Philadelphia Fight night at The Armory 4-19-08 by Charles "Hatchet" Brewer


Lenny DeVictoria  vs   Tyric Robinson

USBA Regional Jr. Welterweight title fight

RD1) Robinson begins the round, being the busier of the two, Using lateral movement, shooting lead right hands and displaying the better boxing ability of the two. Devictoria pressed forward looking to land the jab but was ineffective in his attack. 

RD2) Robinson, again in this round, displayed better ring-generalship of the two, by moving left-to-right and using a steady jab, followed by the right hand. Devictoria, continued to press forward but was unable to halt the movement of Robinson. 

RD3) Devictoria picks up the pace and closes the distance with Robinson, by landing 2 clean shots and on a few occasion, he was able to land overhand rights which momentarily, halted the lateral movement of Robinson. 

RD4) The action picks up in this round; the two shortened their distances from one another and begin intense in-fighting, both landing effective, body shots it was a tough round to score. Both combatants, displayed determination and will to win in this round.  

RD5) Robinson began this round by boxing, jabbing & moving and was effective until being caught with a right hand by Devictoria which changed the course of the round and Devictoria became the aggressor to finish off the round. 

RD6) Devictoria, began this round in attack mode but was not able to capitalize on his attack as he found himself, on the ropes a victim of two right hands delivered by Robinson which bloodied the nose of Devictoria.  

RD7) Robinson went back to boxing, moving left to right, delivering punches in bunches, when in close quarters, while Devictoria, attempted to counter off these combinations, when possible. 


RD9) Robinson moved, clutched when in close quarters, meanwhile Devictoria continued to press forward all the while, bleeding consistently, from the nose. 

RD10) Tough round to score as both fighters, gave it all they had. Both chose to fight in close quarters, delivering body shots to each other until the end.. Robinson wins the Title with a UD victory   



Jose “Papa Zurdo” Hernandez vs  Rashiem Jefferson 

USBA Featherweight Title Fight

RD1) Hernandez, fighting out of a southpaw stance, looked to make this fight a phone both fight with his attack but Jefferson, chose to counter his attack by delivering the more favorable punch against a lefty, straight right hands. 

RD2) Jefferson was having his way, by circling the ring and delivering punched in flurries, until being caught with a right hand by Hernandez which, halted his movement but Hernandez, was not able to capitalize on his attack. 

RD3)  Hernandez showing strong determination continued his attack and although not the busier of the two, when given every opportunity, continued to let his hands go.  

RD4) Hernandez displays effective in-fighting and was relentless in his attack and without having the outright boxing ability; he remained consistent in his attack by delivering effective head and body shots. Jefferson attempted to weather the storm by giving all he had inside, choosing to stay in close and exchange punches. 

RD5) Jefferson was mauled in this round as he found himself the victim of an all out onslaught offensive attack by Hernandez. 

RD6) Hernandez seemed to sense victory, as he upped the ante on his attack Jefferson gave his best to fend off the attacking Hernandez but was unable to halt the assault. 

RD7) Jefferson attempted to flurry in close quarters but was ineffective in this attempt as Hernandez was not the busier of the two, but was definitely landing the cleaner punches of the two. 


RD9) Hernandez’s attack became more and more aggressive and Jefferson seemed to sense that defeat was evident but chose to fight to the very end. By continuing to stay in close quarters, and trade punches.



RD11) It was beginning to become a mauling in progress as Hernandez’s attack remained continual Jefferson attempted to hold and clinch when in close quarters but defeat was becoming more and more, obvious. 

RD12) The execution happened it was the left hand right hook combination that placed Jefferson on the canvas for the final time. This bout was halted at 1:49 of the twelfth and final round. Hernandez is crowned the new USBA Featherweight Champion.      



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