubox can be misleading but they had punches landed almost even despite Porter throwing a good amount more. Combine that with Thurman snapping Porter’s head back more often I had it 7-5 Thurman but certainly wouldn’t argue with a draw or 7-5 the other way. In no way a “robbery”. Give it a couple wks, you’ll be able to call something a robbery and not be wrong. In fact, the Mike Alvarado fight the very same night is a much more fitting description. That dude needs to get the hell outta the ring before he loses the very last brain cells he still possesses.

  2. Very close fight,however I think they got it right giving Thurman the win. Aggression goes to Porter,but the more accurate and harder shots goes to Thurman. Respect to both guys for bringing 100% to the ring…Great fight !

  3. Porter deserved to have 3 points taken away for “offensive foul to fashion” because of those ugly trunks. I don’t know where he came up with the idea for those.

  4. Philly Keith Page Porter’s trunks were so ugly it hurt my eyes to look at him. So maybe the judges eyes were hurting too and so they looked at Thurman more. And more favorably. Hey, you never know…

  5. Lets set the record straight I’m going to always be a #TEAM #PORTER fan because that’s my nephew and yes everybody is entitled to there opinion on how they feel about him or thurman so as far as I’m concerned I don’t know if you all was watching the same fight as I was but my nephew won that fight and I’m not saying that because he my nephew I’m saying it because out of all the fights he had from start to now this is the most aggressive I’ve ever seen him he was hungry to win and he went in and rocked thurman from beginning to the end yea thurman got some good shots off but to me that wasnt enough to say he won if you noticed he stayed on the rope all 12 rounds and was running so no I dont think he won and all negative comments should be kept to yourself this is a sport and you have your favorites and you have who you dont like but no need to express it over social media because its ignorant and its stupid and I bet none of you will step in the ring with him or thurman so please stop with the insults oh and by the way if you didnt here it watch again they said he number 2 in his weight division so that speaks volumes for itself and soon he will be number 1 because we dont settle for less we always rise to the top #TEAM #PORTER #ALL #DAY #EVERY #DAY #BABY

    1. Well I mean that’s ur nephew so of course u gone be little bias and u should cuz I would too but I will say that fight was a toss up could have went either way and I do agree with everything ur saying as far as Porter goes and they both fought their hearts out and I think if Porter won nobody would have been mad that’s how close the fight was and Porter was doin great work inside but I think that got overlooked by the judges either way he earned a rematch and I’m sure he earned a lot more fans that night ….. And for the record I don’t like Thurman I was hoping he beat the breaks off his ass

    2. Thank you for the comment and I totally agree it could have been a draw and I know my nephew losing to him is not a option and he definitely gone prove to you why if he gets a second chance

  6. I didn’t catch it till the 8 round i think after i was done with my school work, but it seem to me my My Man Porter slowed down toward the end. NOT MUCH but I didn’t catch it two after the second half of the fight but he was still in it. still was a good fight to me

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