Max Alexander evens the score with "The Wolfman" in the evenings Main Event

Blue Horizon – Can lightening strike twice results

Photos by Mike McGuigan

What a night at the Blue Horizon! Don Elbaum, Vernoca & Marc Abrams hooked up an action packed card that kept the crowd on its feet yelling all night. Joey Abell celebrated his one year aniversary fighting by taking on Cornelius Ellis who proved he is one tough SOB. You won’t believe what happened in this one. The pictures don’t lie, check them out! It was also the night Max Alexander been waiting for since October and he showed the skills that have people saying he is possibly the best young Light Heavyweight out there yet somehow Marty “The Wolfman” Lindquist won over the tough Philly crowd that loudly booed him during the introduction. Daniel Hicks was bussed in from Michigan and brought the best out of Gee Culmer who turned in the best performance of his career in this middleweight war. Elad Shmouel and Ryan Belasco was a flip flop battle and there were quite a few times where both men were looking like they would be knocked out. Ran Nakash showed that he is much better than his last performance as he took on an under experienced yet very game Robert Murray. Bryheim Douglas knocked a guy out of the ring in his pro debut but this time he was going in against the battle tested Jason Jordan. Jules Blackwell made quick work of Ernest Scott, now the Isaac Suarez camp is calling out Jules! Scroll down to read the results.

Max Alexander …..vs……Marty Lindquist

All the hoopla was over, all excuses were aside, it was finally time for Max to get his revenge and that he did. He put an 8 round beating on Marty Lindquist, knocking the Wolfman down four times and causing him to spit up blood on his stool between rounds. The action was more technical than it was exciting, there were spots where Max would put together punches and be the aggressor but for the most part he sat back and picked his spots. He was most effective while working the body, doubling and tripling shots the the mid section and following up to the face. Lindquist was a man with 1 plan, load up on the overhand right and bomb away. He was able to connect with a few but none of them did damage.

Lindquist proved he was no lemon street chump though, finding the will to pick himself up off the canvas four times, play to the crowd and even do a dance with a ring girl. When he was introduced before the fight, you would have thought announcer Larry Tornambe accounced that Scott Rolen was in the building. The boos were pouring in from all four corners. Slowly but surely, he started to win over the crowd and towards the end you could here a good amount of fans rooting for the fun loving Wolfman. To be honest, I would love to see him here in Philly again too.

In the end all three judges saw the fight 79 – 69 in favor of Max Alexander who raises his record to 13 – 0 – 1 (2ko’s)

Joey Abell …..vs……Cornelius Ellis

This was originally supposed to be Abell vs. Aaron Lyons II, then Lyons got hurt so in comes Levon Warner. Well that lasted about a hot minute because Warner wanted more money. At the zero hour, they found Cornelius Ellis. Many were upset at this selection as was I. Then I thought about it for a minute and remembered that there is nothing more exciting than watching Joey Abell beat the tar out of some no-hope opponent. When the bell rung, the fans were treated to Joey Abell at his finest. For three rounds he litterally beat Cornelius Ellis in and out of the ring. In the first, Ellis thought it would be a good idea to stand and trade with Abell. A straight Abell left towards the end of the round cleared that though as it dropped Ellis who looked like he was done. Somehow he managed to beat the count and survive the round. In the second, Abell continued the on-slaught. Abell was pummeling Ellis with left hooks to the head. Action went to the ropes and a thunderous combination sent Ellis through the ropes almost falling to the concrete floor. Luckily I am a very strong guy and was able to catch his big sweaty body. My collegues on press row helped throw Ellis back in there, and he actually got back up and fought. He fought like a man who was just slapped in front of his girlfriend, throwing angry, wild rights. None of them landed but if they did, it could have been good night for Abell! The round ends, the crowd at this point is roaring. In round three it is Ellis throwing more wild bombs and Abell peppering him with more rights and lefts. The action goes back to the ropes, an in almost the same spot, Abell lands another wicked combo which once again sends Ellis into press row, this time taking out a ringside table and possibly my rotator cuff. Once again, Ellis gets helped back into the ring, obviously hurt but still willing to fight. The bell sounded as Ellis re entered the ring but Greg Serb saw enough and called a stop to the fight much to the dismay of Ellis who wanted to keep going. Ellis is one tough mofo but Abell is a beast. The big lumberjack says he is coming for Aaron Lyons and will treat him like a kid in the rematch.

Winner: Joey Abell improves to 12 – 1 (12ko’s)

Lenny DiVictoria…vs…Ricardo Medina

Lenny loses another close, controversial decision, this time against Mexican roughneck Ricardo Medina. For the first four rounds both guys tangled along the ropes trading punches. In the 5th, Lennys eye got cut which caused him to avoid close contact, instead moving around the incoming Medina. Medina wasn’t able to catch up with Lenny for the most part although he was able to suck up all the punches he received. The fight went to the judges and the scores were all over the place.

One judge scored it 59 – 55 for Lenny but two others had it 58 – 56 Medina. I scored it 58 – 56 Lenny Divictoria.

Winner by highway robbery: Ricardo Medina 30 – 31 – 4 (17ko’s)

Elad Shmouel …vs….Ryan Belasco

Elad proved me wrong in this one, I thought he was the epitome of a 15 win fighter with a fluffed up record. After this fight, I agree, he has earned the nickname “PitBull”. Early in the opening minute, Ryan Belasco rocked him with a quick right sending the Israeli teen to the canvas. Elad beat the count but was obviously hurt. Belasco unloaded everything he had in hopes of finishing his opponent off but couldn’t seal the deal. So Elad escapes and he seems to be recovered when he comes out in the second. By the end of the round, Elad starts to turn the tables and is all over Belasco who seems to be losing gas. The thrid round was a great one. Belasco was running on fumes and decided to throw nothing big right handed bombs. Elad was charging inside like a little bull. Elad was punching hard to the body but there were times when Belasco could get some seperation and throw those bombs, some of which landed clean. In the fourth, Elad starts strong working the ribs and finishing up top. Belasco seems to be hanging on by a thread but you could tell he is the type of guy you need to hit with a sack of bricks to drop. Somehow, Belasco finds the energy to land three consective bombs as the final bell sounded. As soon as it was over, both fighters embraced each other and raised their arms, as the crowd roared.

The fight went ot the cards and all three judges scored the fight 38 – 37 for Elad Shmouel.

Winner: Elad Shmouel 16 – 1 (8ko’s)

Gee Culmer …vs…Daniel Hicks

Not much was known about Daniel Hicks coming into this match but it didn’t takelong for everyone to know that this kid is for real and was just the kind of opponent who forced Gee to fight. In the end, it was the best performance of Gee’s career who at times looked a lot like Bernard Hopkins in the ring.

Hicks is a straight forward fighter who throws a hard punch. His straight right was his best weapon and it was very effective early and almost any time the fight went along the ropes. Gee was at his best in the middle of the ring. At times he seemed to let Hicks lead and make him miss, then counter to the body followed with a right to the head. Gee started to pull away in the fourth as he would stay active for the entire round where as Hicks seemed to be running out of fuel and could only fight in spurts. Gee dominated the 5th but in the last round Hicks staged a final rally highlighted by a good exchange along the ropes.

The fight went to the scorecards and the winner was Gee Culmer by scores of 59 – 55 twice and 58 – 56. The crowd stood on their feet to applaud the effort of both fighters.

Winner: Gee Culmer 10 – 1 (3ko’s)

Jules Blackwell…vs….Ernest Scott

Poor Ernest Scott, he seems to be the whipping boy for all these tough, young featherweights coming up in Philly. Tonight he matched up against Jules Blackwell and the pride of the Katharine Gibbs school made it an early night, jumping on Old School from the opening bell and dropping him with a straight right midway through the round. Ernest gets up and sucks up a good beating in the corner until the bell sounds. Jules was all business again in the second, as he once again is all over Ernest, this time is was bad enough the referee had no choice but to step in and stop it.

This is where it gets interesting, now the Isaac Suarez camp calls Jules a bum and asked me to send the message that they are laying out the challange. I think that match has fight of the year potential but I think it would take a minor miracle for it to happen since guys with matching records hardly ever fight each other. On the flip side, Old School Scoot falls to 0 – 6. Somebody hook up an Ernest Scott vs. Marsay Buggs tuffle in an 0 must go bout!

Winner: Jules Balckwell 4 – 0 (2ko’s)

Ran Nakash…vs…Robert Murray

In the opinion of many it is a mismatch putting a guy making his pro debut in against a 6 – 0 fighter. I will give Ran Nakash his props, he handled his business in impressive fashion bring ing the fight to Murray all night. It was a competitve fight for the first two rounds but in the third Nakash took over. He landed his left at will and used it over and over again. At times he would double and triple the jab finishing it off with a strong right hand. Nakash gave a good beating until the final bell sounded.

Winner: Ran Nakash 7 – 0 (4ko’s)

Bryheim Douglas….vs….Jason Jordan

This was a very good opener and both fighters did a lot to start the crowd off right for this great night of fights. It was a back and forth battles from beginning to end. Both fighters had spots where they worked the body, head hunted and exchanged. Douglas was a little wide with his punches up top and would get caught in the face when Jordan countered. Douglas was at his best when working the body, he threw some heavy handed bombs to Jordans ribs. In the end the fight went to the cards with the fight ending in a draw.

One judge saw it 39 – 37 Douglas, one 39 – 37 Jordan, another having it dead even at 38 – 38.

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  1. Keith,You are a hero. I was a few rows behind you at the show and couldn’t believe the way Ellis flew out of the ring. I thought he was in for serious injury. All in all, I was impressed with the heart Ellis showed…and the way you caught him! I also enjoyed reading your review and thought it was right on the mark. The only thing my crew would disagree with was the Culmer fight…Gee fought well but we thought that Hicks got the better of him and Culmer benefited form a little “home cooking” with the scorecards. Then again, we are fairly new to the fight game and maybe don’t have the experienced eye as of yet.Thanks for covering the local boxing scene. I really enjoy reading your sight. Pitchers and catchers in 4 days!

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