Chad Brisson vs Russel Stoner Jones 2006 (4)

Chad Brisson gets a hard fought win, Joe Christy steals the show at The New Alhambra

photos by Jay McGuigan

Russell Peltz was back doing his thing at the place named venue of the year by ESPN, the New Alhambra in South Philadelphia. This card had a little bit of everything ranging fight game new comers, borderline prospects and also giving some work to a couple of journeyman in search of a home.

The tickets sold like hotcakes and many were turned away at the door but fortunately, Comcast’s CN8 was there to televise the festivities. Canada’s Chad Brisson and Richard Steward (brother of No Joke) were the headliners but “Thunder” Joe Christy stole the show causing the loudest eruption on Swanson and Ritner since Sabu was doing triple jump moonsaults at the ECW Arena. All of this action and a pro debut gone terribly wrong. Here is how it went down in South Philly.

Main Event
Junior Welterweights

Chad Brisson ……….vs…….Russell Stoner Jones
Winnipeg, Canada…………….Denver, CO via Ghana
20 – 2 12 ko’s…………….19 – 14 14ko’s

Russell Stoner Jones may be riding an eight fight losing streak, but to call him a paint can would be an injustice. Chad Brisson on the other hand, owns a record which for the most part has been fattened in his homeland against Charmin soft opposition.

Chad Brisson vs Russel Stoner Jones 2006 (28)

This turned out to be a battle for the first six rounds. The fight started off slow, both men feeling each other out. Nothing really went down until the end when Brisson caught Jones with a hard straight right to the chin as the bell was sounding.

The action heats up in the second with Brisson on the attack. Brisson is doubling left jabs and following it with the straight right. At one point Jones has his back on the ropes and rocks the Stoner with a hard right hand sending the Ghana man to the canvas.

Chad Brisson vs Russel Stoner Jones 2006 (2)

Jones gets up and Brisson tries to polish him off but gets caught with a hard left to the body which staggers Brisson and nearly sending the Canadian to the floor.

Chad Brisson vs Russel Stoner Jones 2006 (34)

Both men trade punches until the bell sounds. There are more fireworks in the third and it is all Brisson early. Jones continues to lean on the ropes and continues to take a good beating but he does fight back. Brisson rocks Jones with a right, Jones fires a right of his own that stymies Brisson.

Chad Brisson vs Russel Stoner Jones 2006 (6)

The crowd erupts, the fighters continue to slug it out in the corner until the bell sounds. The fourth and fifth are steady and solid rounds, mainly with Jones on the ropes playing the role of counter puncher.

Brisson seems weary of Jones power and is not as reckless as past rounds. The action dies out in the 6th, 7th, & 8th. The only highlight here is a frantic Russell Peltz screaming from the ring apron at his fighter to “let your hands go”.

Down the stretch Brisson seems gassed and doesn’t do much work and Jones tries his best to snatch the unlikely victory. Jones had the fight going his way on a few occasions but he was unable to put Brisson away.

Chad Brisson vs Russel Stoner Jones 2006 (1)

The fight went to the cards and the judges saw it for Brisson 96 – 93, 97 – 92 and a ridiculous 99- 91. I scored the fight 96 – 93 for Brisson.

I was able to ask Russell Peltz what he thought of his Main Eventer and he said “ah, he’s alright, got a lot to learn”.

Winner – Chad Brisson unanimous decision 21 – 2 12ko’s


Welterweight Division

Mike Jones ………..vs……Brad Dillon
Philadelphia, PA ………….Winston-Salem, NC
3 – 0 3ko’s……………….Pro Debut

It started out as the happiest day of Brad Dillon’s life. The day he dreamed since he was a young boy finally arrived. All those hours in the gym, all that running, it was finally going to pay off. The time has come to take off the headgear, trade in big fluffy gloves and officially become a professional boxer.

So I am sure the 8 hour ride from NC to Philly didn’t bother him much since he was hired to jerk the certain on a televised card for Hall of Famer J. Russell Peltz, not a bad way to start a career. So he slips on the robe, the maestro hits the theme music. He walks down the aisle, he steps between the ropes, he circles the ring throwing off a few light combinations for the crowd.

Mike Jones vs Brad Dillon 2006

It is time to show and prove. And now here comes his opponent, Mike Jones. Who? Mike Jones, a young knockout artist from the bad lands of North Philly. No one has made it past the second with this former amateur standout. Both men meet in the center of the ring, Dillon ain’t scared, he stares the home towner right in the eye. The bell sounds, both men circle each other, throwing light jabs and then it happens.

Mike Jones vs Brad Dillon 2006 (1)

Mike Jones moves forward, throws and lands a perfectly placed left hook to the kidney. Dillon looks like he is going to die. Jones follows it up with a right to the head; Dillon goes down to a knee and can’t beat the ten count.

Fight over, see ya later, the Greyhound departs at 8:15 sharp. Mike Jones stays perfect with four ko’s in four outings while Brad Dillon is probably on right now seeking a new line of work.

Winner: Mike Jones – KO 1:00 round 1 improves to 4 – 0 4ko’s

Mike Jones vs Brad Dillon 2006 (3)

Middleweight Division

Latif Mundy ………vs………..Rodney Green
Philadelphia, PA ……………..Wilson ,NC
2- 0 1KO……………………..4 – 3 1ko

I have been hearing a little buzz about Latif Mundy lately so I thought he would come out and starch Rodney Green in this one, but as it turns out this was a pretty entertaining contest.

Latif Mundy vs Green 2006 (5)

In the first round, it looked it would be another quick one as Mundy came out popping. His left jab scored with ease. In the middle of the 1st he landed a picture perfect right hook that floored his opponent. Green is able to beat the ten count but wasn’t able to escape the rest of the beating he had to endure for the rest of the round.

Latif Mundy vs Green 2006 (1)

To his credit his back didn’t touch canvas again. In the second Mundy went for the kill but was unable to seal the deal. Green wisely went began to use his jab keeping Mundy at bay until the round ends. The third was a pretty good round as Mundy threw and occasionally landed right-handed bombs while Green chose to box and score a right hand that was more like a love tap but it was landing.

It is a close fight going into the final round and both men start it off with a nice exchange. Green scores with a combo pushing Mundy to the ropes but Mundy is playing possum, and soon after lunges forward to land a couple heavy rights upstairs.

Green love taps back and Mundy throws some more trying to take him out. The fight goes to the scorecards where Mundy take a unanimous decision with scores of 38 -37 twice and 39 – 37.

The honorable Philly Keith scored the fight dead even at 38 – 38.

Winner – Latif Mundy unanimous decision 3 – 0 1ko

Latif Mundy vs Green 2006 (4)


Super Middleweight Division

Omar Pittman……..vs………..Derrick Graham
Philadelphia, PA……………..Newark, NJ
12 – 3 7ko’s………………12 – 9 – 1 4ko’s

Omar Pittman has a rep for knocking people out cold and his scheduled fight against Atlantic City tough guy Alfred Kinsey promised to be a classic.

Omar Pittman 2006 (7)

Much to my dismay Kinsey pulled out at the last-minute so the crowd had to settle for late replacement Derrick Graham. This match up can be best summed up as a stinker.

Omar Pittman 2006 (2)

Pittman was aggressive but received no resistance from a defense minded Graham.

Omar Pittman 2006 (8)

In the end Pittman took a unanimous decision with scores of 60 – 54, and 59 – 55 twice.

Winner – Omar Pittman unanimous decision 13 – 3 7ko’s

Super Middleweight Division

Richard Steward………vs……Ronald Boddie
New Castle, DE………………Philadelphia, PA
9 – 2 – 1 6ko’s………………….15 – 33 – 5 7ko’s

In the co-feature saw Richard Steward, brother of The Contenders No Joke and professional jobber Ronald Boddie face off in a six round super middleweight scuffle. While Boddie has a God awful record, he has been in against some of the best young prospects in the division and usually gives them a decent test.

Richard Stewart vs Ron Boddie 2006 (3)

The same held true tonight as Boddie withstood some heavy pressure from Steward and did a little damage of his own when boxing from the outside. Steward has a pressure style very similar to his brothers and he also throws some very hard punches.

Richard Stewart vs Ron Boddie 2006 (4)

The action was steady throughout, the majority of the time it was Steward cutting the ring off of a circling Boddie, forcing the action into the rope or a corner and firing off forceful hooks to the ribs followed by an overhand right or two. In the end it was a unanimous decision win for Richard Steward by rightful margins of 60 – 54 twice and 59 -55.

Richard Stewart vs Ron Boddie 2006 (5)

Boddie disagreed and ran around the ring yelling “that’s some buuuuuullsh*t”

Winner – Richard Steward unanimous decision 10 -2 -1 6ko’s

Cruiserweight Division

Glen Turner…………vs……William Bailey
Philadelphia, PA …………..Norfolk, VA
8 – 3- 3 2ko’s …………..4 – 10 – 2 2ko’s

These two men previous did battle earlier this year on Percy “Buster” Custus’ “War at the District” and put on a fight filled with low blows, head butts and point deductions. The back alley brawl ended in a draw so naturally both men were more than willing to do it once again.

This time around, William Bailey used some actual boxing technique and did a nice job on the outside shooting off a jab and beating Turner to the punch. The inside was Turner’s territory as he put a good beating on the back of Baileys ribs in clenches and was also gave quite a few reserve head butts once the clinch was beating broken up.

Bailey wisely decided to stay on the outside for the majority of the fight and was able to box his way to a unanimous decision win over the hometown Turner.

The judges scored the fight 60 – 54, 59 – 55 & 58 – 56.

Winner – William Bailey unanimous decision 4 – 10 -2


Welterweight Division

Kassim Wilson……..vs……..Hector Rosario
Philadelphia, PA…………….San Juan, Puerto Rico
2 – 0 1ko……………….2 – 1

While the camera crew was wrapping up and heading to Delilah’s Den for a few cold one’s and a lot of leg, us die hards stuck around to see another up and comer from Philly, this time is was Kassim Wilson and he smacked around Puerto Rico’s Hector Rosado for six rounds.

To Rosado’s credit he has a hell of a chin and was willing to fight. Wilson mixed it up, at times he brawled, other spots he boxed, he would slow the fight down and speed it back up.

It was a nice performance from one of the youngsters looking to crack the Philly top ten pound for pound list.

Winner – Kassem Wilson unanimous decision 3 – 0 1ko

Middleweight Division

Joe Christy ……….vs……John Michael Terry
Philadelphia, PA ………….Virginia Beach, VA
4 – 9 -1 1ko…………………….2 – 4 1ko

Last time Joe Christy stepped into a ring in Philly, he turned in possibly the best fight of 2005. After a long layoff he was back fighting in the neighborhood he calls home. The 100 or so people left in the crowd were all there to see him and cheer their boy on.

Joey Eye was by his side so you just knew Joe Christy was going to blow the roof off of this place. I will give his opponent John “The Baptist” Terry all the credit in the world. This guy has balls the size of grapefruits.

He looked the riff-raff in the crowd right in the face as they shouted obscenities at him and gave all four corners the ol’ cut throat move. Christy didn’t take kindly to this gesture; he came out of the corner and threw a sucker punch that would make all South Philadelphians from Wharton World down to Oregon Ave proud.

Unfortunately he missed something out of a barnyard wrestling video ensued for a minute. The referee finally takes control and it turns a slug fest of a fight. The crowd is going nuts for their boy and Terry is hanging right there with him. It is the same thing in the fourth until Christy lands a hard right to the ear which sends Terry staggering into a corner.

Christy smelled the win and picked his shots with the best version of the boxing robot ever performed in a ring. The referee eventually jumped in and calls a halt to the contest.

I am surprised that his crew cheering on in the stands didn’t jump the guard rail to celebrate in the ring with him.

Winner – Joe Christy KO 1:20 4th round 5 – 9- 1 2ko’s

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