Chris Gray stuns Gabriel Rosado, Brunelli grinds out a win at The Blue Horizon on10-20-06

While Mike Tyson was boring the national boxing scene with his pay per view exhibition, Greg Robinson of Power Promotions came through with a very entertaining Philly style club show at the Blue Horizon in Philadelphia.

At first glance it looked like a bunch of steady busy fights for the local up-and-comers – but there was a big a shocker in the co-feature when journeyman boxer “Classy” Chris Gray of Louisiana pulled a surprise upset win over hometown favorite “King” Gabriel Rosado.

Jamie Morales of Camden New Jersey once again was in the fight that produced the most explosive fireworks, but this time he found himself on the losing end of his six round barn burner against a well schooled Tyric Robinson.

The main event of the evening featured Dave Brunelli of Philadelphia and he the guy many people in attendance came to see. Brunelli is a former tough man but his opponent Adam Smith was softer than a pair of pink bunny slippers. While the action didn’t exactly set the ring on fire, Brunelli did what he had to do and made easy work of his opponent.

There was some good action to start the night as well and Isaac Suarez, Tommie Speller and John Solomon were successful in their pro debuts. All of this and much more.

Heavyweight Division
Dave Brunelli …….vs…….. Adam Smith
Philadelphia, PA……………Youngstown, OH
5 – 1 (3ko)………………….. 6 – 15 – 1 (3ko’s)

The Main Event of the evening featured Northeast Philly’s Dave Brunelli, winner of his last five fights taking on Adam Smith, a Youngstown native known for his dirty tactics and extensive losing streaks. Brunelli was very effective with the left jab and had a noticeable strength advantage. Smith opted to lead in with his head while throwing a wild punch, a tactic that would almost always end up in a clinch and caused half of the fight to look like a wrestling match.

Brunelli won every round convincingly and did his best work in the third round when he started to focus on the body, a strategy that opened Smith up for a couple of left right combo’s to the face.

The fight went to the scorecards and all three judges saw the fight 40 – 36 in favor of Dave Brunelli, much to the pleasure of his fans in attendance.

Winner: Dave Brunelli 6 – 1 (3ko’s)

Jr. Middleweight Division
Gabriel Rosado ……..vs……. .Chris Gray
Philadelphia, PA……………Baton Rouge, LA
5 – 0 (3ko’s) …………………..3 – 2 – 1 (1ko)

The co-feature of the evening featured local Jr. middleweight hopeful Gabriel Rosado, a crowd favorite with a style reminiscing of a young Fernando Vargas. This bout marked his first attempt to make the jump from four round to six round fights. Rosado was fully expected to win. When his theme music played, his banner was hung from the Blue Horizon balcony, the one star flags were waving throughout the venue and the Boriqua girls were shaking their bottoms.  There were easily 300 people in attendance strictly to watch him perform. Little did we know that the rug was about to be pulled, Blue Horizon style.

Waiting in the Blue corner was his opponent Chris Gray, an out-of-towner who was last seen in Philly lying on his back at the New Alhambra. When the hoopla ended the bell rang, Gray showed that he was coming to win.

It turned out that Gray had the perfect game plan in place to counter act the hard charging North Philadelphia native. The Classy One fought like a miniature Chris Byrd, pecking with jabs and slipping out of trouble when the pressure was applied. Hit and don’t get hit – that is basically the name of the boxing game when you make your paycheck inside of the squared circle.

Rosado was visibly frustrated as early as round two. The 20-year-old  fighter billed as “King” began to bully his way to the inside which caused things to get a bit heated between the two combatants.

Gray stood his ground and went on to give a hard push out of a clinch, drawing a stern warning from the referee. This fired Rosado up as he applied more pressure, trying to bait Gray into a street fight until the bell sounded.

Rounds three through five were the same. Rosado tried to apply pressure but couldn’t connect with anything and Gray countering with pecking jabs as he circled and slipped his opponent. No one was hit with a powerful shot. Nothing close to a knockdown occurred.

In a good final frame, Rosado came out hard. He had to know that he was behind on points. While Rosado tried for the knockout, he got caught with a three piece combo that set the stage for a thirty second slug fest in the middle of the ring until the final bell sounded.

The fight went to the cards and they read 59 – 55 twice and 58 – 56 in favor of “Classy” Chris Gray much to the dismay of the Rosado’s fans who throw trash into the ring after the decision was announced.

Winner: Chris Grays 4 – 2 – 1 (1ko)

Welterweight Division
Tyric Robinson………vs……..Jamie Morales
Philadelphia, PA………………Camden, NJ
3 – 1 – 1 (2ko’s)………………..3 – 1 (1ko)

Camden New Jersey’s Jamie Morales has stolen the show in his prior two outings and his fight tonight was the one die hard fight fans were waiting to see.

Tonight he was matched against Tyric “Too Sweet” Robinson, a day-time corrections officer out of Philadelphia who recently made a return to the ring after a year long layoff.

Any ring rust that Robinson has was shaken off in the gym because he looked very sharp against a game Morales. This fight was high intensity throughout.

The bout started fast with both men stepping to each other in the middle of the ring trading shots intended to severely hurt the other. Robinson threw some nice combination and finished hard to the body.

Morales tried to neutralize Robinson’s hand speed with sheer bullyiness. Morales landed some nice shots of his own near the end of round one – but in the final stages he tried to force Robinson to the ropes but got caught with a straight right to the head that seals the first round on my scorecard for Robinson.

Morales came out like his hair was on fire to start the second but “Too Sweet” was happy to oblige. Robinson’s hard body work began to take some of the steam out Morales’ attack. Robinson also began to mix in the occasional uppercut that consistently found its mark.

Morales eat some good shots and continued to fight. The Camden native let Too Sweet know that he wasn’t going away easy at the end of round two, closing the frame with a crisp overhand right to Robinson’s temple. A nice way to close the round, but it is not enough to match Robinson’s overall output.

The third and fourth was a give and take exchange of mostly body punches. Some good, clean boxing from both parties. You could tell that Morales liked a good street fight while Robinson likely learned his craft in a more proper setting early in life.

Robinson starts to take over in the fifth. He showed superior hand speed and now his patience began a key factor as would pick spots to rattle off three punch combos. After a good exchange in the corner, Robinson seals the rounds by landing consecutive stiff rights at the end.

In the final round both men come out blazing, the action spills to the ropes and Morales lands big overhand rights that seem to stun Robinson.

Morales began digging in to Robinson, looking to snatch a win from the jaws of defeat. Morales connected with heavy shots but they couldn’t put Robinson down. Tyric fired back but Morales stood tall and continued to land. Morales walk Robinson down and applies more of a beating.

Unfortunately this spurt was too little too late as the final bell sounded and the scorecards read verdicts of 59 – 55 on all three judges cards for Tyric Robinson.

Winner: Tyric Robinson 4 – 1 – 1 (2ko’s)

Super Middleweight Division
Tommie Speller ………vs………..Walter Coles
Philadelphia, PA………………….Danville, VA
Pro debut ………………………………………..1 – 3 (1ko)

In this bout, Philly native Tommie “Big Poppa” Speller was all set to make his pro debut, seeing if he can make the transition from knocking jokers out in the street to doing it for pay in the ring. The first fight of his career came against an unknown named Walter Coles, who actually seemed to be no slouch dispute a poor record. This super middleweight throw down has the fans cheering from bell to bell. Both men threw punches with intent to knock the other guy out.

The first round started off fast highlighted by a spot where the fighters finding themselves on the ropes slugging away. Coles busted Speller’s right eye open with a looping right at the end of the round.

The second round went back and forth as well. Coles starts off landing two strong left hands. Spiller moved Coles into the corner and was effective both to the head and body. Coles is able to spin Big Poppa out and dish out some of his own punishment.

Speller is able to fend Coles off with use of his left jab and finished the round strong hurting Coles with a big right to the side of the head.

Speller wasted no time in the third by landing a hard straight right to the chin. This staggered Coles and Big Poppa went in for the kill on the ropes. A non-stop flurry of rights and lefts to the head caused the referee to step in and stop the fight. The halt came to the dismay of Coles who protested that it was a quick stoppage.

Winner: Tommie “Big Poppa” Speller 1 – 0 (1ko)

Welterweight Divison

Abe Torres ………vs………. John Solomon
Union City, NJ ……………..Philadelphia, PA
1 – 2 (1)………………………………………. pro debut

North Jersey native Abe Torres made a favorable impression on the Philly fans back last month by scoring a knockout win at the Blue Horizon. This time he was back to take on local fighter John Solomon who was making his pro debut.

Tonight was a case of the old adage “styles make fights” and these two have similar counter punching styles that make for not a lot of action.

The first, second and third rounds were all pretty much the same as Solomon circled and pecked with the lab and Torres waited for Solomon to make a move inside, a move that did not happen.

In the second, Torres decided to test the new comer out by charging inside but paid a deer price as he was smoked with a straight left which put him down to a knee and busted his nose. Torres was able to continue fighting.

The final round was a very good one as Torres went for broke trying to bully Solomon to the ropes and ripping punches to the head and body. The action would pick up then slow down and it was Torres doing all of the work.

The final bell sounded as Torres was administering a beating but the final tallies were 39 – 36, 38 – 37 , 38 – 36 all in favor of John Solomon

Winner: John Solomon 1 – 0

Featherweight Division

Sylvester Beard ……vs………..Isaac Suarez
Parts Unknown ………………..Lancaster, PA
0 – 2……………………………………………. pro debut

Isaac Suarez was dominant in his pro debut as he came in and took care of business against an outmatched Sylvester Beard. Suarez was a little hesitant in the beginning but by the end of the first he was putting a severe beating on his opponent.

Suarez needed :32 in the next round to finish off his man with a five punch combo that left the ref no choice but to stop the fight.

Winner: Isaac Suarez 1 – 0 (1ko)

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